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Found 87 results

  1. My Chi hair dryer broke this morning and I'm bummed. When I bought it, I got a great deal on it and it was my first more expensive hair dryer. It fell on the floor and didn't work right after. I found my old one, Hot Tools dryer, and actually found that it dried my hair faster. Not sure if I'll get a new one or just stick with my old one for now. First I was bummed but I think the Hot Tools ones actually might have worked better. What's your favorite hair dryer? Are expensive ones worth spending the extra money?
  2. clarajking

    Frizzy Hair Recommendations

    Hi guys I'm on the look out for some new products to try on my wild mane of hair haha. I have shoulder length, curly hair that tends to frizz up as soon as I've jumped out of the shower! In the past, I've been a big fan of the John Freida products, but I feel as if my hair is becoming used to it now. A recurring recommendation appears to be these Shu Uemura Products from Paul Edmonds' online store - was wondering if anyone had any experience with them though? Any tips welcome! Thanks in advance
  3. Hi all, I started having strands of grey/white hair in my teenage years, now I’m 30 and I have Super loads of them!!! Strangely, some of them has black hair growing and some has an alternate grey(bottom), black(mid) and grey(top) again on a strand. Anyone has a solution to this? In turning it back to black permanently? Not dyeing them . Thank you in advance!!

    Hair Mask

    I need a hair vendor that has great quality hair. Any suggestions?
  5. AnnieNJ

    Short and wavy

    I have short (shoulder lenght when straight) wavy hair , I shampoo it with sulflat-free shampoo and condition it with hair masks and all ... but I just can't get it to look nice ... idk it's a bit thic and have too much volume at it's ends, is it because of the way I wrap it ? (Mostly ponytail like) And I don't straighten it cause I find blow dryer hard to use and it stay straight for just few hours time ... So please how do I get my hair to look nice?
  6. Hey guys and gals!!! Interested in a fun, quick, silly makeup application video! Click and check out my way of applying makeup and making the long process simple, easy, and fun!!
  7. Photo Source: Pexels Give me a head with hair! Long, short, thin or full, our hairstyle and hair type matters to all of us. How we choose to wear our hair, the color, the length and the texture means as much to how we view our personal look and style as the makeup and clothes that we enjoy. Our hair is actually a protein filament that grows from follicles in the dermis. The most common interest in hair is focused on hair growth, hair type and hair care. Many of us define ourselves by our trending tresses. The Andre Walker Hair Typing System is the most universal system used to classify hair. According to this system there are four types of hair: straight, wavy, curly and kinky. In the realm of our luscious locks, it seems that many of us wish to change our basic hair type. People with straight hair long for curls while those with natural wavy hair wish for straight tresses. Even if you only want to change your hair type once in a while, there are various hairstyles that work wonders for every hair type. Photo Source: Pexels Hairstyles That Work Well for All Hair Types: Curly Ponytail: A ponytail is the easiest hairstyle that you can try. Simply pull your hair back into a high ponytail, securing it with an elastic band so you don’t break the hair. Divide the ponytail into 2 or 3 sections and use a curling iron to add curl section by section. Secure the curls with hairspray if desired. The Bob: Since the bob is a short haircut that tends to curl in under the chin, this hairstyle works well for everyone. If you just can’t seem to grow your hair long, or you prefer hair that is short and sassy, then why not opt to go short and trendy? The bob hairstyle fits all hair types. Off The Forehead: Hairstyles that are parted down the middle of your head or are blow dried and brushed back off the forehead can be done with all hair types. To keep the hair completely off of your forehead, wear a headband, which not only secures the front section of your hair but is a great way to accessorize. Straight Hair: Yes, even wavy, curly and kinky hair can be made straight by using a flat iron and a hair straightening leave in conditioner. Cornrow Braids:While some people with kinky hair are blessed to have natural looking cornrow braids, even those of you with straight or wavy hair can wear a head full of cornrow braids. If you desire this beautiful, exotic look, go for it! Twisted and Wavy Hairstyle: Create a middle part and take one inch of hair from both sides. Twist these sections at the back with a pin to achieve this look. Jazz this feminine, flowing hairstyle up with a flashy hair accessory. Wet Hair/Slick Back Look: This look is sleek and sexy. Simply run some gel on your hair from the hairline to the crown and spread the gel evenly throughout your hair, using a wide tooth comb to neatly comb your hair back. Congrats! You’ve got the wet head look. Photo Source: Pexels Photo Source: Pexels Most of us have gone to a professional hair salon at some time, got a fantastic weave, color, haircut and hair style only to discover that once we got home and shampooed for the first time, we never get our hair looking as wonderful as it did when we left the salon. How do you remedy this disappointment? Book a session with a Mobile Styles professional hair stylist who will not only give you the hair that you desire, but will explain the process and help you understand how to replicate the look yourself. Mobile Styles will bring all fashion divas and men loads of smiles! Photo Source: Pexels No matter what natural hair type you were born with, there are always ways to change it up with hair and beauty professionals and products. Do you love stick straight hair? Loose, feminine waves? Tight spiral curls? Tighter S curls? You can have them all from time to time by booking a Mobile Styles hair stylist. Their work and expertise is sublime! Download the Mobile Styles on demand health and beauty app from any mobile device and schedule an appointment. Mobile Styles offers hair stylists, nail artists, makeup artists, barbers and massage therapists to help you become a new you both inside and out. Use promocode lookbook18nm and receive a $50.00 discount. Our health, looks and self image are important to us. Let Mobile Styles pump up your volume! For additional information on Mobile Styles visit their website at www.mobilestyles.com and follow them on Facebook, Instagram and SnapChat.
  8. Mxrtinxx


