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  1. Mac Satin Lipstick in Cyber

    Brand: MAC Cosmetics Purchase Date: 01/09/2016 Product Image: Rating: 4 Stars Pros: beautiful color, nice finish, pigmented for a satin lipstick, great vanila smell Cons: doesn't last too long Price Value: 4.5 - Good Value Purchase Price: $17 Packaging Quality: 5 - Excellent Packaging Description:

    I have wanted this particular shade in a Mac lipstick forever, like since I was in the womb. I just got it with my birthday money in January and I am definitely super pleased with it! The lipstick is a satin so it isn't going to last throughout the day. I have to reapply it at least once during an 8- hour day but I don't mind that. The finish is more glossy than I anticipated but that's okay. I believe Mac lipsticks are a classic and almost every makeup junkie has at least one. This is one that you should definitely have!

  2. Lipstick - Cyber

    Brand: MAC Cosmetics Purchase Date: 12/31/1969 Product Image: Rating: 2 Stars Pros: Beautiful colour, nice scent. Cons: Very sheer, patchy. Price Value: 1.5 - Not Good Value Purchase Price: $29 Packaging Quality: 4 - Just OK Packaging Description:

    I was very disappointed with this product. I had heard so many good things about MAC lipsticks, but this was just horrible to be honest.

    It is quite expensive where I live, compared to the prices on MAC's webpage, so I was already annoyed I had to pay double to get it, and then it turned out to be so bad.

    I have $3 lipsticks I enjoy more! I will use it, but it is incredibly difficult to get a nice colour out of. It's patchy and won't go on evenly and if you even as much as think of drinking something, ALL the colour will disappear. Instantly. I know there was no promise of it lasting long, but I feel like most lipsticks will stick to your lips for at least a little while. This, on the other hand, will not.


    I am disappointed and I feel like the best thing about this product is the packaging, which is a shame.

    I wouldn't repurchase this.

  3. Lipfinity Colour & Gloss Lip Gloss

    Brand: Max Factor Purchase Date: 01/07/2016 Product Image: Rating: 5 Stars Pros: Long lasting, lovely colours. Cons: Careful application is required. Price Value: 5 - Excellent Value Purchase Price: £9.99 Packaging Quality: 4 - Just OK Packaging Description:

    I've bought this product in 4 different shades with Glowing Sepia being my favourite. It looks lovely for daytime or nights out & is easily refreshed with a quick slick over of the gloss.

    The base coat is long lasting & takes a little care to apply accurately, but gives a lovely sharp definition which is what I love about it. Keep your lips apart while it dries & it does feel a little strange at first, but once the gloss top coat is applied its very comfortable to wear.

    In this shade the base coat gives a lovely earthy tone & the top coat has a nice subtle sparkle to it. All in all, a lovely long lasting lip colour.

  4. LipsStick Makeup

    Brand: 100% Pure Purchase Date: No value Product Image: Rating: 5 Stars Price Value: 5 - Excellent Value Purchase Price: $9.37 Packaging Quality: 5 - Excellent Packaging Description:

    12pcs Charming Colors Waterproof Long Lasting LipsStick Makeup Cosmetics 

    - Colormix

    Buy now :e41c-emoji:http://bit.ly/2HMuMuN


  5. Menow K906 6 Color

    Brand: 100% Pure Purchase Date: No value Product Image: Rating: 5 Stars Price Value: 5 - Excellent Value Purchase Price: $8.99 Packaging Quality: 5 - Excellent Packaging Description:

    Menow K906 6 Color Lipstick 1pc Pencil Sharpener Remover 

    Buy now :e41c-emoji: http://bit.ly/2JSw8Wq

  6. Chubby Stick Lip Color, in Super Strawberry

    Brand: Clinique Purchase Date: No value Rating: 5 Stars Pros: Smooth application, buildable, beautiful color, moisturizing. Cons: Somewhat expensive, otherwise, none! Price Value: 4.5 - Good Value Purchase Price: $17.00 Packaging Quality: 5 - Excellent Packaging Description:

    I have recently been obsessed with this!! Great if you just want a sheer wash of color! Love the berry color!

