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  1. Ugh! Yes! I finally threw both of them out last month. I kept holding on to them thinking there must be some use for these, but there was never a single time when I wanted to reach for them...not even Halloween! Another product I hated was the face kalidescope they sent in one of the first years. I was so excited at first but there was no color pay off and the product was not finely milled at all. Poor quality in my opinion and it will probably be the next item from them I toss. After 3 years, I also will not be resubscribing.
  2. Thank you for posting this! It's what I have been waiting for!
  3. This hair dryer study finished up today. Panelists were sent one of 3 T3 Micro Hair Dryers to test. T3 Featherweight Compact hair dryer T3 Featherweight 2 hair dryer T3 Featherweight Luxe 2i hair dryer (this is the one I got to test) Not Harry Josh, but not too shabby either!
  4. I saw this on the deepa gurnani site today. It's not sold at Neman Marcus so I don't think it's part of that box, and the necklace from the fall special edition box is still specifically marked as such...so even though it does not mention "box" after "popsugar must have" I am crossing my fingers for November!
  5. These were my exact thoughts on the value. 2013 was $630 2014 was $684 2015 will be $500? Maybe they are under-promising and over-delivering? If it still costs $250, I may hold off this year...although double bang for your buck is still a good deal, I am hoping they end up selling them in stores again and I can see full spoilers before committing. (edited to note and include @@boxesandboxes comment above)...phew! Good catch on the value of the box cost vs retail value of contents!
  6. Got my comp for the online lipstick study. I am very happy! It's almost $70 worth of product! Kiehl's Pineapple Papaya Facial Scrub Lancôme Le Crayon Khol in black coffee Maybelline The Nudes palette Maybelline Lash Sensational mascara in black pearl. (I'm pretty sure I tested this mascara in another study). This makes up for that really REALLY long dry spell of no surveys I had in the beginning of the year.
  7. THIS! UGH! Yes! I started using a portable charger that was given to me by work a few months ago and now my iphone dies on me right after I get the 20% low battery warning! It's horrible! Also, a side note...I was traveling this last week and saw some of these in a few boutiques I was shopping in. They were not the same brand, but what I remember about them is how heavy they were! I personally would much rather carry a smaller, lighter version in my own clutch than use one of these.
  8. Thanks for posting their response. It's a good reminder for me that this program is not only about getting current LMDB products at a killer prices but helping the company with their vision. I do wish the mailings included an info card that explained why the product(s) that month was selected, what type of feedback they are looking for and where to submit it. I would not normally reach out to them unless my product was broken or defective, so if I knew they were sending us a test product that feedback would be helpful with, I would probably make more of an effort to actually give feedback. Although, if an item is a VIP exclusive or is a pre-release, I probably would not make as much of an effort. For those of us who were in year 1, it seems that our feedback on their cream shadows was heard loud and clear as I have not seen anything like those enter their line of products at all!! So even though they may not "partake in online message boards", perhaps they still read them.
  9. Did anyone else complete the lipstick study where you sent in a selfie and they applied different colors to your lips and asked you for your reactions/thoughts? It was originally a 3 week study that got delayed. I got an email that compensation will be going out this week. This was one of the most fun surveys I have done with the panel and I didn't even get to try on any actual lipstick!
  10. I'm did and it's my first study with them ever after trying for about a year!! I have not received it yet, but I will let you know the brand I get. It is supposed to be 1 of 3 I believe.
  11. I just got my shipping notice. 5 lbs for 3 pairs of shoes!! That sounds like some heavy boots ...or maybe some really scary looking unicorn platforms...
  12. They did this last year with the make up remover. It looked like it was being sold wholesale on amazon and when @@LisaLeah reached out this is the response they gave her then. Hopefully @@Shauna999 will get a good explanation/response too for the background on both products this month.

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