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Found 13 results

  1. I love all things k-beauty and I watch k-beauty videos ALL OF THE TIME! I would love any of you YouTube Babes who have k-beauty YouTube videos to post them so I can watch and subscribe! I'm currently all about innovative and out of the box k-beauty that has super cute packaging. TonyMoly is my fav right now! What is your fav brands or products?? I also just did my first K-beauty review and unboxing of a k-beauty kit I ordered online, and I'm telling you, every last product is amazing. So good! Looking forward to connecting with you on YouTube! Please subscribe to my channel Miss Pettigrew Review! I also, respond to every single comment I get. I'm all about community!
  2. Hello Everyone! I did a video and blog post on Korean makeup. Please check it out: https://www.upsnaapicks.com/home/2018/3/22/korean-makeup
  3. So I was contacted by a company called memebox back in September and was asked if I wanted to do a few reviews on my blog of their beauty box. They are one of the top beauty boxes in Korea, apparently, so I was pretty interested. I've received 3 boxes so far, and I am really loving them. I was wondering if anyone else is getting the memeboxes. What do you think of them? Or is this something you'd be interested in? They aren't a subscription service, though. Basically you sign up on their website (I think it's memeboxusa.com) and they will send you an e-mail when a new edition of the box is available, and you can decide to purchase it at that time. Every box you get costs $21 and $7 for shipping, however they give you a $7 credit in their online store for each box to sort of reimburse you for the shipping. I also thought I'd post a few pictures of what the boxes have looked like: The last photo is the most recent box which is still available for purchase on their site. I LOVE the fact that there's a full size Dr. Jart eye serum in there! The boxes almost always retail for over $100, which is awesome. (I don't get any kickback for posting this or anything, I just thought they were an awesome company and I know there must be other people interested in Korean beauty products like I am!)
  4. Silisponge is said to be the next new thing in makeup tools. It's a silicone makeup applicator sold by Korean beauty company Molly Cosmetics. Has anyone tried these yet? Thoughts? https://www.mollycosmeticsshop.com/collections/makeup-tools/products/silisponge?variant=31245784332
  5. I'm Mimi and I recently became obsessed with Korean skincare and makeup. Since I started my routine, my skin has never looked better and people guess my age a good 10 years below its real number. I love keeping my eyes on swaps and other sub boxes ( I am also a diehard Birchboxer and a bit of a meh Ipsy girl) and once I finish school, I'll finally get to posting all my Memebox reviews on my sad, empty blog. Greetings and see you on the boards!
  6. What are some of your holy grail products you've discovered through Memebox? I'm still newer to Memebox, I've only received 6 of the many I've ordered, but I want to cut back my Memebox spending, and just get some certain items I will love. I'd love to hear some of the amazing products you've found from a Memebox and would order on it's own!
  7. So I created this thread because we were buzzin' about the IOPE box and they finally appear but are pricier compared to the normal memeboxes. We need to deliberate over this! I would say they are semi naked/naked boxes since the items are revealed in the description. I tried to compile the prices from some sources but they did not total to $325 unless I have mistaken (descriptions were copy-pasted from Memebox). Superbox IOPE #1 ($65) IOPE’s famous Boosting Serum Eye Cream Relief Cream Essential Face Oil Lip and Cheek 4g Superbox IOPE #2 ($79) All items in #1 + IOPE Air Cushion (NO.21 only)-- this alone is >$30 Definitely the value is higher than the price as they are all full-sized, but are they worth it?
  8. I got the mask box #2 with my anti-aging box. Instead of the Etude House lip mask it has a Chossy peach lip mask. I think one of the other sheet masks are different, but the rest of the stuff is the same. I bought it for the Secret Key spoiler anyway. Kinda boring box, but super useful!
  9. Memebox released two new boxes called Collaboration boxes. Collaboration Box #1 is called The Pink Diary. Box #2 is a Collaboration box with the popular Youtuber, CutiePieMarzia. Looks like they are both sold out. What are your thoughts on these? Did anyone order one yet?