  7. EOS Lip Balms

    Brand: EOS Purchase Date: No value Product Image: Rating: 5 Stars Pros: Adorable Packaging, Addictive Flavours, Simple Open and Close, Easy to Carry, Leaves lips soft, neutral, and moisturized. Cons: Have to reapply every 20-30 minutes. Price Value: 5 - Excellent Value Purchase Price: $?.??= Not sure, they were gifts. Packaging Quality: 5 - Excellent Packaging Description:

    I adore these little bundles of joy!!!


    The first thing that hits you, is the adorable, cute little egg shaped lippies. :wub: They are just so cute, that you probably wont be able to handle not carrying these little cuties. :sdrop:


    Now, I'm not sure on price- as they were a gift to me... But I know that they are great quality. :smilehappyyes:


    They leave your lips soft, neutral coloured, moisturized and feeling pretty. As you apply, you get a tingly sensation and then a minty/ breezy feeling on your lips, it is very, very nice, and I enjoyed it a lot... I think that is what was also, so addictive. :lol:


    The only down side to this product, is that the moisture that it gives your lips only lasts around 15-20 minutes, which can be a bummer if your expecting longer. -_-


    They come in 5 different flavours: :satisfied:

    Passion Fruit,



    Strawberry and

    Summer Fruits.


    My favourite flavour is the Peppermint so far... So delicious! :smiletongue:


    Here is a handy tip, before you put on your all time fav lip gloss, apply some EOS lippy beforehand to keep moisturized for a tad bit longer. ;)

  8. Colourpop Ultra Satin Lip Colour

    Brand: Colourpop Purchase Date: No value Product Image: Rating: 5 Stars Pros: the price Price Value: 5 - Excellent Value Purchase Price: $6 Packaging Quality: 5 - Excellent Packaging Description:

    These new Colourpop Ultra Satin lip colors are so worth it. The color payoff is great and they stay on well. They can feel a bit drying but as long as your lips aren't dehydrated, it's ok. This is such a great lipstick for the price. This is very similar to other liquid lipsticks that are more expensive so these are definitely worth getting if you are looking for a liquid lipstick with a satin finish. This reminds me of the Anastasia Liquid lipstick I have but way cheaper. Easy to apply and looks great. I got the shade Magic Wand and it's the perfect nude. I highly recommend this and want to get other colors now too.

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  9. Natty Naturals Mighty Mint Lip Balm

    Brand: AB Purchase Date: 01/02/2016 Product Image: Rating: 5 Stars Pros: Soft Lips, Smooth Lips, Oils and Butters Cons: NONE Price Value: 5 - Excellent Value Purchase Price: $7.00 Packaging Quality: 5 - Excellent Packaging Description:

    I love this lip balm! It has a slight minty smell. It has a bunch of oils and butters in it to benefit your lips. This does a fantastic job of moisturizing my lips, and keeping them moisturized. I really like how this doesnt go on too thin, but also how it doesn't go on too thick. It keeps my lips smooth and soft in this cold weather. My lips sometimes tend to split and become dry and shriveled up in the winter, and this does a good job of making them normal again when applied a few times a day for about a week. This has avocado butter, coconut oil, jojoba oil, and cocoa butter in its ingredients. Will I purchase? Oh definitely. I can't get enough of lip saving products!


    View and buy here: http://www.nattynaturals.com/collections/lip-repair/products/natty-lip-balm


    Natty Naturals is an all natural, organic, handmade beauty products company owned by a wife and husband team. They've created AMAZING products for the body, skin, and the hair. They are infused with natural ingredients and handcrafted with love. www.nattynaturals.com


    Check out Natty Naturals on social media:

    Facebook- facebook.com/AllThingsonatural?ref=hl

    Instagram- instagram.com/team_aton/

    Twitter- twitter.com/AllThingsONatrl

    Pinterest- pinterest.com/allthingsonatrl/

    Youtube- youtube.com/user/nique1076

  10. Lip Savior

    Brand: Shea Terra Organics Purchase Date: 11/12/2015 Product Image: Rating: 5 Stars Pros: Smooth, Soft, Light Scent, Organic, Natural Cons: NONE Price Value: 5 - Excellent Value Purchase Price: $11.00 Packaging Quality: 5 - Excellent Packaging Description:

