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Found 8 results

  1. Hello everyone, I Samantha Serrano would like to challenge you to go to Ulta Beauty and only spend $25 on as many makeup products as you can. This is a fun challenge because it shows you don't need to spend a lot to get a great look. So go shopping and let me and everyone else know how you did!! Check my video link below to see how I did. ?
  2. Is anyone doing a no buy this month? I'm back on no buy after a few slip ups at the end of last month and the beginning of this one. It's so hard to be on no buy with all these new releases. I'm leaving subs out of it again (I know it's crazy and really defeats the purpose) but I'm just trying not to buy anything extra on top of the subs. I need to get better at organizing my samples again and really concentrate on using the things I have. I really need to do a long term no buy but breaking it down to 30-days at a time makes it more manageable for me. Who is with me?
  3. Here is the October thread. Anyone doing a no buy in October? I'm not in this month but just thought I'll open the thread for those who are.
  4. Since I like shopping - a bit too much - its evident I like acquiring things. Since I have a significant stash of makeup and other beauty products its evident that I like having things. Though in sharp contrast to acquiring things and having things - I'm not using enough of the products I have so the accumulation has gotten a bit out of hand. Having a low-buy or a no-buy goal is only going to resolve half of my problem. My personal challenge - as listed below - is going to help me start to reduce my stash and I hope the reduction is significant. After all what's the point of having something -- unless you're going to use it?!?! In the first 100 days of 2015 - I want to generate at least 100 empties. My rules are as follows: Full-sized products and Deluxe-sized samples count as one item used. Two foil packets count as one item used (i.e. one shampoo foil + one conditioner foil = one item used). This is sort of a personal incentive to use the foil packets and just make them go away since I generally dislike foil packets and don't normally use them - hence the accumulation. That said I definitely don't want the majority of my empties to be from foils. Some products need to be tossed and replaced like eye lash primer, mascara, and liquid eyeliner though they may not be used until the product is gone - I generally toss and replace these products because I see them as expired. I will consider a full-sized pressed blush or a full-sized pressed eye shadow 'used' when I hit pan because I want to put a serious dent in my blush & eye shadow collection in 2015 and this is a good way to get started. The vast majority of products have to to be used until they're gone in order to count. If there is a sample that I don't like and don't use until its gone - I will toss it and it won't count for this challenge. If I accumulate 100 empties before 100 days is over, I will not stop. Rather, I will see how many additional empties I can generate. Through out the course of this challenge my empties are going to go in an empty identical bin so I can keep track of my empty container progress one item at a time. I will provide updates periodically and a final tally at the end. Sorry for the short notice ladies -- is anyone else up for another challenge?
  5. I have decided that on January 1st, 2015 that I will undertake a 100 day no-buy challenge. My stash is monstrous, it needs to be used, and I need to stop the mentality of "saving it for something special". My Momma and Ninny always saved things for something special, when Ninny died all her nicest things were untouched, unused. My Momma is bedridden and disabled, this year I am going to use her best china, crystal, and silver for the holidays. They have never been used since purchased back in 1962, two years before I was born! This stops with me. I am special enough to use my nice things. I will not worry about "messing it up", makeup is meant to be used, not treated as a genuine Faberge egg for Pete's sake! I've started using my best perfumes on a daily basis already and it makes me so happy! My rules will be: 1.No beauty/makeup purchases whatsoever for 100 days, commencing on Jan 1, 2015 2. Current subscriptions can be kept, but no new subs can be added. 3. Can participate in Circular Swaps or Secret Exchanges 4. Can only purchase basic hygiene items, toothpaste, deodorant, Cetaphil Cleanser when they run out. 5. Use things from my stash daily, even if I am just staying at home. I would love to have company and friends on this journey. Whether you want to do the challenge, or just give support, I hope people will join this thread. If you want to be in the challenge, please pledge yourself!
  6. I thought it would be nice to have a general hang-out chit chat thread for the 100 Day Challenge. This will be a place to talk about whatever is on our mind, and generally get to know each other better.