  10. MemeBox complete list as of 7-23-2014 Memebox Global #1 #2 #3 #4 #5 #5-2 #6 #6-2 #7 #8 #9 #10 #11 #12 #13 #14 #15 #16 Memebox Special Memebox Hair & Body 2 Memebox Office Essentials Memebox Special Whole Grain Memebox Special #12 Vitamin Care Scentbox #6 Sweet Shop Scentbox #5 Tropical Fruits Scentbox #4 Floral Memebox Special #13 Cooling Care Memebox Special #27 Diet Box Memebox Special #26 Hand & Nail Care Memebox Special #23 Girls Night Out Memebox Special #21 Hair & Body 3 Memebox Special #20 Superfood Memebox Hair & Body Memebox 10 Minute Box Memebox Special #13 Zero Cosmetics Memebox Special #15 Waterproof Makeup Memebox Special #16 OMG Box Memebox Special #17 K-Style Cosmetics Memebox Mask Edition 3 Memebox For Him #2 Scentbox #1 Rose Scentbox #2 Baby Powder Scentbox #3 Grapefruit Colorbox #3 Blue Colorbox Bundle Memebox Mask Edition 4 Memebox Special #11 Cacao Csmetics Memebox Special #19 Cleansing Kit Memebox Special #22 2014 K-Beauty Wrap-Up No.1 Memebox Special #24 Brightening Skin Care Memebox Special #25 Traveller's Beauty Kit Memebox Colorbox #2 Orange Memebox Colorbox #1 Red Memebox Mini #3 Memebox From Nature + Mask Edition 2 Memebox Mini #2 Memebox For Him Memebox Special #9 Skincare Memebox Special #18 Smile Care Memebox by Banila Co. Memebox Special #7 Milk Memebox Special #8 Oriental Medicine Memebox Mask Edition 2 Memebox Mask Edition Memebox Free From Oil & Trouble Memebox From Nature Memebox Makeup Edition Superbox #1 #10 Snail Cosmetics #11 Before Special Day #12 Free From Oil & Trouble #13 Pore Care #14 Night Care #15 Green Tea #16 Hair Care #17 Gangnam Style #18 Fermented Cosmetics #19 Honey #2 #20 All In On #21 Dermocosmetics #22 Pore 2 #23 Summer Care #24 Waxing Care #25 Foot Care #26 Snail 2 #27 Anti-Aging 2 #28 Free from Oil & Trouble 3 #29 Burst of Color 2 #3 #30 Aloe Vera #31 Herbal Cosmetics #32 Bubble Pop Cosmetics #33 Collagen Box #34 Dermocosmetics 2 #35 Fermented Cosmetics 2 #37 At Home #37 Pore Care 3 #38 Detox Care #39 Foot Care #2 #4 By Etude House #40 Pomegranate Cosmetics #41 My Cute Wishlist #42 Birthday Box #43 2014 F/W Colors #44 No Makeup Makup #45 Korea's Most Wanted #46 IOPE Box 1 #47 IOPE Box 2 #48 Daily Dose of Beauty #49 All About Lips #5 #6 Anti-Aging #7 By Banila Co. #8 By Missha #9 By Tonymoly Luckybox #1 #2 #3 #4 #5 #6 #7 #8 #9 Naked Box #1 #2 #3 #4 #5 #6
  11. It will be an interesting 1st week of the month! How many of these are you expecting? ❥Superbox #23 Summer box- 1/7 ❥Superbox #24 Waxing- 1/7 ❥Superbox #25 Footcare- 1/7 ❥Memebox Oriental Medicine- 4/7 ❥Memebox Whole grain- 4/7 ❥Memebox Milk- 4/7 Also the first half of 2014 is coming to its end. Have you checked off some of your beauty resolutions?
  12. I have a great idea! Not sure if someone said did already btw Create your own ultimate Memebox and show it to Memebox! So we can help them make their Memeboxes even more amazing! Take an empty Memebox. Then add 4 favorite full-sized Memebox products you've already received. Then add 4 favorite mask or sample sized products you've received already. This way it looks like an ordinary Memebox but this time filled with your favorite products. Then take a picture of this Memebox and email this to [email protected] (they respond faster) Subject line: ✿My ultimate Memebox✿ (just copy!) Attach the picture, name of picture: My ultimate Memebox by <your full memeaccount name> Email: (Just copy and edit your information in it) _________________________________________________________________ Hi, An idea by Marjolein Kucmer and I've joined; The idea was to create our most favorite memebox with the products we already received. So you have an even better idea of our taste in Korean cosmetics. As you can see I've included a picture. I hope you'll find this idea helpful to make our Memeboxes even more spectacular in the future I really love Memebox from today until forever! Kind regards <your full memeaccount name> <your memeaccount emailaddress> _______________________________________________________________________________ This way we maybe get even better memeboxes and maybe by participating with this idea and taking effort in making the pictures they maybe give us some points for it for the memepoint lovers, that's why you add your email address at the end of the email If you all find this an good idea, Then wait with sending the email. To give them a good "spam" we do need some time to make this memebox so we'll send this email all around the same time: Tomorrow Sunday 3rd 12.00 PM PST so from now 23 hours and 25 minutes left! If you want to join this idea please comment below this and like! Only if we get 10 and more people to join we're going to do this, will you help?! Thanks <3
  13. box office (korean version) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vuhVT4cfsSw

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