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Found 28 results

  1. How To Do A Simple Day To Night Makeup Look | Makeup Natural 2016 | Makeup 2016 Heading out after work? Makeup artist Misha Shahzada reveals how to take your makeup from day tonight in under a minute. Simple enough to do straight from your desk... Heading out after work? Makeup artist Misha Shahzada reveals how to take your makeup from day tonight in under a minute. Simple enough to do straight from your desk... Watching video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P2L2VD0umfU
  2. Hi guys! Ever since I have started wearing makeup, I have always had this issue- by the end of the day, any makeup that I have applied in the very outer corner of my eye (right at the point where the upper and lower lids meet) has been destroyed by the oils/whatever of my skin in that little area. I end up with a little circle of plain, makeup-free skin with a ring of various makeup products around it. I circled the offending area in black Primers, powders, eyeliners of all sorts, glitters, everything. Absolutely nothing will keep products in place in this area. It's a small spot, about half a centimeter circle around my outer corner, but it always looks bad at the end of the day if there was any product in this area and it wears away. I also have hooded eyes, so avoiding this outer corner is even more of a pain! Especially when it comes to winged eyeliner- many tips for winged eyeliner for hooded eyes say to draw the wing lower down, where the hood doesn't fold any more, or even drawing it extending from the lower lashline. Both of these don't work for me because of this aggressive makeup-hating outer corner. So the purpose of this post, is first to ask whether anyone else has this sort of issue? It seems everyone else in the world applies makeup on and around this little outer area with no problem at all, and I feel like I am the only one experiencing this :\ Second, if this does happen to you, how do you deal with it? I have been contemplating just dramatically avoiding this entire area- maybe even masking off the area with tape so that I have stark, clean lines around my outer corner. Unfortunately that is not the most flattering look for my face and eye shape, which is why I have not done much with that idea yet. Do you have any other ideas on ways to avoid this area? I am an alternative/punky sort of person, so extreme makeup is not something I generally shy away from. Feel free to suggest something out of the box! Ultimately, I don't know what to do about it! It looks crummy at the end of the day when I have this little round area where my makeup is completely worn away. Any thoughts?
  3. These clay pot eyeliners from Tarte look so cute. Has anyone tried these?
  4. Hi Everyone My name is Canadian Glam Ma'[email protected] I host a YouTube channel as well a blog. I am always looking for more fun, creative people to join me . As well, I am always looking for feedback, products people are curious in seeing and using and any other fun and exciting trend. You can come see for yourselves here https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCuk4ovkGifO-_OcepO1HkUQ/videos?view=0&shelf_id=0&sort=dd . Any imput to help create fun and exciting creative outlets for makeup is what I wish to achieve. I'm just another business owner/makeup artist/vlogger & blogger trying to add love and friendship to the world one brush stroke at a time.
  5. MAC Chris Chang collection includes 14 items and will be released in May. The collection looks so pretty for Spring.
  6. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8H3TDKlHhHI https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8H3TDKlHhHI
  7. Here are pictures of the Dior Fall Makeup Collection.
  8. Here are pictures of the Fall makeup collection by YSL. The collection is called Pretty Metal.
  9. If you've ever wondered how to apply eye shadow for your eye type to achieve the most flattering makeup look for you, I've made a few videos on tips and techniques according to specific eye shapes & types. This video is specifically tailored for those with gorgeous big, prominent eyes! Hope you enjoy https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5xxYW2fknzc
  10. Hi everyone, So it was really important to me to share with you the importance of NOT applying your crayola crayons on your face as lipstick and eyeliner since its a new trend hitting the youtube and vine community. you can check out my full article about it here:(link removed) I hope its okay leaving my link here and not having to type everything here cause it might get too long for a topic. Anyway, thanks And I hope you find my article helpful.
  11. starting to do make up and wanted to know what product is best to use for the foundation, eye concealer not to look cracked after some hours , thank you in advance
  12. I'm looking for an eyeshadow that looks like metal. Most are simply really shimmery or sparkly. I think a cream or liquid would be needed to get this look. Does anyone know where to find it? Have you ever used it?
  13. Has anyone tried any of the Eye Shere Liquid Eyeshadows from Jane Iredale? I've read some reviews for the Champagne color, but was curious about the other shades....
