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  1. I just had a thought, you can treat this with some freshly crushed garlic. Its an anti-bacterial and anti-fungal. I am pretty sure you can get some anti-fungal creams as well, like the ones they use for athletes foot?
  2. Hey, there are a couple things you can do which will be pretty instant for treating acne at home 1. Attack those pimples with lemon juice. Just dab it on full strength. It should dry them out. I have also heard dish washing detergent works well for this although it might irritate your skin. 2. Acne is also caused by bacteria and fungus to finely chop some fresh garlic and rub it onto the skin. Beware, it is going to smell for a little while still. 3. Acne is also caused by an imbalance in PH levels so grab a bottle of apple cider vinegar and wipe it on with some absorbent cotton. 4. If you have some inflamed and red pimples apply some cortisone cream to reduce the body's immune reaction and then apply an ultra thin coat of aloe gel to calm the skin. If you can get hold of some witch hazel, this will also help. Good luck and enjoy the event
  3. You might have a good point there. Some dandruff, even on the scalp is caused by an infection and comes from just having a moist scalp and just in general great conditions for spreading a bacteria or fungus. The face can be the same especially with skin around the nose and in creases. If it is on the forehead or around the hairline this can be a spread from scalp dandruff.
  4. I got a plumping lip gloss and I was rather disappointed. In fact this was the very first product I bought and the products made the brand seem like a cheap rip off of the real thing so I never ever used any other ELF products again. Instead of having collagen in it the lip gloss had mint in it which gave the tingling sensation but not the plumping effect.
  5. It depends on the person. Being comfortable in yourself and being able to put on what you feel like and pull it off. The problem with the athletic types is that they tend to have drier skin, they have aches and pains from the odd sports injuries, ankle tendons and calf muscles which can affect the high heel thing. Not always, but sometimes. Also a big thing here for real athletes and not to much athlete types is that they spend a great deal of time out in the sun instead of inside and suffer from drier skin which can sometimes not come off as very girlie looking. Take care of your skin all over your body and wear sunscreen. Taking vitamin D supplements also helps a lot. Here are some tips on dealing with the dry skin that athletes typically get: http://www.skincarehq.org/articles/organic-dry-skin-remedies-for-the-whole-body
  6. I did a review on CC creams a little while back and also discussed the differences a little. CC Creams are complexion correcting creams while a BB cream is a blemish balm. With CC creams the emphasis is on the entire complexion while with BB creams they are focusing on covering up blemishes. A CC cream provides more coverage. Not as much as a foundation does but a bit more than a BB Cream does. Also, they are not specifically designed for Asian skin, which has left many of us westerners with white faces. xo Mod Edit - Please no personal blog links, as per our Terms of Service, thank you!
  7. I have a million facemask recipes, in fact I think I should start writing them down and compiling them and putting them in one place so at a time like this I can share easily. But, I am not going to go there today, sorry gals, I am just not prepared. But I can tell you that my favorite store bought mask has charcoal in it. I know that is enough to make anyone stop reading RIGHT away, but charcoal is KNOWN to pull dirt out of the pores. Its called Origins Clear Improvement Active Charcoal Mask and it rocks
  8. Try giving it a clean before throwing it out... If that honestly doesn't work, then you know your decision to throw it out is probably the best. I am just a freak when it comes to saving absolutely everything!
  9. Acne scars, that's a real tough one.That is the skin basically patching up old damage. My suggestion will probably make you instantly shake your head but really it works. Bio-oil (or any vitamin E oil) really works. Put it on at night, massage it in and do this every day as the last part of your night time routine. I had a friend who had a long scar all the way down her forehead and onto her face from a car accident. She used bio-oil and in a matter of 6 months the scar had almost vanished. It's many years later now and the scar is not noticeable at all. I have some other home remedies on dealing with acne and scarring if anyone is interested in checking it out: http://www.skincarehq.org/articles/top-5-home-remedies-for-acne-scars
  10. I absolutely feel for you. Let me try with a suggestion or two. First, it sounds as though from the size of your pores that you may have oily skin. The first trick to dealing with oily skin is to beat it at its own game. Oil and moisture are not the same. So, before your skin can create more oil, moisturize it with an oil free, yet super gentle moisturizer. Not just a tiny drop, overdo it. Massage it in, gently and it has all been absorbed. Then do it again. This will encourage blood flow to the skin and hopefully help with the redness. Don't be scared to over moisturize. While we are still on this topic you should also remember to drink lots of water. As much as you can. This will help to hydrate you from the inside. It also gives you loads of energy. As for foundation, try to move away from using a foundation because of the sensitivity of the skin and how much it hurts. Instead why not try a BB Cream. Its basically a tinted moisturizer, so it is soothing and calming on the skin as well as adds a touch of color to cover up blemishes. I have selected a few specifically for oily skin right here. Go on down to the local department store and try them out: http://www.skincarehq.org/articles/the-10-best-bb-creams-for-oily-skin These should also be easier to remove than the makeup. Try those tips and and let us know how it goes Good luck!!
  11. You know what? Every time a product causes a reaction they resort to the word 'purging'. That really makes no sense to me...how is it that your skin really contained all that gunk? And it is taking so long to 'purge'? Considering what jmd252 says, her doctor put her on anti-biotics for the same thing. That doesn't sound like purging, sounds like infection to me...
  12. Nope, not tried it and neither have I heard of it. Let's see if anyone else has
  13. I used to have the same problem when I was younger, I found myself picking at the dry skin making it red and raw. I didn't quite know what to do, but something made me grab a jar of vaseline, I think because I had picked so much I needed to soothe the skin. I put the vaseline around my nose, right there in the crease one night and kept doing it just to soothe the area. Guess what? No more flakes! I also always used to have dry skin on the top of my nose and spent some time picking those little scales off too. So when I realized that the vaseline helped before I put it all over the nose. I can't say what the problem was if it was some kind of skin allergy although I suspect it was, but the vaseline soothed it and in hindsight I realize that it probably locked in the moisture on my nose...
  14. Wow, I almost feel like going off and getting lazer treatments! Whoever did the treatments must have given you some advice on which products to use? My thoughts would be products for sensitive skin. I would stick exclusively to cruelty free products, they are generally better for your skin if they did not need to be tested on animals. As for legs? Soap and glory exfoliator, body butter from either soap and glory or the body shop. If your legs are dry they will soak up water from the rest of your body, so remember for all over healthy skin, loads and loads of water.
  15. Hey, that's a great video. Some very nice tips for opening and closing pores.

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