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NYC Metro Girl

Alisandra Alzaghtiti
  • N.Y.C No value https://www.makeuptalk.com/f/uploads/56246aeaad2257009d523baa664804fd.jpg 5 Stars no harsh ingredients, all natural and organic NONE! 5 - Excellent Value $25.00 5 - Excellent Packaging

    In the photo, you see: NYC metro girl handmade soap in Creative Juice scent, body butter in Dark Berry scent, glycerin soap bar in Coco Dreams scent, solid perfume in Desire scent and sugar lip scrub in Green Tea Strawberry scent.





    Minnie, the owner, has some magic making hands because the performance of this soap is everything. It lathers perfectly, it makes the skin feel super smooth like a lotion bar that lathers. And once you rinse it off the skin, it doesnt feel dry or streaky. The scent……@[email protected]…… it’s like a grown woman, sexy yet fruity scent. I love it. Very hard to describe but when I used this, the scent permeates the bathroom like crazy. Even some minutes after the shower you can still smell it. Jesus.

    **On the site, the scent describes as Golden Amber and Egyptian Musk intermingled with sparkling citrus, lily of the valley, pink jasmine and warm woods.




    Another gem here is this glycerin bar Coco Dream. The performance is the same as Creative Juice but this moisturizes the skin more because of the glycerin content. Perfect for the this dry weather lol. Because lawd knows I need a basket full of these with a tub full of thick butter lol. Now the name is very true to the scent. Smells like a dream. Very tropical, under a palm tree drinking gin and juice out of a coconut. Yup, at least that’s my dream haha. It smells amazing and just like Creative Juice, the scent fills the bathroom during and after each use.

    **On the site, the scent describes as Coconut & Patchouli with a touch of light musk





    This butter is thick but light enough to 86 the ashiness off your hands and still be able to hold a cup of coffee without being scared it may slip. Coin the term butter fingers. Heh. NYC Metro Girl body butter is also perfect enough to wear it winter round. So it wont feel like you rubbed canola oil on your body when you’re under 90 degree weather and doesn’t clog pores! This scent Dark Berry is another winner. Lawd hammercy. Another grown and sexy sweet scent. What I love about these scents are Creative Juice, Coco Dreams and Dark Berry are NOT your teen daughter scents. Not bubble gum, pop-y, I borrowed from a teen girl scent. When I say grown sexy and sweet.. think of sweet scents but darkened down so women in their 50’s can still rock.

    **On the site, the scent describes as Ripe black raspberries, mixed with dark plums and warm vanilla


    Would I Purchase?

    Yes ma’am.. a tub full. *nods*


    c5qw7uhnfsqhyxqwpzl-piyxnejxlyckrdrc7pg8f5k.jpg?w=325&h=400In LOVE with the ingredients!!!!



    Last year around this season, I had some crust arse lips. What kind of saved it from cracking and drying to oblivion was my oil mix of safflower oil, sweet almond oil and olive oil. I still kind of use that mix (when I remember) but I’ve been using sugar scrubs more. This pocket sugar scrub I have been using for a few weeks(not combined with other scrubs and balms), one time in the day and once at night. Calling this a sugar scrub is kind of questionable being that it

    doesn’t have any sugar grains in it. It’s pretty much a Green Tea and Strawberry “get cho lips right)”balm. But lips are still kissably smooth. It smells exactly like green tea and strawberries too.


    Would I Purchase?


    Yes. Can’t get enough of lip saving products. :]


    A tip when you purchase NYC Metro Girl products, if you get any of the scents, make sure you get the works. If you end up getting Creative Juice soap bar, get the butter, perfume, and lotion in that scent. It smell will last longer on you use them accordingly.


    :luv: https://www.nycmetrogirl.com/

    Give Minnia a follow!~ https://twitter.com/claudettever

    Toss em a like!~ https://www.facebook.com/nycmetrogirl

NYC Metro Girl
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