    Hey! So, I’ve probably been searching online and in shops for about 1/2 years, to try and find products that can turn my straightish hair into big spiral curls, I have yet to buy any products due to the fact I don’t want to waste money on products that will not work at all and the reviews I have seen make me hesitant.. I use curling tongs and wands and I also have tried non heat ways like straws and buns, however because I have a medical condition, I struggle to keep my arms raised for long periods of time so it’s becoming a bit of a problem.z My natural hair is short/medium length and it’s got a slight wave to it, but it’s generally straight, as well as being quite puffy but not thick THICK nor is it fine.. it’s sorta inbetween? Because of my hair being like this it looks nicer with curls, generally nice big/medium curls. Has anyone got any products or any beauty techniques that don’t cost a lot, is healthy for my hair and doesn’t require me sitting for 30+ mins curling my hair ? Also it would be ideal if they can be brought in the UK. Thanks in advance ! X
  9. Hello reader, I have been following different blogs and hair care topics over the internet for quite a time now. First time I got interested in reading and following this topic was when a very dear person to me started losing his hair and eventually losing the hair took him to lose the confidence he once had. A beautiful personality has a beautiful and promising impression on the other people you meet every day. So while surfing the internet I came across various options, hair transplant, steroids, aesthetics, natural and home remedies and also something that was new at the time by the name of organic products for personal care. So, I started to discuss all the options with that person and also started to get engaged in discussions. We studied every possible treatment that we could use to get rid of the hair loss and we knew if we won't try it will eventually take us to the stage of baldness which we could not afford. We went to the hair transplant clinics (clinics with a good reputation) it was extremely costly, they charge per hair (which is very much costly). We even went out of cities to make sure that we leave nothing behind and no stone unturned. But unfortunately, we could not find anything solid or anything promising. As we were disappointed and heart broke I started researching more and then I found a solution to the problem that was not costly and was promising as well as it was harmless only applicable to the skin and quite cost efficient. Dear readers nothing is better than the natural remedies and organic products and nothing is better than certified organic products. In Pakistan, there is only one brand that is selling and producing Certified organic skin and hair care products. I have used their skincare range also hair care range that has proven to be very much helpful and very much promising the brand is known goes by the name of Conatural. Conatural is the certified organic brand they have all kinds of products for daily use and they are not harmful to the skin. Visit their skincare products range and hair care range you will not be disappointed. I will mention their website link also. Please do research and then decide what to use and what not. Website: https://www.conaturalintl.com/ Conatural has proven to be the best skin and hair care brand in Pakistan. They have a vast variety of products including the pure and best therapeutic grade Essential oils in Pakistan. Please leave your reviews and also please suggest any other better alternatives.
  10. kanzy

    Hair Problem

    My hair are very thin, what to do?
  11. AlexKautz53

    Modern Wigs are AMAZING

    I have always been interested in Beauty & Hair, but I started working for a wig company and fell in love with wigs. I use them as fashion accessories and think it's so much fun to be able to change up your look through the use of wigs. I made this video showing how I style my shorter wigs... kind of reminds me of a Kris Jenner style.. let me know what you guys think!!
  12. Got a amazing cheapest hair lace closure only $11.9 on amazon,it can be colored and bleached . Sooooooooo Nice . Very Worth for penny . Got a amazing cheapest hair lace closure only $11.9 on amazon https://www.amazon.com/Forawme-Womens-Closure-Straight-Human/dp/B00WLP5V1U?th=1
  13. Marikavixamar