  14. I just read an article by Byrdie about a trick for keeping eyeliner in place longer. First you draw the line and then top it with a powder and then do another layer of the liner. It's also recommended to use the powder before using the eye liner to make sure that the eyelid is free of oils. You can also use an eye shadow on top of the last layer of the liner to make sure it stays in place. I usually just use a waterproof pen liner or a cake liner and they seem to stay in place well. Sometimes I add eye shadow on top if I want to make sure it lasts a long time but most of the time not. The above steps sound like too many steps for me. What are your tips for keeping eyeliner in place?
  15. Kerry Washington, Jennifer Aniston and Cate Blanchette wore the nude makeup look at the Oscars last night. Here is the breakdown of the products used: Kerry Washington was wearing Marc Jacobs’ Beauty Genius Oil Free Foundation in Cocoa Light ($48) and Neutrogena Healthy Custom Glow Blush & Bronzer in Raisin Glow ($12) on the cheeks. On the lips, Neutrogena MoistureSmooth Color Stick in Healthy Peach ($9). Jennifer Aniston wore Chanel products. The foundation was Chanel Perfection Lumière Velvet Smooth-Effect Makeup in 50 Beige ($47) and on the cheeks were Chanel Le Blush Crème de Chanel in Destiny ($38), and Chanel Powder Blush in Angélique ($45). The Chanel Les Beiges Healthy Glow Sheer Colour in No. 50 ($58) was used as a bronzer. Cate Blanchette's skin was prepped with SK-II Facial Treatment Mask ($135) (she is the face of SK II), the foundation used was Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk Foundation #4 ($62) and Giorgio Armani Cheek Fabric #306 ($46) on the cheeks. Nicole Kidman’s skin was prepped with La Mer Treatment Lotion ($130) and Eye Concentrate ($190). The foundation used was Nars All Day Luminous Weightless Foundation ($48) along with Copacabana and South Beach Multiple ($39) on the cheek.
  16. Anyone tried any of the products in the L'Oreal Infallible line? I wonder how the foundation works since it says 24 hr matte coverage.
  17. Can any one suggest me the Best Eye Liner Available for gifting? Budget $40-$80 I am thinking of something from the House of Chanel. Please Help
  18. Why Eyelash Extensions Are In, and Mascara Is Out Raccoon eyes. Damaged, brittle lashes. The same results despite different brands and applicators. There are so many reasons why mascara is on its way out and lash extensions are finding their way onto many more eyelids. Firstly, what are eyelash extensions? There are three different styles of lash extensions: silk, mink and synthetic. Synthetic is the cheapest you will be able to find. You can get lashes in different sizes depending on preference or the size of your eye, ranging from 6mm to 17mm. Extensions are typically done at a salon by a professional because every lash is applied one at a time with special glue. The lashes take about two hours to apply and then you can keep them if you get them touched up every three to four weeks. Cheaper lashes, like the ones you can find at the local drug store, can be applied by the wearer and usually don’t last as long. But on a tight budget, it gets you pretty close to the desired result. Now most importantly, let’s talk numbers. Depending on the quality that is expected of the mascara and the function, prices can range anywhere from £0.99 to £20 on average. And don’t even get us started on the £9 million H. Couture Beauty Mascara. Needless to say, if you don’t want your eyelashes to fall out, you’re spending a good amount of money on something that can destroy your lashes and doesn’t stay good for very long. On the other hand, lash extensions weave a different story. The average price of a full set of professional eyelash extensions can cost anywhere from £99 to £199. The touch-up process thereafter can be about £30 to £43 GBP. And this is all dependent on what type of style you are trying to achieve. The price is steep, but the outcome may be more rewarding. But with the cheaper eyelash extensions you find at the drug store, prices can be as low as £2.65. Watch out for Part 2: Maintaining eyelash extensions
  19. Eyeliner is the most funny game to how to make ur eyes takes several looks, from serious eyes to funny eyes, sexy eyes , and everyday eyes, whether u have big eyes or small , playing with eyeliners could achieve what look you want ,,,OK so how do u apply eyeliner and what is the correct way to apply eyeliner , let’s say u have short eyes there are several draws of eyeliner that can help to make it look bigger and vice versa . Whether you know how to use eyeliner brush or no once u liked certain draw , it will be easy to make it as long as u r used to using the eyeliner brush , or even the pencil or dip eyeliner . If you don’t know how do u apply eyeliner , you need to practice on your own eyes or even on others eyes like your friends or whatever but before practicing u have to know u can draw ur eyes with several types of eyeliner like : Pencil eyeliner: “ I recommend it for everyday use and for beginners it’s easy to handle than dip eyeliner and also if u need smudgy blurred look” Dip liner: “ it’s in the form of liquid ,it can be used for every day but it needs experienced person