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Found 105 results

  1. Oh man have I tried so many concealers, I can't count them all! First I should probably say I have super dark under eye circles (hereditary). They are purple under-toned, I have fair-light skin, and nothing seems to cover them up! I have used a dozen drugstore concealers, and some high-end ones too. These are the ones I have tried- Benefit Erase Paste Bobbi Brown Concealer Duo (Powder and concealer) Bare Minerals Stroke of Light Eve Pearl Salmon Concealer Duo YSL Highlighter thing, I know this is not a concealer, but more of a highlighter Maybelline Age Rewinds (In fair and brightening) I know there are tons I forget to mention, but could not think of them on the top of my head. What I am using right now for my under eyes: Benefit Stay Don't Stray Primer (Use this to help with darkness and to make last longer) Eve Pearl Salmon Concealer Duo (Helps counter-act purple) Maybelline Age Rewind Concealer (In the shade brightening, used to brighten ) Urban Decay Eyeshadow in Foxy (Is in the Naked Basics, yellow under-toned, used to set concealers in place) If any of you have any suggestions, please feel free to ask! I am so desperate to try and get these dark-circles away!!
  2. Hey all! I'm new to the forum and super-excited to chat with you all! I've got a question! So, I have an olive-y skin tone. I tan easily. In BareMinerals, the closest I can get to my shade is Medium-Beige. Clinique is off, and there are a few others that I've tried too, over the years. The thing is, all of the brands I've tried never really perfectly match. They're always just a smidge too pink or red. It's so frustrating because in most light I can get away with it, but in natural sunlight, you can totally tell the difference! Ugh! Can anyone relate? Are there any brands out there specifically for olive-y or skin with a yellower undertone? Or brands that include these tones? Help! This would be like extra-added-super-bonus, but I prefer non-comedogenic products, when possible. Chat soon! <3
  3. So about two months ago I was diagnosed with super sensitive skin, acne, and rosacea. My dermatologist told me no more scrubs, no more saliclyic acid (my skin is basically too sensitive to it and it was causing cystic acne), I'm sensitive to silicones (make me break out), and just "switch to non-comedogenic make-up." Luckily my skin is not that red compared to others I've seen, but it I'm just all over rosy. I'm less worried about the rosiness, and wayyyyyy more concerned with my acne and oily skin. My routine consists of the following: -CeraVe Normal to Oily Face Wash -Adapalene Cream (Differin) .1% -EpiCeram emulsion [as my moisturizer] -Persa-gel spot treatment for moderate to severe cystic acne [has lessened since routine/makeup change, but blackheads and such have continued] -Benzyl Peroxide 2.5% cream for skin when needed, but dries me out too much to use too often -Everyday Minerals matte face powder in ivory (1N) + EM concealer when needed My skin gets incredibly oily within two hours (literally what a pool of oil in a pan looks like) with or without make-up on. I was using the Everyday Minerals anti-shine powder, but it made my face feel like it had a bunch of dirt on it once the oil was soaked up into it and reached its saturation point. Blotting papers only solve the problem for about a half hour or so, and it's impossible as a teacher to continually fix my make-up. What can I possibly do??? My skin was so sensitive that the dry to normal CeraVe face wash irritated my skin (I'm guessing Cetyl alcohol because it isn't in the version I use now). Primers that work all seem to have silicones in them Literally, my make-up doesn't stay on longer than two hours. On the weekend I barely wear make-up but it's the same deal - feel like I have to wash my face by mid-morning. Please help!!
  4. Here is the thread for the makeup Holiday Collections. Post all makeup related Holiday collections and releases here.
  5. So I am SUPER pale. I have tried several concealers in the lightest shades they offer, usually those are drugstore brands, buy I am still too pale for them and they end up looking kind of dull and they don't brighten anything at all. I am also, hella broke. I really wish I could afford to invest in like Tarte Shape tape or something, because the lightest shade does actually suit my skin. But unfortunately I am only 16 and I don't have a job. Does anyone know what I should do OR does anyone want to hmu with a sephora gift card..... It's a problem.