    Hey loves ♡ I'm a newbie

    Hey beautiful ♡ My name is Marika and as you can see I'm new here ! I'm a 27 year old aesthetician , freelance makeup artist and I also do YouTube videos. I'd live to interact with new people and learn new things . So don't hesitate to come chat (I don't bite ! 😉) Here's a link to my YouTube channel : https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCVYM8WNf5LzaWHxP_7Vaipg And my Instagram is makeupbymarikav Don't hesitate to look me up if you want to see some of my work 😗
  14. Frizzy hair is a common complaint for anyone with natural curls or waves. High humidity, dry hair and damage can all contribute to frizz. While expensive salon treatments can temporarily treat your frizzy locks, you can get better hair at home. Change your hair care routine to bring frizz under control without spending all your time drying or flat ironing your hair. Choosing Products Home treatments for frizzy hair include changes in your washing routine, different hair products and deep conditioning treatments. Choose products designed for dry or curly hair, selecting those with emollients to moisturize your hair, humectants to help your hair absorb moisture and protein to smooth the hair shaft. Naturally curly hair is quite often dry and can be more fragile than straight hair, according to NaturallyCurly.com. Typical hair care routines and products may make frizz worse, rather than better. Wash Correctly Many curly hair experts, including Lorraine Massey and Deborah Chiel, authors of the book "Curly Girl," recommend you reduce or eliminate your use of shampoo to keep your curls at their best. Replace your shampoo with a light, sulfate- and silicone-free conditioner. Work the conditioner gently into your scalp, rinse and follow with a heavier conditioner, if desired. Changing your washing routine may dramatically reduce frizz and make your curls more manageable. Add Shine Many frizz smoothing products on the market contain silicone. While silicone may smooth the shaft of the hair and enhance shine, it can weigh down your curls and be difficult to wash away. Consider replacing silicone-based shine enhancers with a small amount of coconut oil. Liquefy the oil between your palms and rub into the ends of your hair, suggests Candida-Cure-Recipes.com. As an alternative to coconut oil, try all natural shea butter. Special Care When you have more time available to care for your hair, take time for a homemade deep conditioning or protein treatment, recommends (link removed). Olive oil or coconut oil are ideal for dry hair, but you may want to try mayonnaise or an olive oil and egg treatment for damaged curls. Work the homemade conditioner into your hair and cover with a plastic shower cap. Leave in place for 15 minutes to one hour, then wash out over the sink or tub. Take time for a deeper treatment like this as often as once a week to reduce frizz. Safe Styling Changing your styling methods can also keep frizz at bay. Use a gentle, alcohol-free gel on your curls. Avoid rubbing the hair with a towel. Try gently piling your curls on top of your head and wrapping with a soft T-shirt rather than using a towel. Detangle gently with a wide-tooth comb or your fingers, then work a generous amount of gel through your hair. After you scrunch product through your hair, allow it to air dry, keeping your hands out of your hair to prevent frizz, suggests NaturallyCurly.com.
  15. ambermonique32

    my freaking hair is orange

    i bleached my hair 4 times within the last 3 days. I have not toned it because my grandma is saying nothing will even happen but i need my hair blonde before thursday because i have family coming over for thanksgiving and then i have school monday and theres no way in hell im going anywhere, especially school with freaking orange hair. My roots are yellowish blonde and the rest of my hair is pure orange. its not brassy, its just pure orange. I had black hair before i bleached my hair but i need help ASAP because its only getting me mad if u cant already freaking tell. i need serious help because i wanna just shave my entire head now.
  16. Hi everyone so I applied for a sephora product consultant job the 4th of august I filled in the application and then the beauty manager called me the 8th of august and told me to come to an event august 12th, So I went to the event. we where 4 applicants in total and she told us to interact with customers and sell them products especially from makeup forever since that was the event that they had that day. it was for about 1 hour and a half, after it finished she told me I was fire, really good, and that she needed to talk to the store manager and she would call me the week ahead or the other (which is this week) but I have not received any call from them, I email her and have not gotten any reply back, should I just find another job or go to the store and talk to her personally and see whats up?
  17. RedBloodVamp

