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Found 35 results

  1. I have a love/hate relationship with Tinder. I won't lie, most of the time I just use it to kind of creep the guys in my area and see what's out there (am I alone on this..?). But usually the conversations go nowhere, or don't start at all. Or there's the dreaded creep who could be put up on Tinder nightmares...Anyways, I've met three guys off of Tinder in person. One meeting was just super awkward, one was a drunken nightmare, and the other turned out to be a typical [email protected]#! boi. Basically my luck has just been awful. So I want to know, does anyone have any good experiences with Tinder? I've heard of people who get into relationships from Tinder but I feel like that's a unicorn or something. Also, any good advice about meeting them for the first time? Of course I make sure I'm not being catfished before I meet with anyone, but any ways to make it less awkward? Places to go/things to do? Or escape plans. Or maybe I should just stick to meeting people the old fashioned way
  2. I am coming to you asking for some advice / tips. I have a problem with the splitting ends of my hair. My hair is thin, long-reaching to the waist, but they are still stuffed and also very weak. Single straightening with a straightener causes immediate splitting of the tips. The structure of the hair is very weak. What to do?? What kind of shampoo / nails / masks do you recommend? I will add that I do not dye my hair.
  3. Hi guys! I'm doing a research project for school and was looking into the relationship between the beauty industry and sustainability. Im just looking for more people to help out with my research and take a quick survey. It would help a lot! Click Here :)
  4. Hey everyone! I just launched my website and would really love it if you could stop by and check it Out! Www.krushlashes.com I have all sorts of lashes, applicators, and even extensions. Even if you don't buy please share with friends and family. Join our mailing list for great offers. Follow me on Instagram. @krushlashes Right now everything is almost half off. Shipping is free over 20$ and Super fast! 1-2 weeks. Also, we are currently looking for 2 upcoming muas to feature and possibly work a deal with for affiliation. Thank You! Insta: @krushlashes krushlashes.com
  5. hey beauty lovers, I'm hoping to get your advice. I've been telling my boyfriend I really want to get a tattoo. He doesn't have any either so he's not much help. Any big regrets? here's some photos of the style tattoos I like... http://www.markedtattoos.com/tattoos/lotus-flowers http://www.markedtattoos.com/tattoos/oleksandra-ianchukova-watercolor-tattoo-5 thanks xo!
  6. hi, im a guy with with bad skin tone, some redness and a mix of dry and oily skin, iv recently purchased MMUK BB Cream to even out my skin tone. The problem is it doesn't blend into my skin and instead slides about on the surface. for skin preparation iv tried a few different things like: -no moisturiser -moisturiser -moisturiser & MMUK Skin primer -no moisturiser & MMUK Skin primer iv tried applying with fingers, brush and sponge with the same results, although best result with sponge i have attached a photo of what happens after iv applied the BB cream, as you can see it stays on the surface and doesn't blend in to the skin at all Has anyone any suggestions of what the problem could be? thank you in advanced for the help
  7. So I recently got back into throw pottery. For those of you who dont know your hands are wet for a good amount of time and you cant really wear gloves. I use non-gel polish and it peels after I throw. Any ideas how to keep this from happening? I go twice a week and re doing my nails all the time isn't really ideal. Any top coats out there that can withstand water exposure? Thanks
  8. So I am SUPER pale. I have tried several concealers in the lightest shades they offer, usually those are drugstore brands, buy I am still too pale for them and they end up looking kind of dull and they don't brighten anything at all. I am also, hella broke. I really wish I could afford to invest in like Tarte Shape tape or something, because the lightest shade does actually suit my skin. But unfortunately I am only 16 and I don't have a job. Does anyone know what I should do OR does anyone want to hmu with a sephora gift card..... It's a problem.
  9. Hello everyone, I'm new here. And every time when I want to edit my profile, it just turns to the sign in page or tells me that I have successfully signed in...Is it me or something is wrong with the website?
  10. Hi! We get a lot of request for account approvals. The account approval system is automatic. Once you sign up for an account, the system will send a validation email to your email box. All you need to do is to click on the link in the validation email and your account is approved. We don't manually approve accounts. If you don't see the validation email in your email box, check your spam folder. Be sure to sign up with a valid email or you won't be able to receive the validation email and won't be able to become a member without the validation. We can take a look at your account if there is an issue but please check your email and spam folders before contacting us. We want all of our new users to be able to jump in the conversations right away without having to wait so please know that the system is automatic and is set up to get your account approved ASAP as long as you follow the steps outline above. Thank you and we look forward to seeing our new members online!
