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Found 68 results

  1. My hair are very thin, what to do?
  2. Remember last year's obsession with pom-pom straw bag? This year, fashion has adopted the simple and humble bag that many of our grandmothers used to go to the market, the Net-Bag. This bag of natural material, minimalist and beautiful is perfect for a day at the beach or simply to give a special touch to the outfit of the day. The best of this new trend, is that anyone can add this bag to their closet, doesn’t take up much space and you can find designs from $ 1.39. The only thing is that if you plan to wear your new and beautiful net-bag as a purse of the day anyone will be able to see what you are carrying. You will be wondering how you can use the net-bag in a way that doesn’t look like a market bag chicer. The secret is in the tone of the bag, the outfit of course and the accessories that you will carry inside the new and trendy net-bag. There are many ways to show off this trend and one of them is to add a cloth bag inside your net-bag. This way, you can carry what you need during the day and nobody will be able to see your belongings. One of the most seen looks of this accessory trend are neutral tones like beige, off-white, latte or this moth wing color that Valeria from Instagram blog @valeriasytnik is wearing. Valeria inspires us to show off our net-bags by adding small cosmetic bags of different prints to create contrast and to help us store our most valuable belongings like cell phones or lipstick. If you want to show off this trend on a pool or a beach day, get inspired by Nancy from Instagram blog @fancynancisita and add vibrant colors like red, yellow or fuchsia to your closet. You can get a pack of five different colors net-bags for $15.99 at Amazon.com. If what you are looking for is to wear this amazing net-bag trend in a more chic, elegant and unique way, inspire yourself with Karin from the Instagram @the_fashion_pheromone who added a clutch inside her net-bag creating not only contrast in the colors, but also a new and sophisticated way of showing off this stunning summer trend. I am sure that after seeing these four different ways of wearing this trend, you’ll be itching to search for your favorite color. Don’t forget that you can find packages of two to five net-bags for an amazing price on Amazon!
  3. Art of Accessorizing will make or break your look. The basic difference between a good outfit and a mediocre or, worse, a terrible one is based on the accessories you choose to finish your looks. If you have attempted to accessorize, but cannot make out what you have been doing wrong, here are a couple of ways to know when you have chosen the wrong accessories. You Feel Fussy The simplest way to know you have got accessorized wrong is that if you are feeling uncomfortable or fussy in what you’re wearing. Maybe your bracelets are getting in the way, your earrings are creating it hard to talk on the phone or that jewelry keeps getting caught on things when you bend down. Your Necklace Looks “Off” Have you ever placed a necklace on and found it just sat there, doing nothing? Something about the length looks off, but you are not as sure. Of course, if a necklace is not the right length you can always lengthen it or shorten it yourself. Your Earrings Look Out of Place Bold earrings will be fun. But when they are too bold and too big there is a chance that they can work against you versus enhancing your features and who you are. People Can Hear You Coming a Mile Away Right now an enormous trend is to stack multiple bracelets on one arm. Girls are mixing metals, bracelet designs, and even adding watches to their stacks. One thing you have to be careful of when wearing these bracelet stacking trends is that the noise. Everything Matches or Feels Over-the-Top Looking matchy-match after you accessorize is the worse thing ever. So as to avoid this, stay away from earring and necklace sets, wearing necklace and daring earrings and at the same time.
  4. Waist training is a slow and gradual process of reducing the waist's measurement through a waist cinching corset. With proper diet and exercise, training the waist by wearing a cincher will help you achieve the highly coveted hourglass figure. What's awesome about our waist trainers, is that while it helps with smoothening out the belly flabs, it corrects your posture through the frame it creates around your torso and back. The tight waist compression will help reduce food volume intake and change your diet from 3 large portions of meals a day, to frequent smaller meals. more info about waist training corset visit:- www.corsetforsale.com
  5. Ladies jacket styles are versatile in that these pieces of outerwear are suitable for formal events as well as leisure activities. With countless ladies jacket styles available, you can be spoilt for choice! You can turn to any one of the several ladies jacket styles to spruce up outfits, be it western wear or ethnic wear like saris or kurtas. Do remember to pick ladies jacket styles in fabrics that work for Indian weather! If you’re just getting started, allow us to help you with this post so you’re not overwhelmed by the variety of ladies jacket styles out there! https://www.femina.in/fashion/ladies-jacket-styles-all-you-need-to-know-132289.html