    Hair Growth Help

    I am trying to grow my hair out but it seem that is grows slow. I wanted to know if anyone knows good things that could help it grow faster. I have try a few homemade things but it didn't seem to much for the growth. I am open to any tips that you might have.
  18. Hair Cut and Colour Transformation by Mouniiiir Please Share And Subscribe For more: http://www.youtube.com/channel/UCTvzvrGUeJNLS-FZKMVK8_A?sub_confirmation=1
  19. I have heard many many times, even by older women that they swear by prenatal vitamins, that they really make the hair grow super strong,thick and shiny, and its also great for skin and nails!! on the other hand I have seen that biotin has a huge popularity when it comes to hair care (it's actually known to be the best for hair growth) What do you think would be the best? Or which ones do you recommend, that perhaps nobody knows of for hair growth but has worked for you or someone else recommend it?!
  20. What are some treatmens to get glossy bouncy hair, my ends are stiff and kinda crispy, should I get them microtrim or nourish them with moisture treatments?? if so which one do you recommend and home remedies as well!!
  21. Don't forget to LIKE, COMMENT and SUBSCRIBE!!! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_zxNhm6En6Q&t=24s
  22. SW Basics of Brooklyn Exfoliant organic 3 Oz $24 Whish shave cream blueberry 22ml (HAVE TWO) Rave 4x Mega with climashield for extra humidity protection unscented 1.5 Oz Wen sweet almond mint styling crème 4 Oz Boots Extracts Bergamot body scrub 200 ml 6.7 Oz organic lip balm Bodycology softening body butter with shea butter and cocoa butter toasted vanilla sugar 5.29 Oz 150 g Lacombe gloss in love sample: 200 just strass; 385 under the spotlight; 144 glittermania with applicator The Balm Nude Dude eye shadow in "fit" Lasting Smiles organic lip balm passionfruit mango certified fairtrade and organic EOS Summer Strawberry EOS Melon Style Essentials Twin Gloss .3 Oz 9ml Clinique Blue Lagoon .02 Oz Melaleuca oil T36-C5 15ml .5 Oz Que Bella facial exfoliator cherry and apricot excoriating cleaner .5 oz que Bella relaxing bath oil enriched with lavender and argan oil 8ml and relaxing lavender aromatherapy mask 10g Thymes Goldleaf Perfumed Foaming Bath 60g 2 Oz VASANTI BrightenUp! Enzymatic Face Rejuvenator excoriating cleanser enriched with Papaya Micro-crystals and aloe 20g (HAVE 3) nugg face mask revitalizing (flaxseed & peppermint oil revitalizes & plumps dull, tired skin for a radiant look) 10ml nugg face mask soothing (Shea butter &chamomile extract helps to calm, balance &hydrate troubled or sensitive skin) 10ml Burt's Bees Lemon Butter Cuticle Cream .60 Oz 17g sealed Paula's Choice Resist Vitamin C spot Treatment for all skin types 5ml value $18 Skin ICELAND Solutions for stressed skin Hydro Cool Firming Eye Gels with hexapeptide technology 1 pair eye gels (HAVE 2 SETS) Meaningful Beauty Crème de Serum 15ml but 10ml left LUME Soapworks Bees Wax Lotion Grapefruit and Lavender Essential Oils 3.5 Oz about 60% left long lasting bees wax moisture maintains supple radiant skin GlamGlow Youthmud tinglexfoliate treatment .5 Oz 15ml Harvey Prince Hello body cream 15ml .5 oz bodycology moisturizing body cream with rich butter complex "cherish the moment" scent 1 oz bodycology foaming body wash enriched with Shea butter "cherish the moment" scent 2 oz St Ives Oatmeal & Shea Butter Body wash 100% natural moisturizer paraben-free 3 Oz (HAVE TWO) Novel "The Knockoff" by Lucy Sykes and Jo Piazza brand new retails $25.95 Wen lavender re moist intensive hair treatment 4 Oz but 3 Oz left Charlie Paige Citrus Sea Rollerball Fragrance 10ml Charlie Paige Sweet Seduction Rollerball Fragrance 10ml Supersmile professional whitening gel rod capsules (HAVE TEN) Biore self heating one minute mask with natural charcoal .25 Oz (HAVE FOUR) Fashion Emergency Kit: compact with hair brush and mirror, TSA bottle, nail file, assorted hair binders, safety pin, lint brush, 4pk cotton swabs, two different kinds of buttons, needle and six colors of threads in a nice glitter silver makeup like bag (see pictures, 2 of them) Universal fit Rechargeable power case: compatible with all 8.9" - 10.1" tablets New and Black. Fits all brands including apple, amazon, Samsung, Barnes &noble, Sony and many more. Recharge all of your devices 11,600mAh built in rechargeable battery charges your tablet up to 2 times or smartphone up to 7 times via universal USB charging port (See pictures, 3 of them) Teal with black polka dots Wristlet that holds most smartphones and place for cards and cash. (See pictures, 2 of them) Revlon marshmallow twist nail strips Revlon By Marchesa 24K