    With the winter months coming in, our lips get dry and chapped, so a little moisture is needed. This Lip Savior product from Shea Terra Organics is 100% natural and keeps your lips touchably soft! You can get it in many kinds, but I have it in Marula-E and I also have one in Rose Hips-E. Both are all-natural and enriched with Vitamin E, Shea Butter, Sea buckthorn Oil, and Chamomile Oil. The Marula-E has Cold Pressed Marula Oil, and the Rose Hips-E has Organic Rose Hips Oil. There is no mineral oil or petroleum, thank God! I apply the product to my lips and rub it in. It makes my lips feel SO soft! They feel moisturized and look plump. I also notice that it made them a little glossy, like a lip gloss would have made them. This is a great product for your lips and will definitely be a lip “savior” when the cold starts to kick in. I will be checking out some of the other flavors they have this in! :)


    View and buy here: http://www.sheaterraorganics.com/ROSE-HIPS-E-Lip-Savior-_p_731.html ;;



    Check out other flavors: http://www.sheaterraorganics.com/Organic-Lip-Protection_c_23.html




    About Shea Terra Organics` Ingredients: Shea Terra Organics sources the most potent, organic and wild harvested ingredients from across Africa. This pristine environment, little tainted by modern pollution, grows some of the safest, unchanged botanical ingredients on earth. Unwilling to compromise, Shea Terra Organics uses whole herbs for its potent, synergistic benefits. Read more here: http://www.sheaterraorganics.com/natural-skin-care-ingredients-recipe.html


    Follow Shea Terra Organics Social Medias:

    Facebook- www.facebook.com/sheaterraorganics

    Twitter- www.twitter.com/SheaTerra

    Pinterest- www.pinterest.com/sheaterra

    Instagram- www.instagram.com/sheaterraorganics

  11. Jane Iredale LipDrink

    Brand: Jane Iredale Purchase Date: No value Product Image: Rating: 5 Stars Pros: Smooth, Soft, Light Scent, Refreshing, Cooling Cons: NONE Price Value: 5 - Excellent Value Purchase Price: $15.00 Packaging Quality: 5 - Excellent Packaging Description:

    The LipDrink Lip Balm from Jane Iredale is available in 3 shades, I have all of them. They are Buff, Crush, and Sheer. To be honest, I have never used a lip product that had a sun protection factor in it. So I was very impressed when I read on the package that it had a SPF of 15 in it. It makes sense though since this is supposed to be a lip balm you wear before exposure to the sun. I find that you can also wear this even if you are not being exposed to the sun. When you take the tube out of its box, you might think that it is a lipstick. That is because a lip balm is in a plastic tube and a lipsticks are more fancily packaged. I was surprised because this lip balm was looking just like a lipstick! Before I went out to the pool with my family, I applied some of this onto my lips. I applied the Buff. It had a light citrusy scent to it and it smelled freshening. This lip balm actually blended in with my lips and enhanced the natural color and added a little shimmer. It applied on smoothly and the citrusy scent remained on my lips throughout the whole entire day. The Crush lip balm acted like a lipstick and a “lip sunscreen”. I applied a coat right before I had to go to my cousin's baby shower, and it had a rich smooth color that was light and dark at the same time. I have a lipstick in the same shade. But what is unique about this one is the fact that that it provides sun protection to prevent lips from cracking. The last shade is the Sheer. I especially like this shade because it can be worn alone for sun coverage or it can be mixed with your lipgloss to balance the shine and creaminess. It can also be worn with your lipstick to enhance the shade and give a little shimmer. All the lip balms smooth on softly onto the lips and stay on the entire day. They can also be worn alone or mixed together with your other lip products for more creativity!



