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Found 11 results

  1. What to do: Once chipping starts, going delicate is the brilliant guideline for your face. Choose mellow, cleanser free facial chemicals and tepid water to scrub, and afterward pat skin dry and quickly apply lotion. On the off chance that you believe you require more hydration, utilize a hyaluronic-corrosive serum underneath your lotion to pull in even dampness, exhorts New York City dermatologist, Sejal Shah, M.D. Hylauronic corrosive can retain up to multiple times its load in water, making it super-compelling at catching in dampness. Shah prescribes sans oil lotion Neutrogena Hydro-Boost Water Gel ($17, jet.com), which likewise has hyaluronic corrosive. Instructions to avert it: Avoid unforgiving cleansers and fixings that leave your face feeling dry following application. In case you're utilizing retinol, or drying treatment items (like skin break out cured salves), cut back how much of the time you use them to each other day or less, or bring down the fixations. What's more, go simple on the exfoliators, regardless of whether they're cleans or synthetic strips. "It's essential to delicately shed routinely, yet ensure you're not over-shedding, which will dry skin out," says Shah. Additionally, utilizing a humidifier in your home to add dampness to the air can enable your skin to hydrate itself, includes Shah.
  2. I hope I am not violating any terms/conditions of this forum use because i am sharing a 5 question multiple choice poll relating to natural after-sun care products/routines and needs. I'd greatly appreciate your feedback. I will also share the questions below in hopes of generating discussion/advise on the topic! 5 Question Poll Link: http://goo.gl/CWNhHX 5 Questions: 1. What is your biggest skin concern? 2. Do you have an after-sun skin care routine? 3. How easy is it for you to find gentle but effective sun careyou can trustto actually use on problematic areas? 4. Have you stepped into the world of natural beauty yet? 5. With your skin concern(s) in mind... Do you feel underserved with naturalsun care options available? [Gentle & Effective SPF/After-Sun/Moisturizers/Sunburn Lotions]
  3. I‘d really like to buy the NARS Sheer Glow Foundation, but beforehand I wanted to find out if it would suit my skin type. I have very dry skin. Most Matte Foundations (for example MAC Pro Longwear or Too Faced Born This Way) make my skin flake and emphasize the dry patches I have on my skin, even if I use tons of moisturizer and primer before applying the foundation. (For reference some foundations that work pretty well on me: Becca Aqua Luminous, MAC Face and Body) So does the foundation suit dry skin? Furthermore I’d love to have some opinions on how much coverage it provides? I do not need much coverage, I don‘t have acne or pimples, just a bit of redness. I also need help with their shade range. Which MAC shade would be the equivalent for NARS Sheer Glow in Punjab? Would be sooo glad if anybody could help me out! Thanks in Advance :-)
  4. I am trying to find an inexpensive face wash for sensitive dry skin. One that isn't specifically scented and that can really hydrate my skin. I know there are tons at the store, but i was hoping one stood out from the others and is pretty popular for not being a high end product. Is there such thing?
  5. What are the best oils for dry skin? It has sometimes been found that a skin oil can be as effective or even more effective than a lotion. While that opinion is controversial, and some doctors believe there can be bad effects.
  6. After trying a number of mineral makeup products I decided to give up, I didn't see how to achieved what it said it did. But after borrowing some much needed make-up after leaving my bag in another city! (Crazy I know) All my dear friend had in her bag was Mineralissima the make-up she swears by. After using Mineralissima Foundation 2.3 followed with cheeky blush finished with their chiffon finish my mind was made up! I looked healthy, glowing and I didn't want to give it back! My skin was once dry but no more Of-course I purchased my own set and I haven't looked back since. Hurray for Mineralissima! www.mineralissima.com
  7. Hellooooo my beautiful peopleeee! It has been quite a few months since I have been on here and I'm so sad about it but I am back ya'll! I'm so excited to be connecting with all of you again and just makeup talk. ;-) What better way to come back than to give you guys a video? Let me know what you guys think. I love you all! :-D
  8. Hellooooo my beautiful peopleeee! It has been quite a few months since I have been on here and I'm so sad about it but I am back ya'll! I'm so excited to be connecting with all of you again and just makeup talk. ;-) What better way to come back than to give you guys a video? Let me know what you guys think. I love you all! :-D
  9. Hi Everyone, I was wondering if you could kindly help me out. I'm looking for an ultra-moisturizing eye cream that lasts throughout the day. If you are currently using a serum & eye cream that works, please feel invited to share your routine. Currently, I've been following Perricone MD's routine ~ Cold Plasma, Formula 15, Neuropeptide Eye Cream, Face Finisher. Sometimes I will also incorporate Retin-A. The products do a magnificent job on all areas of my face. However, a few hours later, the skin around my eyes, go back to being dry & wrinkly ~ I don't have deep creases or anything of that nature, just when I smile, the skin under my eyes (I do not have crow's feet) looks crepe-y. I drink plenty of water throughout the day. I have tried applying Kate Somerville's DermalQuench which contains Hydrolyzed Hyaluronic Acid spheres prior to applying Perricone MD's products without any noticeable results. My last resort was applying Strivectin's Eye Cream with & without the Perricone MD products. The Strivectin Eye Cream would last a little longer than Perricone, but not all day. I was recently watching Friday Night Beauty on QVC & the host, Lisa Robertson swore by Philosophy's Hope in a Tube Eye & Lip cream. I was going to give it a try until I read the ingredients. Hope in a Tube contains Mineral Oil & Petrolotum which are two ingredients I would rather stay away from. I exfoliate twice a week with Kate Somerville's ExfoliKate ~ so dead skin cells aren't blocking the products absorption. At least once or twice a month I also have microderm conducted on my entire face. I use the Clarisonic (a product I can't live without) in conjunction with Purity Made Simple by Philosophy (an incredibly gentle cleanser). Therefore, I am not stripping my skin with harsh products. I also apply products to damp skin to seal in moisture. I top off my facial cream routine with Mally's primer to seal in the products efficacy. If you've found a long-lasting, ultra moisturizing eye cream that lasts all day (or at least the majority of the day), please feel invited to share your recommendation(s). I am open to trying all price ranges as long as the product works. Thanks for your time & attention :-)
  10. My friend bought me some skincare products from this brand called Humble + Lavi. Has anyone ever heard of them? I haven't seen their products in stores where I live. She said she bought it from an online boutique because she's an all natural nut and trying to get me to convert. Their products have really help kept my acne at bay and my face is a lot less oily than it was before, but I can't afford to buy them myself once they're gone. Anyway, just wanted to see if anyone else has any opinions on this brand?
  11. Hello beautiful people! I truly hope you all enjoyed my video. I know I'm all super duper happy on video but having dermatitis is no joke. It's depressing and it took me years to find the right products that worked for my skin. Many things do not work for me like fragrance and other similar irritants. I truly hope that with anyone who is also suffering from dry skin, dry patches, or any type of dermatitis can benefit from this. I suffer from Photo Sensitivity Dermatitis. Let me know what you all think. Thanks as always for watching. XO, Row Row

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