  11. Hey! I need help identifying these lashes I know its unrealistic for me to find them but i figured why not give it a try! sorry for the ugly pics lol! only ones i have of them i bought them back in January from a WINNERS store in Ottawa ON! They were some of the nicest falsies i have ever worn, and i miss them terribly. They lasted about a month of continuous wearing. I forgot the brand name but i know it was in a black packaging and the lashes were in a clear holder. I think the packaging was similar to EYLURES LUXE but I'm not totally sure. i just know it a black box! the lashes definitely looked more dramatic in the packaging then on my eyes. I hope someone can help, or maybe even recommend a similar look!? thanks guys!
  12. Guys, I needed some help in achieving a specific makeup look. I included two pics below. (Two parts) 1) For the eyes, I wanted to create a wide, doll-eyed look (*without the help of fake lashes), and do some shadowing in the crease but still making it look natural (not too dark or overdone). (See pic #1) My eyes are a little closer set than the model's. Any specific application tips to help create this look would be really appreciated! (including types of products & tools/brushes for application) Pic #1 ... https://s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/564x/0d/b6/0b/0db60bc1edbb0a5aee173698b350312f.jpg 2) For the lips, I just needed some help in finding a lipcolor that matches that worn by the model in pic #2. A soft brown color with a little mauve/plum mixed in. If you know any specific product that matches this shade, please let me know (brand & name of shade). Pic # 2 .... https://s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/564x/d9/e5/69/d9e569cb2efcdbeecea624a9ab2589d1.jpg Thank you!
  13. Hi, I really need your help... I have short hair atm, and would really like to grow it long, as short hair doesn't really suit me at all The only thing is my hair must be really SENSITIVE, because it dries up and and gets damaged very easily and always has dead ends and looks really damaged whenever I try to grow it long - which results in me having to cut it short again It's really weird, I can have really good strong healthy looking hair one day, and the next morning when I wake up it's dry & damaged (it just doesn't make sense to me) I have read up heaps online about ways to protect your hair & prevent it from getting damaged - I only wash my hair once or twice max per week, and i never brush my hair while it is wet to prevent damage... but still it is dry & damaged I have tried heaps of different types of deep conditioner treatments, oil treatments, and every natural remedy that you can think of - coconut oil, olive oil, argon oil, avocado, honey, aloe vera, onion, banana, egg, mayonnaise etc... but nothing really seems to help I have even used a product cureplex on numerous occasions (which is basically the same thing as olaplex) and even that didnt work... if anything it made my hair worse Can you recommend any product/treatment from your range that you think will actually help in strengthening my hair??? because as I said I have tried pretty much everything with no luck. Thanks for any help in advance, really appreciate it Regards, Justin
  14. Hi everyone, I am really interested in understanding why people watch beauty vlogs and if they actually influence anyone to purchase anything. I am doing a bit of research at my uni, trying to find out if all you vlog watchers are ever influenced by the videos. I am also very curious about how much these videos persuade people to buy celebrity brands like Kylie Cosmetics, Kat Von D Beauty, Jeffree Star Cosmetics and Lashed by Blac Chyna. It would help me a great deal if any of you could complete my questionnaire from the link below .All of your answers will be anonymous and because I know I am taking up your time there is an option to enter a draw to win a £25 Amazon voucher. If you are interested in helping me out this is the questionnaire: https://goo.gl/forms/q5d9krVGwql1h6rB2 thank you all in advance!! ❤️
  15. hi everyone, i'm new here. i came across this picture and i love how her curls look, my hair is kind of flat and i want to achieve these curls, does anyone know what hairstyling took she used? did she curl inward or outward? i have tried to curl my hair many times, and it's quite difficult for me to achieve big voluminous curls, i usually use these two items, is it possible to achieve the same look with these?
  16. Hi guys! I'm getting older and my face has changed since I started wearing makeup (7 yrs ago) so my normal go-to look doesn't sit quite right anymore. So I've recently been trying to figure out what my eye shape is to better understand how I can maximize my makeup application..and maybe I can get some advice on my face shape while I'm here because that's perplexing me as well. I go back and forth between a few shapes, what do you guys think? Thank you very much!