    View and buy here: https://janeiredale.com/us/en/mineral-makeup/lips/lipdrink-spf-15-lip-balm.htm





    Read about Jane Iredale:

    “We use the highest quality ingredients available to ensure satisfaction with performance, coverage, application and texture. Our minerals conform to the most current technology available that ensure broad spectrum sun protection. Our multi-tasking products, Amazing Base, PurePressed Base, Glow Time and Dream Tint, provide four important functions in one: foundation, concealer, sunscreen and active skin care benefits. Our products are safety tested, allergy tested, clinically tested and dermatologist tested to ensure avoidance of any ingredients that may be skin sensitizers.” Read more here: https://janeiredale.com/us/en/mineral-makeup/our-difference.htm

  12. Savannah Bee Lip Tints

    Brand: AB Purchase Date: No value Product Image: Rating: 5 Stars Pros: Create unique color, Soft, Smooth, Smells Nice Cons: NONE Price Value: 5 - Excellent Value Purchase Price: $17.50 Packaging Quality: 5 - Excellent Packaging Description:

    The best thing about these lip tints is the fact that you can mix them with your lipsticks and glosses to get a creative exotic color. When worn alone, each tint has a unique color. I have the 4 pack combo and in it are 4 tints: Orange Ginger, Peach Blossom Shimmer, Tupelo Honey Shimmer, and the Black Berry Shimmer. The Orange Shimmer is very shiny- not the annoying shimmer that makes you look ridiculous- but the kind that gives off an edgy but girly color. The Peach Blossom Shimmer one is an ultra light color with a light shimmer and is the perfect color to wear to the beach. When I went to Myrtle Beach, I wore it- and one coat lasted me the entire day! The Tupelo Honey Shimmer is a nice, rich, and dark color. It has an excellent glossy shimmer to it too. After I applied a coat of it onto my lips, I blended it in more- and I can tell you that I really like the results. It is a darkish and lightish color at the same time, and looks creamy and has a slight gloss to it. The final lip tint is the Blackberry Shimmer. I find that this color is very close to my natural lip color. So this tint makes my lips a tad darker and gives them a light shine. This makes a perfect pair with my lipstick to add shine and enhance the color. All the lip tints last the whole day and each smooth onto the lips gently and give a shimmer. You can buy a pack of each separately or the combo of all 4 of them.


    Buy here: http://savannahbee.com/natural-beeswax-lip-tint



    Read about Savannah Bee:


    "Savannah Bee Company grew out of my passion for bees, beekeeping and honey. Our specialty honey is the culmination of a 35 year search for the world’s best. Our beauty products deliver real benefits derived from treasured hive ingredients– beeswax, royal jelly, propolis, and honey. Ask for our products in a store near you or stop by anytime at savannahbee.com." - TED, owner.

  13. Lauren Brook Cosmetiques ColourFusion Lip Glaze

    Brand: AB Purchase Date: No value Product Image: Rating: 5 Stars Pros: Lots of Glazes to Choose From, Good Shine, Lasts on All Day, One Coat and that`s it, Does not feel Heavy Cons: NONE Price Value: 5 - Excellent Value Purchase Price: $9.00 Packaging Quality: 5 - Excellent Packaging Description:

    I love this lipgloss! It is SO moisturizing, which is great for me because I have chronic dry lips. I have the Strawberries & Creme one and the color is lovely. I generally use lip gloss for day-wear and this one doesn't disappoint! I wear it on its own and it is very flattering. I love how this gloss makes my lips look voluptuous, and sometimes I use it with the Tarte Universal Lip Liner and it`s the perfect combo. My favorite thing about this is the fact that it is not a sticky formula compared to other lip glazes & glosses. The shine lasts for a long time too. Usually when I use a gloss, the color would last me a few hours but with this it lasted me the whole day! Since it lasts a long time on my lips, it doesn't need to be constantly applied (something I hate doing), so therefore the pen itself ends up lasting longer, too. My hair is long and it doesn't get caught in this, which sometimes happens with overly sticky glosses. Lauren Brooke Cosmetiques has a great color selection and formula! Not sticky, shiny, and pigmented! Great all around product and for every use!



    Read about Lauren Brooke Cosmetiques:


    Lauren Brooke Cosmetiques is a new and innovative approach to makeup. We use the finest, natural and certified organic plant oils and extracts, soothing flower essences, plus beautiful minerals and pigments from the earth to create the most exquisite, healthy makeup available for your skin. Combined, these opulent ingredients have exceptional skin-softening, moisturizing and anti-aging abilities that help revitalize, rejuvenate, and restore your skin's vibrant glow. Why organic? Our skin absorbs up to 60% of what is applied to it. Most products today contain toxic chemicals, petroleum-based ingredients, artificial colors and fragrances, and harmful preservatives that are absorbed into your skin, clog the pores, and actually cause your skin to age faster! Organically grown plants have been found to contain greater amounts of vitamins, nutrients, and anti-oxidants than plants grown with pesticides. We believe your skin deserves the very best that Nature has to give. Our line of cosmetics and skin care products are purely natural and organic. No parabens, chemicals, or unnecessary fillers are used in the creation of our products.