  6. Welcome !! Get an insight on MY HOLY GRAILS! That I swear by! Even if its years down the line! From SKIN CARE to HAIRCARE to MAKEUP to BRUSHES, <<<------ You got to try at least one of them out! I 100% recommend it!! You're honestly missing out if you don't have any =P Ps, I would be grateful for any support and subscribers to my youtube channel! Interaction is amazing!
  7. ASOS is coming out with their own makeup line. It's going to be released September 20th.
  8. Hey everyone! I'm brand new here! I wanted to share my new blog post dealing with what I think are some of the best drugstore makeup products! I'd love it if you checked it out and gave me feedback. You can find it here. What are some of your drugstore favorites?
  9. Kim Kardashian West announce her own makeup line on IG. The makeup line will be released June 21st at https://kkwbeauty.com/ Thoughts?
  10. Hi I am so frustrated i thought id see if there was any help out there for me. Throughout the day my foundation is patchy and looks as if there are dry patches along with really oily patches on my face. I use a lot of skin care products Night:clinique Liquid exfoliater, garnier misceller water, Estee lauder essence, Estee lauder serum, Estee eye serum. Morning: was my face with an exfoliating sponge and witch oil free face wash, Clinique moisturizer, ginzing eye cream & Eucerin SPF 30 face moisturizer. for my make up ive tried several different primers including becca oil controlling but this made it worse Ive tried porefessional - no help make up for ever - no help mac prep and prime - no help So i gave up with primers and just apply foundation directly onto my skin with a make up sponge then my nars creamy concelaer and then laura mercier translucent powder. I have an idea that because my skin is quite oily that is the reason its patchy as the foundation slides around my face? Any advice is appreciated!
  11. I watched this video that shows Drew Barrymore and her morning makeup routine. In the video she pats moisturizer on with her finger tips after applying the foundation. I've never tried that but will now. Does anyone else do it that way? I guess it's more like setting spray but instead of setting spray she uses moisturizer and pats it in which adds extra moisture. Here are the steps from her video (looks like a lot of steps but it goes quickly: Foundation stick Highlighter Contour Blush Moisturizer patted in Lip Liner Lipstick A little bit of lipstick on cheeks Powder concealer Mascara Here is a link to the video: https://thescene.com/watch/vogue/drew-barrymore-on-the-go-makeup?source=player_scene_logo
  12. Physician's formula is coming out with an Instaready Full coverage concealer in March. It's said to have a rich and creamy formula and is best applied with the included blender. The price will be $10.95
  13. Concealer Never put concealer or foundation on your eyelids as a base, it will cause your eye makeup to crease. Bronzer You should put bronzer on your neck, face, and chest to even out your skin tone. Be sure to take a step back and make sure everything is the same color. Eye Brows Trace brow pencil or powder along the tops of brows for an instant facelift. There isn’t one shape that is suits all type of faces. Your eyebrow and thickness can help soften your face shape. Eye Shadows Have you ever applied a vibrant colour that once applied appears rather than dull. No problem. You can make those colors pop up by applying white base. In other words, prepare a matte base shadow that matches the lightest part of your face. Mascara Use a plastic spoon to apply mascara on your bottom lashes. Sweep the wand through the roots of your lashes and zigzag as you work your way up. It helps to you to accomplish much thicker coat.
  14. Hi, I am a guy who suffers from insane dark circles, which come along with my dark Indian skin. It just looks horrible personally and when I smile it looks even worse because it all clutters up like purple and such... I was wondering, which type of concealer (or anything) I could use. Can these be used on a daily basis?
