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  1. Petunia Skincare Professional 12 Set Makeup Brushes with Travel Pouch

    Brand: AB Purchase Date: No value Product Image: Rating: 5 Stars Pros: Soft, Fluffy, Big, Fast Shipping, Friendly Customer Service Cons: NONE Price Value: 5 - Excellent Value Purchase Price: $37.77 Packaging Quality: 5 - Excellent Packaging Description:

    I am in love with the hot pink and black combination of colors of the brushes in this set! My favorite brush is the Powder Brush because it is so freaking fluffy and soft on my face, and it catches alot of powder from my small powder jar and then when I apply it to my face, it is easy to move it around and blend everything in together. I love the Spoolie Brush! I have not seen anything like it before! It is great to use to separate eyelashes so when you use mascara, all your lashes get coated and it makes them look more fuller. I especially loved how the lip brush comes with its own cap so it is easy to throw in your purse and just go! My friend was over one day and I was applying makeup using these brushes and she complimented on the great color. She simply loved the perfect combination of hot pink and black and it catches the eye easily. I also love how these are cruelty free and were not tested on animals. Go Petunia Skincare! When you do open the package of the brushes, there is a not-so-strong-but-you-can-smell-it kind of scent. It was not harsh, but I liked the scent for one reason: you can tell the brushes are freshly made and are new. It`s like buying a new car, and the smell when you get inside. I adore the travel pouch. I love the texture of it an I like how you can roll it flat out and have all the brushes in it so you can choose one for your next makeup application. These brushes and the case are simply adorable and are highly professional and I highly recommend. :) ;) :P :D

  2. Cleansing Brush

    Brand: 100% Pure Purchase Date: 01/30/2019 Product Image: Rating: 5 Stars Price Value: 5 - Excellent Value Purchase Price: $34.98 Packaging Quality: 5 - Excellent Packaging Description:

    I'm really satisfied with this product

  3. Best Portable Airbrush Air Compressor for Makeup Kits 2018- Buyer’s Guide and Reviews

    Brand: 100% Pure Purchase Date: No value Rating: 5 Stars Price Value: 5 - Excellent Value Purchase Price: $ Packaging Quality: 5 - Excellent Packaging Description:

    home use. All you need to is but the air compressor makes up kit and watch the video tutorials here.

    Say goodbye to the sponges, brushes, fingers, and other techniques that will ruin your makeup.
    The article will address issues such as how compressors work the single and dual quiet airbrush compressors, and achieving that flawless look. Read on!


  4. Would not buy it again

    Brand: coastal_scents Purchase Date: 03/01/2013 Product Image: Rating: 0 Pros: Good variety Cons: Started falling apart quickly Price Value: 2 - Needs Help Value Purchase Price: 34.00 Packaging Quality: 5 - Excellent Packaging Description:

    I ordered this brush set in early March for about $34, and upon arrival I could see that there was something wrong with the Powder Buffer (number 2 in the photo below), the head was really uneven and rough. I contacted customer service and they sent me a replacement.


    By mid-July, the Powder Buffer (the brush they had replaced) (#2) and the Flat Buffer (#4) were falling apart at an alarming rate. I have only observed this issue of shedding with the larger synthetic brushes from the set, the smaller brushes have been fine. But still, I have hardly had this set for five months, and the two brushes I mentioned are coming apart so quickly that I am already looking for replacements.

    I contacted Coastal Scents just to let them know about this issue, not expecting a refund or replacement (which was good because none was offered). I do hope the message got through to their quality control or manufacturing people because I would hate for this issue to be ongoing.  I am surprised this happened in the first place because I had heard really good things about their brushes, and I sort of hope this was just a fluke.

  5. Yalmeh Peerless Beauty Foundation Brush

    Brand: Yalmeh Peerless Beauty Purchase Date: No value Product Image: Rating: 5 Stars Pros: Excellent brush Cons: NONE!!!! Price Value: 5 - Excellent Value Purchase Price: $12.00 Packaging Quality: 5 - Excellent Packaging Description:

    Yalmeh Peerless Beauty is a must have brand. I tried their foundation brush for first time, and wow I am impressed. First of all my fingers were not packed with foundation like they are after I put on foundation with my other brushes. It is easy to hold and use and the brushes are soft on skin and dont feel oily or heavy like some of the other brands of foundation brushes out there. I would highly recommend. 5 Star!!!!!