    Buy here: http://www.laurenbrookecosmetiques.com/products/colourfusion-lip-glaze

  14. Sunset Siren

    Brand: Wet N WIld Purchase Date: No value Product Image: Rating: 5 Stars Pros: Super silky and vividly pigmented! Cons: The shape is a little odd - it's a flat, round top. Price Value: 5 - Excellent Value Purchase Price: $1.99 Packaging Quality: 5 - Excellent Packaging Description:

    This color is gorgeous!! It's not sticky, it's not dry, and it hasn't come off on my teeth at all so far. It feels amazing on my lips.

  15. Shanghai

    Brand: Buxom Purchase Date: No value Product Image: Rating: 4 Stars Pros: Deep color, smooth application, decently long-lasting Cons: A little bit dry on the lips, but not too bad Price Value: 4 - Just OK Value Purchase Price: $19.00 Packaging Quality: 5 - Excellent Packaging Description:

    Gorgeous darker lip color that looks great alone, or underneath another lip product.

  16. Anastasia Beverly Hills Liquid Lipsticks

    Brand: Anastasia Purchase Date: 05/05/1853 Rating: 5 Stars Pros: long lasting, opaque, great colors Cons: dry Price Value: 4.5 - Good Value Purchase Price: $20 Packaging Quality: 5 - Excellent Packaging Description:

    These are definitely MATTE. These babies are super pigmented and glide on fully opaque in one swipe. I wore Pure Hollywood for 4 hours and it stayed perfectly intact until I ate and drank, and after that I only lost a bit of color around the inner rims of my lips. It only fully came off once I took some olive oil to my lips. These rate very high for lasting power.

    Being someone with dry lips, I was a bit weary of these, but I didn’t experience any lip cracking or over drying. Once it dried, it felt a bit sticky on the lips, but it wasn’t bothersome.



    No complaints with these. Unless you have a hatred for matte lips, I see no reason why you wouldn’t love these. I can’t wait to try more shades!


    I have more info and swatches on my blog www.missmoni.com so feel free to take a look :)

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  17. Posiebalm

    Brand: Benefit Cosmetics Purchase Date: No value Product Image: Rating: 5 Stars Pros: Moisturizing, gorgeous color Cons: no spf Price Value: 5 - Excellent Value Purchase Price: $18 Packaging Quality: 5 - Excellent Packaging Description:

    A couple months ago I received a mini Posiebalm in my Birchbox and really didn't know what to think of it at first. I am a diehard Posietint fan and previously would mix it with vaseline to apply on my lips, that worked fine but was an inconvenience, so when they came out with the Posiebalm I was intrigued. I used my sample the entire time I was on a 7 day vacation in the blazing sun of Orlando, and now I am determined that this balm is the best!!! The packaging is gorgeous, and doesn't allow the product to melt in the heat, but if that's not already excellent just wait until you put the balm on your lips. The color is gorgeous on my fair skin and the balm is so moisturizing and smooth, the only downside is the fact that there is no sun protection in the formula otherwise this would be the ULTIMATE lip balm.

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  18. Creamy Color Classic Lipstick

    Brand: em cosmetics Purchase Date: No value Product Image: Rating: 5 Stars Pros: Smooth, Bold Color, Moisturizing, Lovely Packaging Cons: NONE Price Value: 5 - Excellent Value Purchase Price: $15.00 Packaging Quality: 5 - Excellent Packaging Description:

    I am stunned at how saturating this lipstick is. When I initially connected this to my lips, it swiped by easily and did leave a smooth and glossy impact on my lips. This lipstick is likewise extremely saturating, it did keep my lips sustained while I had it on and after, as well. What I most adored is the strong shading that this has vitamin e which is nourishing to the lips like vaseline. The one I have is in Daredevil which is striking and the darkest shading that is in the shades of this lipstick. I wore eyeshadow and become flushed all over when I wore this on my lips, and I enjoyed the impact that this made, it was the shading that stood out the most which is the thing that I loved. What got my attention was that this has vitamin E which relieves the lips and makes them delicate, which that accomplished for me. This has additionally left my lips gleaming for a truly long time, and I just connected it once not reapplied it over once more. Gave the lips a flawless sheen, as well! Has dazzling bundling with positive words engraved on the case that held the lipstick. I feel that this has a special scent to it that resembles blossoms very nearly, I adore it! I without a doubt prescribe this to anybody searching for a quality lipstick with immaculate plans!

