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Found 19 results

  1. I have a love/hate relationship with Tinder. I won't lie, most of the time I just use it to kind of creep the guys in my area and see what's out there (am I alone on this..?). But usually the conversations go nowhere, or don't start at all. Or there's the dreaded creep who could be put up on Tinder nightmares...Anyways, I've met three guys off of Tinder in person. One meeting was just super awkward, one was a drunken nightmare, and the other turned out to be a typical [email protected]#! boi. Basically my luck has just been awful. So I want to know, does anyone have any good experiences with Tinder? I've heard of people who get into relationships from Tinder but I feel like that's a unicorn or something. Also, any good advice about meeting them for the first time? Of course I make sure I'm not being catfished before I meet with anyone, but any ways to make it less awkward? Places to go/things to do? Or escape plans. Or maybe I should just stick to meeting people the old fashioned way
  2. Hey! I'm 28 years old and I've NEVER been able to find makeup that works for me. Foundation is my downfall. I put it on and it somehow goes all patchy and funny coloured on my skin. I've tried mousse type, liquid and powder. I just always look ridiculous so I never wear it. (I have oily skin in parts and large pores) Does anyone else have this problem? Any advice? Foundations to try? Am I supposed to use something under the foundation? I'm a total beginner!
  3. Hello everyone. This is a bit embarrassing but I'm a guy and with the help of a girl friend of mine I have started to get into makeup but I don't really know what I'm doing. I was wondering if anyone would be willing to help me out with some recommendations or suggestions regarding products and shades to use like lipsticks and eye shadows? Thank you very much and I hope everyone is having a good day.
  4. hi everyone, i'm new here. i came across this picture and i love how her curls look, my hair is kind of flat and i want to achieve these curls, does anyone know what hairstyling took she used? did she curl inward or outward? i have tried to curl my hair many times, and it's quite difficult for me to achieve big voluminous curls, i usually use these two items, is it possible to achieve the same look with these?
  5. I have been trying to make my mind up for days now.. and I am so torn. A quick breakdown of my history, I have been a MUA for 10 years, I've worked as a beauty advisor and counter manager for Lancome, and Philosophy. After taking a break for a year I have decided to hop into the free lance job field! This week I was presented with the opportunities to work for Too Faced, OR It! Cosmetics, I can't do both because it's a conflict of interest... or else all of my problems would be solved! I know who I would go with based on just logistics, but at the same time I know which brand my heart lies with. Has anyone worked for either of these brands and can tell me what it's REALLY like after you sign with them? Who would you go with?!
  6. Hey! So, I’ve probably been searching online and in shops for about 1/2 years, to try and find products that can turn my straightish hair into big spiral curls, I have yet to buy any products due to the fact I don’t want to waste money on products that will not work at all and the reviews I have seen make me hesitant.. I use curling tongs and wands and I also have tried non heat ways like straws and buns, however because I have a medical condition, I struggle to keep my arms raised for long periods of time so it’s becoming a bit of a problem.z My natural hair is short/medium length and it’s got a slight wave to it, but it’s generally straight, as well as being quite puffy but not thick THICK nor is it fine.. it’s sorta inbetween? Because of my hair being like this it looks nicer with curls, generally nice big/medium curls. Has anyone got any products or any beauty techniques that don’t cost a lot, is healthy for my hair and doesn’t require me sitting for 30+ mins curling my hair ? Also it would be ideal if they can be brought in the UK. Thanks in advance ! X
  7. Hi there, I'm a beginner MUA and I'm looking for some advice on where to start when choosing my rates. My focus is primarily on doing work in film. I have completed schooling and have been gaining experience mostly on short films but for little to no pay. I feel ready to start charging and am wondering if anyone could share their experience of when they started and what they charged. I'm also curious to know from MUA's freelancing in the film industry if it's more common to charge per hour or give a flat rate per day. I would assume an hourly rate would be more common as I can see where there would be issues with charging per day, but if anyone could shed light on what they have more commonly experienced that would be great. Thanks Char.
  8. I‘d really like to buy the NARS Sheer Glow Foundation, but beforehand I wanted to find out if it would suit my skin type. I have very dry skin. Most Matte Foundations (for example MAC Pro Longwear or Too Faced Born This Way) make my skin flake and emphasize the dry patches I have on my skin, even if I use tons of moisturizer and primer before applying the foundation. (For reference some foundations that work pretty well on me: Becca Aqua Luminous, MAC Face and Body) So does the foundation suit dry skin? Furthermore I’d love to have some opinions on how much coverage it provides? I do not need much coverage, I don‘t have acne or pimples, just a bit of redness. I also need help with their shade range. Which MAC shade would be the equivalent for NARS Sheer Glow in Punjab? Would be sooo glad if anybody could help me out! Thanks in Advance :-)
  9. So I have no idea if this is the right place, so I'm really sorry if it isn't. I've been looking to buy my wife a new bottle of perfume. She has one that she bought that she uses whenever we go out (which we don't do nearly enough anymore), but I wanted to give her another bottle of a different fragrance. I could get her another bottle of the one she currently has, but that seems like a cop out to me. What she currently has is a bottle of Dior hypnotic poison, one that I think she wears mainly for me, as I really like cinnamon. I know that she likes the smell of cinnamon too, but she likes vanilla much more, and sandalwood. I did do some looking up beforehand, and while I did find some promising ones, I really would prefer to hear a real person's advice instead of reviews that might be faked. I can't ask any of my friends either, as they might tell her what I'm planning. I'm really cornered here. Any help?