  15. Hey, I need some recommendations with dry and sensible/irritating skin when using new makeup products.. This lovely woman has a really dry skin and she's using the renewing concealer and baby skin primer by Maybelline, the Katy Perry mascara, and NYC eyeliner.. she's using them just for special events and doesn't really know what to do because her skin gets irritated. She doen't know what skincare to use for dry skin, black circles and wrinkles.. Does anyone know some natural based products? Thanks
  16. There is this new technique called Underwater Foundation that's been going around YouTube. It's supposed to give you an amazing flawless finish. I decided to try it to see if it really works. (Link removed)
  17. Dior has opened another beauty boutique in New York. This is their 4th beauty dedicated store. The other locations are in Las Vegas, Dallas and San Jose. Here are some pictures of the new store in NY. Has anyone visited yet?
  18. Hello Ladies!!!!!!!!!! We all have those day when we need to hurry and get out of the house. Here's a foundation that will give you a nice "undetectable" look! Be sure to like, comment and SUBSCRIBE!!!!!! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i0mEYfelXgs
  19. Here's a few behind the scene photos from a shoot I did hair and makeup for in Coral Gables, Florida this past weekend.
  20. Hello everyone As the title states, I'm very much so a makeup newbie! I'm 26-years-old and currently trying to find ways in which to take better care of my skin. I have a very oily T section, with pores visible in the mirror, and at the same time it's rather dry and flaky. When I've put on foundation in the past, it becomes rather powdery and flaky! This has always put me off wearing more than just some eyeliner and lipstick. In the past couple of years, I have noticed my face has hollowed out a fair bit. I had some surgery a while back as I had an infection in one cheek, so I've always had a bit more of a dimple there than in the other cheek, not to mention the skin is a lot weaker there, so I have a few more smile lines on that particular side. I noticed my cheeks are uneven, and I'm quite insecure about it, not to mention the hollowing out to begin with! I Have a very small face, so it's like it's shrunk even further, which looks very strange in photos taken from the distance. I'm just wondering first of all if there's anything at all that can help with cheek plumping, even just a little bit, any product or anything. Secondly, I'm quite into cosplay! And the characters I cosplay as generally have a lot fuller faces than I do, so I'm wondering what kind of makeup tips you might have for me to give the illusion of having a fuller face, rather than these visible hollows every time a shadow is cast upon it. Please tell me there's a solution to this with makeup! I shall attach some photos. As you can see I'm quite young looking for my age (people ask if I'm still in school). The first two are pretty raw from just now - tired, bed hair, terrible eyebrows, bad lighting! so don't judge me haha. I feel it just shows the cheek hollows quite well, and the slight dimple from the surgery. The other is at a friend's wedding, where I had makeup professionally applied, and was really pleased with the result! I'm just not so certain about the process. If anyone has some tips for me on skincare and/or makeup, some helpful video tutorials even to really help me learn, please let me know. I really just need some help here, and I'd really love to learn how to do this properly. Thank you very much I appreciate it.
  21. Hi everyone I am currently writing a blog post on make up which hasn't been tested on animals which can be purchased on the high street. I know of the following brands - B. Superdrug's own brand - Barry M - NYX - Too Faced - Urban Decay - I know the last two aren't technically high street Do you know of any other brands? And are there any products from these brands that you would recommend? Thanks Emma x
  22. I am at my last straw... I have never had a problem with how my make up sits on my face until recently. I came home one day from work with a patchy face where my make up clung to my forehead, cheeks and mouth. I have tried over 8 new foundations from Covergirl, Mac, Rimmel, Revlon Colorstay, Maybellene Fit Me Matte and over and over again it occurs. I have combination skin, my t zone is oily and my cheeks are dry. I find that if i use to combination to oily make up it doesn't make my face look greasy. I have changed my primer twice to a matte one to see if that helped and it hasn't. I have tried a finishing powder, that hasn't helped. I have bought two different setting sprays , that hasnt helped. I cleanse my face every night , i moisturise. I literally don't know what to do anymore! Its embarrassing! My face looks, patchy and dirty within an hour of applying anything! Im so over it and Im seeking some advice from anyone please!!!!

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