  19. Siren Lipstick

    Brand: Vapour Beauty Purchase Date: No value Product Image: Rating: 5 Stars Pros: Long lasting, Great pigmentation, Moisturizing, Rich color Price Value: 5 - Excellent Value Purchase Price: $ Packaging Quality: 5 - Excellent Packaging Description:

    Most lipsticks that I have applied onto my lips dried them or were too heavy. But this lip stick was great on my dry lips and was rich and creamy. It also moisturized my lips Rich color to your lips by a swipe of Vapour Beauty`s Siren Lipstick. I personally think the "Holiday" color was gorgeous on my fair skin and the creamy lipstick is smooth on the lips too. I also have to say that the pigmentation in this lipstick is far more intense than any other lipstick I have ever put on my lips! This is long lasting too, which is great if you are out partying or an office lady for work. One big pro about this lipstick is that it glides on fully opaque in one swipe! I would defiantly recommend!
  20. STILA Field of Florals Convertible Color Dual Lip & Cheek Palette

    Brand: Stila Cosmetics Purchase Date: 01/01/1970 Product Image: Rating: 5 Stars Pros: easy and quick application, nice texture, not sticky, a little of product goes a long way, pigment is nice, does not dry your lips out, satin finish looks and feels good, great value for the money, versatile Cons: did not find any so far... the only thing I did not like much is that some colors (#2 and #10 in my case) turned different on my lips than the original color from the palette is supposed to be Price Value: 4.5 - Good Value Purchase Price: $49 Packaging Quality: 4 - Just OK Packaging Description:



  21. Collagen Lip Gloss

    Brand: Natural Collagen-Colvita Purchase Date: No value Product Image: Rating: 5 Stars Price Value: 5 - Excellent Value Purchase Price: $24.99 Packaging Quality: 5 - Excellent Packaging Description:

    You except a lip gloss to be a plumping one, but this one is not. It is a miracle that leaves lips a healing look. This lip gloss is honestly all you ever need for your lips. It kept my lips moisturized. It is great for chapped lips!! In the winter especially, ,my lips get all flaky and dry so I am constantly using good ole chap sticks. And though chap sticks help, then never actually heal or reduce the flaking, but this collagen lip gloss actually gets rid of the flakiness and completely regenerates my lips leaving them super smooth and extra soft. I love it!! The packaging and quality of the container was great too. Although the jar itself was small, it is a miracle. Would defiantly recommend to anyone looking for a quality moisturizing lip gloss!! Purchase product on secure website here: http://collagen.in/product/best-lip-gloss-collagen-lipgloss/

  22. Baby Doll Kiss & Blush Lips & Cheeks 02 Rose Frivole

    Brand: Yves Saint Laurent Purchase Date: 01/01/1970 Product Image: Rating: 5 Stars Pros: lovely color, smell, cheek&lip multi use Cons: price Price Value: 5 - Excellent Value Purchase Price: $ 40 Packaging Quality: 5 - Excellent Packaging Description:

    I have another color. but this color I think best.


    Color is lovely. and cheek&lip multi use is good. such as winter or cold weather make a skin dried.


    but cream blusher is not dried and moisture. I think this color looks good on all skin color.

  23. Urban Decay 24/7 Glide On Lip Pencil in Ozone

    Brand: Urban Decay Purchase Date: 08/12/2012 Product Image: Rating: 5 Stars Pros: Creamy, Moisturizing, Long Lasting, Bulletproof, Never Dry or Cakey, Doesn't Crumble, Sets Any Lip Liner, Makes Gloss or Lipstick Stay in Place Price Value: 5 - Excellent Value Purchase Price: $20.00 Packaging Quality: 5 - Excellent Packaging Description:

    Urban Decay 24/7 Glide On Lip Liner in Ozone


    Though I own various colors/shades of Urban Decay's 24/7 Glide on Lip Liner, and truly recommend them all because of their extraordinary staying power, this review is going to be based on Urban Decay's Ozone shade.