  17. Hey! i need help with picking out a shampoo/conditioner for my hair type. My hair is dry, and damaged from heating tools. I have fly aways all the time and my hair can be kind of stiff sometimes instead of that silky smooth feeling, and lacks volume. I have medium to fine hair. I have curly hair but I straighten a lot. The problem is my hair is VERY easily weighed down by products. For awhile I was only able to use Rusk clairifying shampoo because anything else would make my hair look greasy even though I would have just washed it. I don't wash it everyday. Only 2-3 times a week max. I'm really at a lost here guys. I can't use heat protectant because my hair gets so weighed down by product easily. When my hair gets weighed down it feels like there is still shampoo or product in my hair leaving a big greasy spot even though all of the product is out.. Lately, I've been able to use pantene on my hair but its really not doing much for me as far as the dry, damaged and frizziness goes. I really want a thickening and voluminizing shampoo. please help me. would a product like moraccanoil help me? or is that going to weigh my hair down too? any other suggestions?
  18. A little over a month ago I had box dyed black hair. I had a color correction done. My hair wouldn't hold the brown semi dye and my hair was brassy and orange, so I took it upon myself to dye it with a permanent color. I used a protein filler and the color held on for about a couple weeks now. Went on vacation swam in salt water and chlorine for one whole day and now the brass is back! I had used aphogee's 2 min keratin treatment before vacation with their gentle protein shampoo. I am going to be using the protein shampoo every other week and my Moroccan Oil deep conditioner every week. My question is since I will be using a protein shampoo every other week will my hair be okay to use a protein filler the next time I go to dye it in about a month. I will still be using the protein shampoo until then.
  19. For the past few months, my lips have been chapping like crazy. I slather on vaseline every living second and use lip scrubs but it's still a big problem. I used to wear bright lipsticks but now I can't because of how dry my lips will get. Any tips?
  20. Sephora is opening a location in my hometown, and I got hired on as a part time Operations Consultant. It doesn't open for two months, and we start training in two weeks. I was wondering if anyone had any information on the discount I'll get, on if I'll have the opportunity to switch departments in the future (I'd like to work in the Color World), what to expect in general, and if I'll get any gratis during training like all the color and skin world hires will get? Do we all do the same training, because it sounds like there is some pretty awesome makeup and brand information and training that everyone gets and I'd hate to miss out on it just because I'm an operations consultant. There also seems to be a lot of rules about the makeup you need to wear to work, any advice on that? Thanks everyone!
  21. I feel really stupid right now. I mistakenly tried to curl my hair with my flat iron without thinking first. I tried and then I burnt my hair. Now I think it's grey? But in some lighting it's not! I don't know! I'm a mess. Any tips to help burnt hair?? Is it possible for your hair to turn grey by burning it?
  22. Ask and ye shall receive! Welcome, Friends, to the December Low-Buy/No-Buy Support Thread!!!! We know that this can be one of the hardest months to resist spending- not just for ourselves, but for others as well. There are lots of temptations- sales, the need to find the perfect gift, getting caught up in the spirit (which isn't a bad thing in itself), and then there are decorations, food, drink, parties, etc. Let's try to keep a clear head while spending this month! Go forth and share your goals for the month, and have a few holiday treats here while we commiserate together! Also, check out my tags for this thread up at the top- help me think of some other funny ones we can use!
  23. Hi Ya'll! I need your fantastic brain power for some ideas... I have a really large group of people to buy for this Christmas and need ideas for gifts in the $10 to $20 range. Some of the group are couples and can be combined. They range from 60 to newborn =) I know it's early, but all the holiday gift sets coming out reminded me I need to get to work!
  24. Hello I have recently started a blog and I'm finding it difficult to decide on what I should base it on, so I have been quite vague and done it about my life and what I enjoy - mainly beauty and cooking. I was just wondering if anyone would be able to help me get ideas on what people would actually want to read about and even be interested in. I would really appreciate any feedback. Thanks K
  25. Just started a blog... I want it to be noticed by more people, any suggestions?? Thanks so much!! <3 Edited to remove blog link per TOS.

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