  7. This September marked the start of the 31 Day Challenge 2014 for many polish lovers. Last year we had two threads - one for those who aim to do the entire challenge in September, one mani a day; and another for those who take it at a slower pace. I hope that we can share our Challenge manis here no matter the pace. (I know there will be a lot of great images to be posted by those who have already started, yay!) The concept of the Challenge is to encourage us to enjoy and develop our skills by working through 31 themed manis: in colours, patterns, and inspired by specific ideas. I look forward to enjoying the amazing ideas of this group here; and hope we can motivate each other to try it, especially for those for whom it's the first time, and to make it through all 31 manis!: Thanks to Sarah from Chalkboard Nails for this summarizing chart graphic. I'm really enthusiastic about having those who don't or haven't yet 'done nail art' involved! Why not post the first eight manis and see where it takes you? No experience is required to participate!
  8. Hi polish-loving people! I posted my last 30 Manis Marathon (http://www.makeuptalk.com/f/topic/126767-30-manis-marathon-2013/?hl=%20challenge) mani only very recently, but we haven't had this kind of thing on here for a while. And Jay @@JC327 mentioned an interest in doing another one. I'm interested in doing another -slow- one! So I'm all for input from here from folks with experience; here is my idea: So - What do you think of doing another moderately and reasonably s l o w - paced marathon (every 4 or 5 days, so it would take four or five months, but not be a huge personal time-commitment or nail-health pressure?) where the 30 inspirations are people's submitted manis from here? The inspirations could be manis that are one straight cream colour, or a shimmer, or a glitter, or any other sort of polish, or they could be manis with nail art of some sort too. I think there could be plenty of flexibility in taking an inspiration from complex to simple by choosing one colour from a mani, or interpreting a mani with rhinestones (which I don't have, for example) from 3D to 2D by using polish to represent them, etc. and from simple to complex by adding variations of colour, stamping, or 3D elements. I think it would be fun! If there's interest, here's the new thread. I haven't done anything like this before, so if someone is interested in helping with collecting and putting together the inspirations into an image that would be great. I'm thinking of something where you could see all the inspiration thumbnails, but then could also see/zoom in on? the specific 'inspiration of the 4/5 days' as well. So, the first thing would be to collect some (well, thirty) inspirations. We'll see how many are interested in submitting, and can then do one or two or more! per person. I reserve a spot! I'll see how we do on collecting the inspirations and then we can set up a start-time. Beginners are definitely most welcome, both for inspiration submission and for marathon participation! And I look forward to input and advice from everyone! If you're planning to submit an inspiration mani, please let me know! I'll let you know how to send them. I'll post updates on this challenge here, and am thinking it would be nice to get started in two weeks (or less if possible). Thoughts people? The rest of the post has been edited by @bellatrix42 Welcome to the 30 Inspiration Nail Art Challenge 2014! I am so excited to get this under way. I am adding the inspiration images, FAQ, schedule, and other information to this post so that everyone can find it easily. Side note: Does anyone know how to change spoiler titles on the new MUT? I knew how to do it before the site switch, but I can't figure it out. I am putting the various topics in this thread under spoiler tags to keep the scrolling to a minimum. @@Monika1 has been doing a fantastic job at getting this marathon going. Feel free to ask myself (bellatrix42) or Monika any questions you might have. Remember, anyone with any skill level is welcome to join us and even submit an inspiration at any time. We would love to have you! For those of you interested in submitting an inspiration mani: Please don't hesitate! Your manicure doesn't have to be immaculate or fancy. An inspiration can pretty much be anything. Think colors, patterns, nail art techniques, textures, finishes, themes, or anything else you might imagine. We have a hashtag! To find our fab manis or post one of your own, use #30MUTmanis Frequently Asked Questions Schedule Inspiration Volunteer Sign Ups Inspirations! Inspiration Set One Inspiration Set Two Inspiration Set Three Inspiration Set Four

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