    You may have wondered, just as I have in the past, why a clear lip liner? There are two answers. This clear lip liner is meant to be applied over any other lip liner to effectively lock in your colored lip liner for hours on end. Another use, if you're not a one to wear colored lip liner, is to form a barrier by applying the clear lip liner to the edged of your lips so gloss doesn't bleed nor does lipstick feather.


    I'm one of those women with uneven lips ~ meaning my top lip is smaller than the bottom lip. In effort to balance out my lips & make them look a tad larger than they really are... I draw lip pencil just slightly above my actual lip line. Prior to purchasing Urban Decay's 24/7 Glide On Lip Liner in Ozone, the lines I drew at the outer edges of my lips would disappear within minutes. Now I follow up my colored lip liner (I'm a fan of Urban Decay's 24/7 Glide On line & Too Faced's Perfect Nude Lip Liner) & the lines don't budge for hours & hours.


    One tip I must share is that when drawing lip liner just outside your natural lip lines, less is more. I've learned the hard way by being over zealous & drawing thick lines outside of my top lip's natural lines. Even though it looked great in my bathroom & even in the car mirror, after viewing pictures of myself, I must say I looked like a clown. I guess no one had the guts to tell me that I looked ridiculous.


    Though I have still yet to try Mally Beauty's Lip Fence & Too Faced's Borderline Pencil (both clear formulas), in my opinion, you can't go wrong with Urban Decay's 24/7 Glide On Lip Pencil in Ozone.


    You can double the staying power by using both, Urban Decay's 24/7 Glide On Lip Pencil in a color & then topping it off with Ozone.


    Listed below are the details I found on Urban Decay's website:





    Even women who don’t usually wear lip liner love Ozone, our best-selling clear shade. Like all our other shades, it holds color in place and prevents feathering—yet it’s totally invisible on your lips.



    Fill Weight: 1.2 g POIDS NET/NET WT. 0.04 ozGet primed and ready for action. Our long-lasting, waterproof liner glides on smoothly to prime AND define—for long-lasting lip color and clean lines. Smooch. Pout. Smack. Nibble. Lick. 24/7 stays put through everything (yes, EVERYTHING) you do. When you use our liner to fill in your lips completely, it primes them for lipstick or gloss, grabbing on to color to help it last.


    Part of the 24/7 family, our long-lasting, waterproof formula glides on smoothly, stays creamy and defines your lips with gorgeous color. And unlike a lot of waterproof pencils (we won’t name names), 24/7 never feels dry or cakey. Moisturizing vitamin E, jojoba oil and cottonseed oil nourish your lips every time you reapply. And shade-matched barrels make it easy to find the exact color you need (no matter how crammed your bag is).



    Though Urban Decay's instructions are to apply Ozone 1st, I reverse the process & find by applying Ozone over the colored lip liner, it keeps lip liner from budging. Listed below are Pro Tips found on Urban Decay's website:




    For ultra long wear, first line the outside of lips with 24/7 Glide-On Lip Pencil in Ozone (our clear shade) to fill in any fine lines and prevent feathering. Next, fill in lips completely with 24/7 Glide-On Lip Pencil in a shade that matches the Revolution Lipstick shade you'll be using. This will define lips, intensify color and provide even longer wear. Follow with Revolution Lipstick (or your favorite UD lip product).

    Good Luck to all who gives this product a try. Feel free to share the way you use this pencil. Thanks so much for your time :-)



  24. Too Faced Lip Insurance Lip Primer

    Brand: Too Faced Purchase Date: 01/01/1970 Product Image: Rating: 5 Stars Pros: Long Lasting, Keeps Gloss From Budging, Stops Lipstick From Bleeding, Hydrating, Quick Drying, Vegan Cons: Wish it was available in a larger size Price Value: 5 - Excellent Value Purchase Price: $19.00 Packaging Quality: 5 - Excellent Packaging Description:

    I purchased this Too Faced Lip Primer last year when it was on a secret sale. I can't believe I have gone so many years without it! It has become my go to product in my lip product application system.


