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    Upright vacuum cleaners are basically designed for cleaning of larger open areas like open floors, carpets, etc. Shark Navigator Upright Bagless is also an upright vacuum cleaner but offers many more features apart from its traditional function. It comes with a bunch of attachments and features which will enable users to clean drapes, upholstery, as well as furniture. The Shark Navigator Upright Bagless, model NV22L is more popular because of powerful suction, easy to use, and affordable price.


    This bagless cleaner eliminates the necessity of dust bags and hence is less expensive. It is economical to use because of the filters which are washable and work for a lifetime.




    • Bagless, upright vacuum cleaner

    • Weighs just 18.3 pounds

    • Powerful suction

    • Its powerful nozzle features brushroll on/off system for bare floor surfaces and carpets.

    • It includes dust brush, super-stretch hose, small crevice tool, turbo power brush, lifetime filters, and 24-inches crevice tool.

    • It offers a non-retractable 30-foot power cord.


    Strong suction


    Shark Navigator offers an extremely powerful suction system with its 12-ampere motor. It picks-up pet hair, dirt, dust, and debris easily. It also works perfectly on bare floors. A brush roll or beater bar is provided with the power nozzle which when turned on will remove all dust and dirt from carpets and rugs. These features will not be found in a $200 upright vacuum also. The brush roll should be turned off when you are cleaning bare floors so as to avoid marks and scratches on the floor.


    This bagless upright vacuum is powerful enough for tackling carpets as well. Its beater will help you loosen and shake off dirt hiding in the carpets and the vacuum, in turn, will collect that dirt and pet hair from it.


    This Shark NV22L is comparatively light in weight with just 18.3 pounds. Its wheels will run smoothly on hard floors as well as on carpet without requiring users to put it up or down every time. This cleaner offers 12.6 inches wide cleaning path and is quite narrow. As an advantage, you can clean large floor areas. Its narrow power nozzle can be used for cleaning under tables, chairs, and low furniture more easily.


    All the attachments and its extra-long hose increase its usefulness while cleaning. Shark Navigator Upright Bagless powered turbo brush picks up pet hair, and the dust brush can be used for effectively cleaning upholstery, drapes, and furniture. For cleaning tight spaces, you can use its crevice tool. This crevice tool can be fixed to the hose and allows users to clean difficult to reach spaces and ceilings.


    Edge cleaning


    The head of this powerful Shark Navigator is specifically designed for cleaning bare floors, and carpet edges. After using this vacuum, you will not find dust bunnies or dirt lurking along your baseboards or walls. This means that you don`t require any on-board tool for cleaning the room perimeter wise.




    Shark Navigator vacuum cleaner is provided with lifetime useable and washable filters. You also get extra filters set which you can use while the other one is being washed. They are ordinary felt and foam filters and not the HEPA filters. They perform the task of filtering dirt, dust, and other particles to a great extent as the HEPA filter does.


    Easy to the empty dirt container


    This bagless, upright vacuum comes with a dirt container which can be detached easily once it has been picked by the vacuum. Once it has been detached, it needs to be kept directly on the garbage and press its small purple button. This will wide open the bottom of the container, and all the dust and debris will directly fall in the garbage. You can now wash this empty canister so that no bad smell prevails and reattach it after drying.




    • strong cleaning ability and suction on bare floors and carpets

    • Extra-long stretch hose and power cord

    • Offers many attachments

    • The brush roll can be switched off or on as required

    • Light in weight

    • Easy to clean and empty its dirt container

    • Edge cleaning is provided

    • Lifetime washable filters




    • The cleaning path is very narrow

    • Hose tips easily

    • The HEPA filtration system is not provided


    What do customers say?


    Most of the Shark Navigator Upright Bagless vacuum cleaner users have rated it 4.2 out of 5 stars on Amazon. This is because of its wonderful cleaning abilities on bare floors, carpets, edges, drapes, corners, and furniture. Some customers also say that it is not suitable for cleaning high-pile carpets. But still, it is a favorite of most of the customers.


    Its washable filter although are not HEPA types, but still, give a perfect and efficient performance while cleaning. Customers who want HEPA filters must look for other vacuum cleaner options. The main drawback is Euro Pros bad customer service. Moreover, they provide a useless product warranty. Apart from this, Shark Navigator Upright Bagless is one of the best vacuum cleaners when compared to its price.


Shark Navigator
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