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Too Faced "Glamour to Go" palette

  • 100% Pure 01/01/1970 5 Stars 5 - Excellent Value $ 5 - Excellent Packaging

    Too Faced “Glamour to Go” Palette Review

    The "Glamour to Go" palette created by Too Faced is a magnificent makeup palette sold at makeup stores all over the world. I have owned this unique and diverse palette since Christmas of 2014; it was a gift and boy was it a good one. The palette is just what it says on the package, a portable, all in one, glamour to go palette. It is a life saver and one of the handiest things you could possibly equip yourself with. This palette has all you could ever want with a lip gloss, blush, bronzer, and eight eye shadows.

    Packaging of the product is just as important as the actual product. It must be cute, sturdy and durable. The palette came packaged in a small pale pink box. Once unboxed the palettes beautiful designs can be seen. It is shiny and black with a swirl design embossed around the edges. It has an oval pink and gold sticker on the front that reads “Too Faced Glamour to Go”. The palette opens like a book to the eye shadows in the top compartment and a tray slides out from under the palette which holds a bronzer, lip gloss, and blush. This design makes the structural soundness of the palette very sturdy. There is a mirror located in the top compartment of the palette that is firmly in place also giving the palette a durable quality as the mirror will not rattle round and break.

    Every good palette is a good size for the amount of product it holds. This palette is extremely small for all of the products it carries. It is four inches by two inches and one inch thick. It is similar to the size of a standard deck of cards. The design of the packaging and contents of this palette make it a great portable option. It is perfect for carrying in a purse or keeping it in a back pack for school. The size of the Glamour to Go palette in unison with portability makes it one of the best makeup palettes in my opinion.

    Successful palettes encase an array of diversity from finish to color. All of the products in the palette are distinct and different from one another. The palettes eight eye shadows are in many different finishes. The palette has both warm toned and cool toned shadows. Three eye shadows are metallic, three eye shadows are shimmery, one eye shadow is iridescent, and one eye shadow is matte. The color of the eye shadows work well together. This palette can be used to make a dramatic colorful look or a classier neutral eye. There is a variety of three warm colors and five cool colors that all mend well with each other. The warm colors in this palette consist of a matte camel brown (great for blending in the crease), a peachy gold metallic shadow (great for packing on the lid), and a pale shimmery iridescent pink shadow (also great for packing on the lid). The cool toned colors in this palette consist of a shimmery icy white shadow (Perfect for highlighting the inner corner of the eye), a blue toned shimmery plum shadow (Great for deepening the outer corner of the eye), a dark steel blue metallic shadow (An amazing all in one smoky eye shade, don’t forget the bottom lash line), a silver metallic shadow (Great to pack on the lid), and a shimmery black shadow (Good to use as eyeliner or for a dramatic cut crease). My personal favorite combination is the peach color packed on the lid, the icy white shimmery color in the inner corner, and some of the camel matte brown color blended into the crease. It gives a soft and glamourous yet still neutral look.

    In a good palette all of the shadows apply perfectly with little to no issues. I found that in this palette the finishes of the eye shadows correlated with how well they applied. The three metallic shades applied sheer to the eye lid: to fix this I wet my makeup brush and then dipped into the product, it causes the product to be applied more densely (thus a more metallic effect). The shimmery shades were a little powdery but applied beautifully. The one matte brown color in the palette is amazing, it applied perfectly. The only eye shadows that produced fall out were the metallic ones (when applied dry) and the shimmery shadows (you must expect fall out from shimmery shades because they are literally composed of micro glitter, that stuff gets everywhere!). Over all they are all beautiful shades despite the fall out and minor but easily fixable application issues.

    It is clear that the eye shadows in the Glamour to Go palette are meant to be the main focus. While the other elements are more like the accessories of the look. The blush is a standard peachy pink blush with a sheen finish; since it is such a natural color it compliments all of the eye shadows in this palette. The lip gloss is a simple sheer light pinky nude color, which is the perfect lip shade for any eye look. A warm brown bronzer is the last element to this quadruple threat palette. All of the products in the palette when worn lasted longer than six hours, besides the lip gloss (no one will ever get lip gloss to stay on for six hours).

    The Glamour to Go palette is one of a kind simply because I can only find two things wrong with it, one of them might be major for some people. Although this palette is good for my skin color I am fairly light, I don’t think the white shade or the light bronzer would suite a rich dark skin color; however they can use the products in whatever way they find most suiting for their preferences. The second down fall is a flaw in the packaging and depends on the weather. Since the lip gloss is in a pan if it gets heated to the point of melting and the palette is not right side up the melted lip gloss will likely ooze all over the bottom tray of the palette ruining the blush and the bronzer.

    Over all the Too Faced “Glamour to Go” palette is truly one of my favorite palettes. I love all of the looks I can create with this one small tool. When I throw it in my purse on the go I’m always confident that I have everything I need. The elements of this palette are what make it a one of a kind. it is efficient, small, and useful which are in my opinion three of the most desirable qualities in a palette. I hope this review gives you an accurate understanding of the basic elements of the Too Faced “Glamour to Go” palette.

Too Faced "Glamour to Go" palette
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