Brocade nail strips Revlon By Marchesa Silk Rosette nail strips Revlon Rock Candy 3D nail strips Revlon By Marchesa Gilded Mosaic nail strips Sally Hansen nail strips 410 "love letter" (HAVE TWO) Sally Hansen nail strips 320 Kitty Kitty Kiss 40 strips full and French 58364 FingrsPrints Girlie Glam press on nails Sally Hansen hard as nails polish 425 pink satin .40 Oz never used OPI Nicole pick of the glitter 15ml never used OPI Nicole fabulous is my middle name 15ml never used OPI Nicole spring romance 15 ml used once OPI Nicole love your life 15ml 75% still there Jamberry Twitterpated new Jamberry Nail Pollack new Jamberry Lazy Afternoon new Essie "oh my gold!" nail strips UV Essie "stickers and stones" nail strips UV Essie "small pleasures" nail strips UV L'OREAL "in with the new" 705 limited edition nail strips Vanessa Nail Polish Strips three different kinds (see picture) Pashmina Scarf purple and blue, new (see pictures) Headbands: brown, coral, white, light blue and floral New (see pictures) Revlon nail strips gold jewel missing box (see picture) Sally Hansen nail strips don't have boxes but black and white flowers, butterflies, black lace (see pictures) Dark teal Rosette wallet (see pictures, 2 of them) Bright color floral snap close purse/bag (red, blue, yellow flowers with green leaves with black back ground) (see pictures, 2 of them) Flat snap clutch, embroidered4 with orange, brown , black, white pink, cream and gold base that you see through the stitching. New (see pictures) Origins Modern Friction Natures gentle dermabrasion .5 Oz 15ml Ole Henriksen Truth Serum Collagen Booster potent vitamin C complex .33 Oz 9.76ml new Chanel Le Volume De Chanel Mascara 1ml new just released Josie Marana Pure Aryan Milk intensive HYDRATING treatment two 2ml packets Tarte maracuja lip exfoliant new sealed 20g .7 oz Peter Roth Anti Aging cleaning gel 2 Oz 57ml Philosophy renewed hope in a jar eye 2ml packet Philosophy renewed hope in a jar 2ml packet GLAMGLOW Youthmud tinglexfoliate treatment .5 Oz 15ml sealed in jar GLAMGLOW powermud dualcleanse treatment .5 Oz 15ml sealed in jar Ole Henriksen sheer transformation .25 Oz 7g in jar Love offers, try me. Love skin care, moisture bound skin energy mist by Amore Pacific*, Cynthia Rowley stains, HIGHLIGHTERS and such, cucumber gel mask, Rose stem cell, pumpkin enzyme mask (Peter Thomas Roth), Gold mine shimmering leave in conditioner, hair oils, Caviar products just no shampoo but love conditioner, Urban Decay b6 complexion spray, the professional shine vanishing pro powder, Chanel rouge double intensity color 39 coral crush*, benefit girl meets pearl, origins No puffery mask* and roll on for puffy eyes*, still one step correct correcteur skin tone correcting and brightening serum, Perricone MD products (like, no highlighter highlighter, no makeup skincare, no blush blush, bite beauty Fruit scrub, bite beauty agave lip mask, Caudalie Devine oil and other products, Origins renewal serum with willowherb, Bene tint stain, high beam luminescent, benefit products, smashbox O-GLOW, origins pinch your cheeks in coralberry, Peter Roth instant mineral SPF translucent brush on powder for on the go. Any products like these please try me very open. * means products I want most
  23. Hey everyone!!! Check out my video on the unboxing and first impressions of my UNice hair!!! Don't forget to like, comment and SUBSCRIBE!!!!!
  24. TheSmollestNerd

    Wedding Hair Help!

    I recently chopped off like, 8 or so inches of my hair because it was SO DAMAGED from bleaching and dyeing and just me not taking care of it very well. So now I've got this (pretty adorable) self inflicted bob cut. Not a problem, right? Wrong! I'm getting married in 15 months and the theme? Lord of the Rings. It's high fantasy, so my goal is to make it as nature-y, flowy, and elf-y as I can (love the elves). So obviously I was trying to go for looooong flowy hair that's pretty reminiscent of the elves and their elegant, natural, wavy style. So knowing that, I'm aware I can't possibly get my hair like halfway down my back in less than 15 months (sadly), but I'm still rooting for that style for my wedding hair. What I'm basically asking is what would be the best option for getting that look for my wedding hair, with having to wear a wig as more of a last resort option. I'm not too fond of wearing wigs, as they never really stay on my head without itching like crazy and looking unnatural. (Plus it's an outdoor wedding in October in the southern USA so that wind and possible heat with a wig will just...not work out too well for me) Any help and input is very appreciated!!! <3

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