  6. I was just wondering if you do? and if so is it hard to continually put make-up on everyday?
  7. I feel like most cosmetic companies lately keep producing the same/similar eye shadow colours. We often see terracottas, smokey shades, pinks & (mostly warm-toned) neutrals. Just out of curiosity, what types of colours/finishes would you like to see more of?
  8. best places to shop online and in stores. ask me anything!
  9. https://youtu.be/mFE1ElL8LIQ
  10. Hi everyone so I applied for a sephora product consultant job the 4th of august I filled in the application and then the beauty manager called me the 8th of august and told me to come to an event august 12th, So I went to the event. we where 4 applicants in total and she told us to interact with customers and sell them products especially from makeup forever since that was the event that they had that day. it was for about 1 hour and a half, after it finished she told me I was fire, really good, and that she needed to talk to the store manager and she would call me the week ahead or the other (which is this week) but I have not received any call from them, I email her and have not gotten any reply back, should I just find another job or go to the store and talk to her personally and see whats up?
  11. Hello people I am a new beauty & lifestyle blogger. Check me here https://peachesnpinks.blogspot.com/
  12. I hope you all enjoy this haul from SOML Fashion <33 xoxo Yolima https://youtu.be/m9YvKJRN-WI <iframe width="560" height="315" src="https://www.youtube.com/embed/m9YvKJRN-WI" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>
  13. Do you really know how to clean the makeup brushes quickly? Makeup brushes for women who love makeup are great inventions. They are also the most commonly used cosmetic tools. They are used almost every day. These are something that touch our face daily. They must be clean. Dirty makeup brush is easy to cause bacterial infection and facial inflammation which hurt our skin. So makeup brush cleaning work must be well done . But sometimes we don’t have enough time to do this. Do you know how to clean the makeup brushes quickly? Today , we'll talk about that. You will need: 1, Makeup Removing Milk + facial cleanser. The removing milk can dissolve make-up products. So it can effectively clean the makeup that adhere to the makeup brush. 2, a dry cloth. Attention: 1.There are a lot of make-up brushes are made with expensive hair. So we should us a mild cleanser to clean our brushes. The life of makeup brushes will be extended in this way. 2.Makeup brush should not be submerged under the water. If the water comes into the metal part of the cosmetic brush, it will lead to rust or destroy the glue. Hold the makeup brush under the running water, like the picture below. Steps: Step1. Put the mild removing milk on your palm. Step2. Apply the milk evenly to the brush and gently rub to dissolve makeup that adhere to the brush. Step3. Clean the removing milk off the brush until the water becomes clear Step4. Put the mild cleanser on your palm. Then repeat step2-3. Step5.Finally we use a dry cloth to wipe the water on the makeup brush. Then it is finished. You'll see a clean and new makeup brush. It’s very easy, right?!! You get it? Umm..Actually it’s similar to makeup removing steps. Lol We all know that face's cleaning is important. But please don't forget to pay attention to makeup brush’s cleaning. OK. Today’s share is over. See you next time.
  14. Hi I'm Alice and I've just started a youtube channel! I'm going to be uploading videos on makeup, fashion craft and loads more I would REALLY appreciate it if you could check it out and if anyone else has just started a channel comment below and we can help each other get going Love, Alice xx https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCtpwlMfOEnb11gYT1_yU7Tw
  15. Take a look at my IPSY Bag for this month! #december #ipsybag #carpepm#makeup #fashion #beautyguru #style #holidays #christmas #newyears https://youtu.be/4mA1fq_ockc <iframe width="560" height="315" src="https://www.youtube.com/embed/4mA1fq_ockc" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

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