    Brand: Ecotools Purchase Date: No value Product Image: Rating: 5 Stars Pros: Beautiful packaging, soft brushes, gorgeous bamboo handles, cruelty free, and... easy to keep clean. :P Price Value: 5 - Excellent Value Purchase Price: not sure, was a gift amongst alot of others. :P Packaging Quality: 5 - Excellent Packaging Description:

    All I can say about these brushes is...


    they are cruelty free, which is so very important, as its getting less and less in the world as days go by.


    the bristles are so very soft, smooth and easy to keep clean.


    I looove the packaging they come in, its a little mini apron looking thing for when you travel, very handy and elegant at the same time, which is important for us females right. :P:D


    these are awesome for beginners and also not so newbies. :P

  7. Great set for beginners

    Brand: Ecotools Purchase Date: 09/01/2012 Product Image: Rating: 0 Pros: Travel-friendly Price Value: 5 - Excellent Value Purchase Price: $ Packaging Quality: 5 - Excellent Packaging Description:

    This was the first brush set that I brought. The petite shading brush is good for packing on color but it is small, which made my makeup routine take longer. I didn't realize how much longer it was taking me to apply shadow until my brought the full size shading brush. I used the highlight brush as a highlight brush and sometimes a crease brush. The blend and crease brushes are good. The only dud in the set is the smudge/pencil brush because it's kinda stiff and hurts when I use this brush to smudge shadow.


    This is a great brush set for beginners because it has the basic tools that they need to create a simple day-to-day look. It's cheap, cruelty-free, and soft (except for the smudge brush).

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  8. Beauty Blender Micro Mini

    Brand: BeautyBlender Purchase Date: 08/14/2014 Product Image: Rating: 5 Stars Pros: Ingenius; Extremely Useful; Adorable Cons: Price Price Value: 5 - Excellent Value Purchase Price: $17.95 Packaging Quality: 4.5 - Very Good Packing Description:

    I was initially skeptical of Beauty Blenders in general. I'd tried other makeup sponges and brushes and found that it was easiest for me to simply apply concealer and eye shadow primer by hand.


    However, I heard so many great things about Beauty Blenders that I had to try them for myself. After falling in love with the full sized pink beauty blender for my foundation, I noticed the micro mini beauty blenders at the Sephora check out line and I just couldn't resist.


    Boy, am I glad I bought these! I find that I am using so much less concealer than I used to and my application is much more precise! It has made a huge difference in my makeup routine! It takes a little longer now because I clean my beauty blenders every time I use them, but my makeup looks and feels so much nicer and I suspect that I may even save money on foundation, concealer and primer since the blenders seem to allow me to use less product.


    These are genius!!!!

  9. Perfect Blending Brush

    Brand: coastal_scents Purchase Date: 03/15/2014 Product Image: Rating: 0 Pros: Great Stiffness Could Probably Rival MAC 217 Cons: None Price Value: 5 - Excellent Value Purchase Price: 4.95 Packaging Quality: 5 - Excellent Packaging Description:

    I am in love with this brush. At first I thought it wasn’t fluffy enough but, it’s the perfect stiffness and blends stubborn shadows out flawlessly. I can’t compare it to MAC’s 217 but I can’t imagine it’s much better than this. This is a brush I will be recommending to everyone and for $4.95, you can’t go too far wrong.

  10. Fantastic Brush Set For the Price

    Brand: coastal_scents Purchase Date: 01/06/2014 Product Image: Rating: 0 Pros: Inexpensive, well made brushes with a study brush roll perfect for transport Cons: Some brushes shed or are unnecessary. Price Value: 5 - Excellent Value Purchase Price: 20.00 Packaging Quality: 5 - Excellent Packaging Description:

    Read Full Review and How I Use My Brushes.

    After my first set of makeup brushes were a massive disappointment I was really careful about buying cheap brush sets again. I did a LOT of research, talked myself in and out of buying this set but when it went on sale I finally bit the bullet.

    Admittedly, it was an anxious 12 day wait as I prayed for them to arrive before I headed off to the US on exchange (I’m from Ireland). But when they finally did, I couldn’t have been more pleased. The face brushes are sleek and dense. The large domed brush (2) has actually replaced my Real Techniques stippling brush.