know how to control the tip of the dip eyeliner, it’s also for drawing finest and smooth line “ Gel eyeliner: Eye shadow eyeliner: when using eye shadow u can take the advantage of ur eyelashes just with an angled brush dip it in the eye shadow and apply it between eyelashes in straight way So before knowing how to apply several looks you to know how do u apply eyeliner : Eyeliner always is applied after eye shadow but of course before mascara do your routine make up foundation , blusher , etc then apply eyeliner then mascara Stand still in front of a mirror take a pose just tilt ur head little bit and with the free hand that u won’t use to hold the eyeliner pencil just stretch the outer eyelid up and outside a little bit and start drawing small dots along your lashes , like when you were a kid following dots , follow the dots u drew to form line . If u want day look I suggest thin fine line if evening u can make it more thick Ok so now let’s start how to draw several looks of eyeliner: Over or top lash line: this is the most simple and easy way to draw eyeliner using pencil eyeliner and it is for beginners, so stand in front of a mirror close the eye u want to draw pull ur lid from the outer edge so that it is easy to draw the line , try to draw between eyelashes as it gives it fulless make ur way from the inner edge of the eye to the outer edge , u can pass for the second time on this line to make it thick then with angled brush pass over the line smoothly to give it smudge effect and even the smudging will be very helpful specially for beginners that can’t control the straight line drawing just deceiving whoever looking that it’s a straight line Cat eye it’s easy just do the same as u did on the above way “ number 1 “ and the only tip is for the lower lash line follow this line but only extend a little bit after the outer edge of the lower lashes “as in fig. (1)” …so the secret is to draw line from the upper lashes that connects to the lower lash line u extended at first forming small triangle “as in fig. (2)”, then as usual use angles brush to do smudging from the beginning of the usual upper lid line to the small triangle filling it “as in fig. (3)” Fig. (1) Fig. (2) Fig, (3) Open wingsDraw the upper lid as usual the original way but add 2 flick lines connected with each other forming small triangle it’s head up and side , and the same for the lower lid forming small triangle it’s head down and side. Double mirror cat eyeIt is the same as doing cat eye but doing the same at the tear duct but the triangular head facing down , so draw the line as usual from the inner side of the eye whether u like it thin or thick line and the cat wink shape in both sides Makeup For Young Ladies
  20. We all know that this popular Naked Vault limited edition was sold out in their few days of released. Ohhh...nooooo!!! I have been following their update and so far the latest news I heard is that Urban Decay doesn't have any plans to restock this item :-( I guess, we'll have to wait for their new edition.
  21. Hey! I saw something interesting on Muse's blog today and was wondering if anyone here has seen this display around and has info/swatches/opinions about it! Those nail-polish looking things are apparently eyeshadows...? I'm excited!! Especially about something totally new (the liquid eyeshadow) and also the lemon yellow eyeliner!! I've been looking for one forever, but, money. Any thoughts?
  22. Hey you guys So I need a little help choosing a cover/buisness name or whatever... My real name is Logan.... Im an aspiring mua and ill soon be attending paul mitchell the school houston. Most make up artists use their real names but i want something cute, classy, and very sophisticated. Ex; Theres this girl named ashley and her mua name is "So Ashley Couture".. I Really Need Yalls Help...... Something that represents my name Logan or my middle name Briann... Please be creative.. Ex; Beats by, Fact touches, something.... I'll appreciate it so much... Thanks.... Oh and maybe come up with something using my nickname ''Lolo''....... Helllppppp meeeeee lol
  23. So you have any really rad makeup tips? Any cool products? (Maybe some indie ones that aren't that popular?) Or maybe a common product that work SO much better with a cool tip? Light it up! Let's hear a couple secrets! As a makeup artist I only hear things in the professional realm and I want to hear what the public has to say! Here are a couple of mine to kick it off! Never, ever, ever, pull your lid while doing eyeliner or mascara again! Instead pop out the water line by putting your ring finger underneath your lower lash line and pressing lightly! The waterline flips right out to say hello. Put powder on first instead of using primer! It takes one expensive product out of the whole equation, plus you use less foundation, get fuller coverage, and better lasting power! Just be careful it isn't cakey! Too much powder=Too thick and matte to pass as skin! Once a year, take a two-week skincation! You heard me! Lipbalm ONLY, and pack on your skincare. Cleanse, moisturize, and put that extra time you put into your makeup into your skincare! You'll have refreshed, decongested skin! Now it's your turn!

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