    After cleansing my lips in the a.m., using the Clarisonic (it helps plump your lips) with Philosophy's Purity Made Simple Cleanser, I then apply Strivectin's Facial Tightening Serum & let it absorb for about a minute.


    I then follow by applying Too Faced Lip Insurance Lip Primer to the entire lip area.


    Since the formula is hydrating, I don't need a balm. This lip primer is fast drying, so in a matter of a few seconds, I then apply my lip liner (either Too Faced's Perfect Nude or an Urban Decay version) just slightly outside of the lines of my lips ~ any more & I personally end up looking like a clown ~ & sometimes depending on my mood, I may or may not fill in my entire lips area with the pencil. I choose to draw the lines outside of my actual lips in effort to make them appear larger.


    The next step is to follow the lip liner lines I made slightly above my actual lip lines with Urban Decay's 24/7 Glide On Lip Pencil in Ozone ~ which is their clear lip liner. This product seals in the lip liner applied to my outer lip lines so it doesn't rub of during the day/night.


    The last step is to apply one of my favorite lip glosses or lipsticks (I'm still in love with the Fusion Beauty lip glosses) & I'm ready to go.


    With the Too Faced Lip Insurance Lip Primer, my gloss/lipstick & liner stays in place even after eating a full meal. All that may be required is a quick touch up towards the center of my lips.


    I highly recommend this product as your lip base. In my opinion, it makes just about any lip gloss or lipstick stay much longer on lips & also prevents feathering/bleeding lipstick.


    Even though I'm still on the same tube I purchased over a year ago (it lasts because I only have to apply once a day), I only wish it came in a much larger size. Perhaps maybe a holiday special???


    Listed below are the product details found on Too Faced's site:


    Prep your pout with a hydrating, quick-drying formula that pampers while it primes. Locks down lip color, ensuring it won’t feather, fade or transfer, even through the most challenging, late-night make out sessions.



    • Built-in applicator delivers the ideal amount of product for even coverage
    • Quick drying formula guarantees color locks down fast

      Net Weight: .15 oz. (Metric: 4.46 g) Ingredients: Isododecane, Silica, Talc, Ethylenediamine/Stearyl Dimer Dilinoleate Copolymer, Trimethylsiloxysilicate, Isobutyl Methacrylate/ Trifluoroethylmethacrylate/Bis-Hydroxypropyl Dimethicone Acrylate Copolymer, Acrylates Copolymer, Disteardimonium Hectorite, VP/Eicosene Copolymer, Jojoba Esters, Polymethyl Methacrylate, Trihydroxystearin, C12-15 Alkyl Benzoate, Triethylhexanoin, Cetearyl Ethylhexanoate, Ethylhexyl Palmitate, Tribehenin, Propylene Carbonate, Tocopheryl Acetate, Sorbitan Isostearate, o-Cymen-5-oL, Ceramide 2, PEG-10 Rapeseed Sterol, Portulaca Pilosa Extract, Sucrose Cocoate, Palmitoyl Tripeptide-38, Palmitoyl Oligopeptide, Mica. *Vegan-friendly

  25. Too Faced Melted Liquified Long Wear Lipstick

    Brand: Too Faced Purchase Date: 08/11/2014 Product Image: Rating: 5 Stars Pros: Moisturizing Formula, High Pigmentation, Long Lasting Price Value: 5 - Excellent Value Purchase Price: $21 Packaging Quality: 4.5 - Very Good Packing Description:

    I was very excited to try the Too Faced Melted Liquified Long Wear Lipstick, as I love lip gloss, but hate the gooiness factor of many brands. The Too Faced Melted Liquified Long Wear Lipstick combines the easy and fun application of a lip gloss with the creaminess and pigmentation of lipstick. So far, I only have Melted Nude and Melted Peony and I have to say the pigmentation in these lipsticks is far more intense than I expected. The Melted Nude is more beige-y brown (better for fall than summer) and the Peony is more fuschia-y (definitely good for summer) than I expected, but I like them both and am anxious to try Fig next!


    ***Hint: I used the Too Faced Lip Insurance Primer with these and they lasted for hours - far longer than either lip gloss or lip stick usually lasts for me, even with primer.

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