    As the more critical reviews may have mentioned, there is some initial shedding, more so with the eye brushes. After the first wash though, they are perfect.

    Of course, in sets like these, there are always brushes you could do without/replace for others. I never use my doe foot brush, and it is shaped a little crookedly. You also get three eyeliner brushes of varying sizes where really one would suffice.

    Another con is that after extensive use the handle on a couple of the face brushes came loose. This may be a deal breaker for some but considering the price, I’m happy to use superglue as long as the brushes work well.

    All in all, it’s still a fab set considering what you pay for it. The brush roll is portable and feels luxurious in comparison to my previous roll (think pink plastic crocodile skin). The collection itself is sufficient for beginners but is also a great addition to any makeup brush collection.

    Despite any short comings I listed previously (they are fairly minor ones in my eyes) you are not going to get a better set for the price. I have already recommended them to friends and if they get lost/damaged/eaten I will repurchase them before buying from the more expensive brands.

    Obviously not all the brushes can compare to more expensive brands, but the angle brush (5) does not shed and blends better than my Mac 109.

  11. Wonderful

    Brand: E.L.F. (Eyes - Lips - Face) Purchase Date: No value Product Image: Rating: 5 Stars Pros: Works well, multi use, great quality and price Cons: None Price Value: 5 - Excellent Value Purchase Price: $ Packaging Quality: 5 - Excellent Packaging Description:

    Love this brush, sooo soft, never sheds, easy to clean, and it's great not just for powder but for liquid foundation too. It's the best, gives airbrush finish. I used to use MAC #190 on occasion, but in pictures noticed it gives me a streaky look, so just used fingers after that, read good things about skunk brushes but never felt like paying a lot for what I considered non essential, since finger application was good enough for me, but once out of curiosity tried buffing with this Elf brush and it was amazing. For powder I like it when I want medium coverage, it's probably great for powder foundations and minerals. When I want a very fine veil of powder I use Rite Aid Renewal powder brush which I adore too.

  12. Aloette Chisel Brush

    Brand: Aloette Purchase Date: 01/01/1970 Rating: 0 Price Value: 4 - Just OK Value Purchase Price: $ Packaging Quality: 0 Description:

    \"\"Aloette\'s Chisel Brush. This is sold separately from Aloette\'s Professional 7-piece Brush Set. I\'m not sure why this shows the brush with the wooden handle, because I have it with a clear plastic handle. The bristels are fine goat hair. This works nice with applying the Ultra Finish SPF Foundation (pressed foundation powder). You can also use this for bronzer or blush application. The bristles are very soft, high quality and durable.

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  13. Sheds. Not great at all.

    Brand: Paris Presents Incorporated Purchase Date: 01/01/1970 Product Image: Rating: 0 Pros: Packaging is cute Cons: Shedding and does not pick up color at all. Price Value: 0 Purchase Price: $ Packaging Quality: 0 Description:

    These are OK.  They really do not pick up color at all.  The reviewer below me is spot on.  The individual items are great but this travel set is awful for everyday use.  

  14. Okay Quality

    Brand: Paris Presents Incorporated Purchase Date: No value Product Image: Rating: 5 Stars Pros: Great Size for Travel Cons: Doesn Price Value: 4 - Just OK Value Purchase Price: $ Packaging Quality: 5 - Excellent Packaging Description:

    My overall rating of this product is right in the middle which is definitely how I feel about these brushes-just okay.


    I have bought other ECO tools brushes from Ulta and in individual packages and have absolutely adored them! There is something about this travel size kit that seems cheaper. It's like the brushes are less dense and more flimsy. That being said, after a week of use the brushes seem to begin to pick up more product. Naturally this process starts over once they are washed.


    For beginners I think these brushes are just fine but it is frustrating when you have to go over the same area multiple times to build coverage even when used with high quality/rich pigments.


    Two Stars for this set.

  15. Temptu is BEYOND awesome!

    Brand: temptu Purchase Date: 08/02/2013 Product Image: Rating: 0 Pros: Flawless application, Easy to change air pod colors, no clean up between colors, amazing staying powder, no brushes Cons: Pods can be pricey. Finding right foundation color online. Price Value: 0 Purchase Price: 109.00 Packaging Quality: 0 Description:

    I can not begin to tell you how pleased I am with the Temptu airbrush system with the airpods. I bought mine off eBay brand new still sealed with three pods for $109.00. It's so easy to use it's ridiculous! Assembly is a breeze, you get the first pod and poke a hole in the valve with the instrument provided in the lid, then pop the pod on and start airbrushing. When your done you pop on the blush, and repeat, then highlighter, bronzer, etc. You can do your lips with the blush colors and eyes with the bronzers and highlighters and blushes. It's such a versatile product.