  10. Hi there, my name is Kristin! I'm new and would just like to introduce myself. I love love love my mascara and hair conditioners in particular! So if you ever come across any you absolutely adore, please feel free to share them with me as i am always open to trying new products out! I love learning tips and tricks about anything hair and make up related so i think i may have found my new home here on the internet I also enjoy giving and receiving advice so I"m excited to share what i have learned and look forward to learning new things!
  11. hi everyone, i'm new here. i came across this picture and i love how her curls look, my hair is kind of flat and i want to achieve these curls, does anyone know what hairstyling took she used? did she curl inward or outward? i have tried to curl my hair many times, and it's quite difficult for me to achieve big voluminous curls, i usually use these two items, is it possible to achieve the same look with these?
  12. Hey! i need help with picking out a shampoo/conditioner for my hair type. My hair is dry, and damaged from heating tools. I have fly aways all the time and my hair can be kind of stiff sometimes instead of that silky smooth feeling, and lacks volume. I have medium to fine hair. I have curly hair but I straighten a lot. The problem is my hair is VERY easily weighed down by products. For awhile I was only able to use Rusk clairifying shampoo because anything else would make my hair look greasy even though I would have just washed it. I don't wash it everyday. Only 2-3 times a week max. I'm really at a lost here guys. I can't use heat protectant because my hair gets so weighed down by product easily. When my hair gets weighed down it feels like there is still shampoo or product in my hair leaving a big greasy spot even though all of the product is out.. Lately, I've been able to use pantene on my hair but its really not doing much for me as far as the dry, damaged and frizziness goes. I really want a thickening and voluminizing shampoo. please help me. would a product like moraccanoil help me? or is that going to weigh my hair down too? any other suggestions?
  13. I don't know if my face shape is round or square. But I need to know for contouring. Of someone could help it would be greatly appreciated (:
  14. Sephora is opening a location in my hometown, and I got hired on as a part time Operations Consultant. It doesn't open for two months, and we start training in two weeks. I was wondering if anyone had any information on the discount I'll get, on if I'll have the opportunity to switch departments in the future (I'd like to work in the Color World), what to expect in general, and if I'll get any gratis during training like all the color and skin world hires will get? Do we all do the same training, because it sounds like there is some pretty awesome makeup and brand information and training that everyone gets and I'd hate to miss out on it just because I'm an operations consultant. There also seems to be a lot of rules about the makeup you need to wear to work, any advice on that? Thanks everyone!
  15. Hello I have recently started a blog and I'm finding it difficult to decide on what I should base it on, so I have been quite vague and done it about my life and what I enjoy - mainly beauty and cooking. I was just wondering if anyone would be able to help me get ideas on what people would actually want to read about and even be interested in. I would really appreciate any feedback. Thanks K
  16. Hiya beauties, I'm compiling a guide to makeup brushes with descriptions, hints, tips etc. Is there any hints/tips you would be willing to share (I give full credit to all sources/contributors) or is there anything you would like to see? Thanks in advance
  17. Hello lovelies! I've recently just grown my hair out to a decent length (at least on one side) after years of pixie cuts and would really appreciate some advice on how to get my hair to hold big, fluffy, dramatic curls. Let me start this off by saying that my hair care is completely natural. I use Dr. Bonner's as shampoo, apple cider vinegar as a "conditioner" rinse, and occasionally use coconut oil as a deep conditioner. Here, have a photo! So as you can see, my hair texture is wavy, leaning toward curly. I've been using Conair Hot Rollers and I really like them, but even if I SATURATE my head in hairspray the big, springy curls just kind of fall into waves within 30-45 minutes. The waves are pretty, but I really like the defined curls. What product/technique recommendations would you beauties have for getting my hair to hold a curl without being gross and crunchy?
  18. Just started a blog... I want it to be noticed by more people, any suggestions?? Thanks so much!! <3 Edited to remove blog link per TOS.
  19. Hi all I was just wanting to get some skin care advice from those who have either aging skin, sensitive skin or from those who have general experience with a variety of skin care brands. I am currently using Paula's Choice (Hydralight series) and so far am fairly happy with my improved skin texture. I have been doing some online research about different skin care brands that I think might be suitable for my combination, sensitive, aging skin... in particular La Roche-Posay, Mario Badescu, Paula's Choice and Olay. If anyone also has any experience with these brands (or any others that you would like to recommend!), I am really keen to hear your stories. On a side note, I am also really keen to learn about any skin care products that actually work on reducing lines and wrinkles (not asking for a miracle lol, and I only have very fine lines as it is, plus one deep forehead wrinkle). So if you know of or have had experience with any products that really do make your skin look younger and healthier, please let me know. Thanks for reading and I hope for some replies

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