    As for the finish, there are no words. I have hyperpigmentation from past acne flare ups that can not be concealed with regular foundation. I've tried everything and nothing worked until now. You can use the airbrush as a stippling brush almost by covering individual spots. It's amazing and one friend told me my skin looked like a Barbie's. Trust me that is something I have never heard before.


    The colors I own are Beige foundation, Nude Pink Blush, Vintage red, and highligher in Champagne. I've already ordered the new shimmering blush  and a bronzer in Warm Glow.


    The only cons I've found so far is that the pods are pricey. If you buy through Temptu or other beauty site it's around $45 for two pods which are supposed to last 2-3 months. The blushes are slightly less and you get less product but you don't need them as much as foundation.


    I find it's very fast to apply and does not take longer than a normal makeup session.

     I took off a half a star because of how pricey the pods are and you can't color test them since they are only sold online.

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  16. Beware of Temptu

    Brand: temptu Purchase Date: 04/24/2012 Product Image: Rating: 0 Pros: Would seem a good product Cons: They will charge your credit card w/o your authorization Price Value: 0 Purchase Price: 227.00 Packaging Quality: 0 Description:

    TEMPTU: No idea how good or bad this product is, but I was thinking about buying it and filled out the information but never finished the order, it even lacked my correct billing address and still THEY CHARGED ME FOR THE PRODUCT!!! Beware of even thinking about buying on the internet, with companies like this one, you need no one else to steal from you. When informed within 30 min of their mistake, they did not admit it, and did not cancel the order.  I will have to go through the trouble of returning something I never ordered.

  17. Cute mirror with a fairytale feel

    Brand: Lime Crime Purchase Date: 01/27/2013 Product Image: Rating: 0 Pros: Small, cute, well designed Cons: Limited Edition, small mirror Price Value: 2.5 - Not bad, not good value Purchase Price: $ Packaging Quality: 5 - Excellent Packaging Description:

    Disclaimer: This item was given to me as a gift.


    How cute is the mirror? VERY. At first glance this mirror may seem cheap or even plastic but in reality it's not made of plastic, has good weight to it and is really cute in person and up close. I have only two complaints about it. The fact it was a limited edition item (should be brought back on special occasions) and that the mirror is wee bit on the small side so you only see small sections of your face at any one point in time but it's super cute to pull out just to apply lipstick. I'd LOVE to see this mirror just a couple of inches larger but due to the fact it's made of metal it maybe cost prohibitive to do so. The design of the mirror overall is very cute with little faux pearls and ruby red stones with a single "pearl" heart at the top. I can't get over how absolutely darling this mirror is.


    Would I recommend this? If you're looking for a cute whimsical mirror absolutely. It makes for a cute gift.

  18. Not impressed

    Brand: Sigma Beauty Purchase Date: 01/01/1970 Product Image: Rating: 0 Pros: cute looking Cons: does not hold make up Price Value: 0 Purchase Price: $ Packaging Quality: 0 Description:

    I heard such great things about these brushes in online blogs and all I was so disappointed they are awful. I cannot even use them

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  19. It is just ok

    Brand: clarisonic Purchase Date: 01/01/1970 Product Image: Rating: 0 Pros: Looks cute Cons: Does not appear to do more than a good face washing to me Price Value: 0 Purchase Price: $ Packaging Quality: 0 Description:

    I heard so much about this I had to get this. I heard that you get tons of dirt on the brush head it didn't happen with me. I didn't notice any effects from using this. It does clean your face but than again so does washing it. I have dry skin so it may be better for oily skin. After using it too I noticed red dots like bleading under the skin made my skin dryer.  I use it once a week just for some extra cleaning. This is not work it

  20. Sigma London travel brush set

    Brand: Sigma Beauty Purchase Date: 10/17/2012 Product Image: Rating: 0 Cons: Some shedding Price Value: 4 - Just OK Value Purchase Price: 89.00 Packaging Quality: 5 - Excellent Packaging Description:

    Confession time- I totally bought this for the 18K gold handles. The brown with the gold is just so luxe-looking. I'm also a sucker for short handles, as it allows you to get closer to  the mirror.It comes with a handy cup type holder.

    eyeliner brush- E05-great quality, works well for..wait for it... eyeliner!

    tapered blending-E35- (white bristles) Meh, it's just OK. It's too large,and splays out quite a bit.

    small tapered blending E45- LOVE IT, soft, perfectly sized,

    large shader- E60- Soft,perfect for packing on colour if you have large eyelids (I do not)

    small contouring- F5- LOVE, Half the size of a blush brush-perfect for cheek highlighter

    duo fiber blush-F15 -nice, good for highly pigmented blushes

    Large powder-F30- NOT GOOD- sheds a lot, very small for powder- sized more like a blush or bronzer brush, and did not keep its shape (splayed out)

  21. Sigma angled kabuki brush

    Brand: Sigma Beauty Purchase Date: 11/01/2012 Product Image: Rating: 0 Pros: Reasonale price, high quality Cons: none Price Value: 5 - Excellent Value Purchase Price: 14.00 Packaging Quality: 5 - Excellent Packaging Description:

    Pros: The handle on this kabuki allows it to fit into my vanity brush organizer.

    The price was under $15.00-very reasonable!

    The quality- no shedding, densely packed brisles, very soft.

    Highly recommended!!

  22. Great Tool to add to your brush collection

    Brand: Prescriptives Purchase Date: 09/13/2012 Rating: 0 Pros: Great Natural Coverage Cons: None Price Value: 3 - Just Average Value Purchase Price: 19.50 Packaging Quality: 5 - Excellent Packaging Description:

    I was on the lookout for a new concealer brush and read some really good positive reviews regarding this brush.  The coverage is amazing but looks natural.  It does a really good job covering my red spots and blemishes. Purchased at prescriptives.com and there no charge for shipping.  

  23. Love this tool

    Brand: shu_uemura Purchase Date: 07/05/2012 Product Image: Rating: 0 Pros: Curls eyelashes Cons: sometime it pinches Price Value: 0 Purchase Price: 18.00 Packaging Quality: 0 Description:

    My HG-works better than anything I've tried.  I wish Shu Uemura would sell the replacement pads.

  24. Could live with out it

    Brand: MAC Cosmetics Purchase Date: 01/01/1970 Product Image: Rating: 0 Pros: Ok nice to try out Cons: Everything except color Price Value: 1.5 - Not Good Value Purchase Price: 32.00 Packaging Quality: 0.5 - Very Horrible Packaging Description:

    APlease see my 187 review my thoughts are the same. Thin weak hairs couldn't stipple or bronze in the way it needed to be used. For better results in stippling blush or bronzing see 109-118-150 or my personal fav 129. 130 small dual fiber with give great textural results with liquid & cream too. As always Peace, Love,&Glitter•Kat a.k.a the don of the makeupmafia.

  25. 187 or bust?

    Brand: MAC Cosmetics Purchase Date: 01/01/1970 Product Image: Rating: 0 Pros: It looks nice to my MAC canvas holder, I also can say I own one Cons: It's the worlds most over-rated brush Price Value: 1.5 - Not Good Value Purchase Price: 42.00 Packaging Quality: 0.5 - Very Horrible Packaging Description:

    This is the cosmetic worlds most covetted face brush. But I'm sorry to be the one to say it ITS LIMP, POORLY DESIGNED, NOT FIRM OR DENCE ENOUGH FOR A PROPER STIPPLE, COULDNT BRONZE AN ALBINO AT THE BEACH AND the price doesn't equate the quality like other fine Mac products. Ah I feel better now that that's off my chest lmao. Save $10 bucks and buy the 129 for stippling and or bronzing, even though the 129 isn't initially designed for liquids it will give a much better result. And who makes these "rules" in makeup there is no wright and wrong there's only what works for you. The marcel wonders 187 sucked too I had it one day, gave it the recommend wash before use and the hairs made it rain like T-pain in a stip club ultimately make the brush hairs thin and weak. Needless to say that brush went back. I kept the original 187 for hoarding purposes only. Overall I'd skip this and opt for the black 150-129-118-109-or even 130 for creating texture in liquid. Hope this helped!


         •Kat a.k.a the Don of makeupmafia Boston



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