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Found 692 results

  1. What is the one makeup item you can't be without? for me it's mascara
  2. Reija

    Inglot & Jennifer Lopez

    The new Inglot and JLO Collection is being released this week. Who’s a fan of Inglot?
  3. Let me start off saying my mum doesn't really know much about makeup so for example if i were to do a natural look such as, Eyebrows, no foundation and just curled lashes and a bit of mascara she would go off at me. I am personally never into caked up and full glammed looks. I usually look like myself.. My mum always makes comments about who am i trying to impress and am i going out with some boy or something just because i'm wearing one makeup item on my face. I understand she wants her young teen to embrace her natural beauty, but i do. She mentioned how " you are used to it, wherever you go you have to apply something!" , " Girls who know how to glam up too early are the ones that are already starting to be interested in guys", " Obviously, because they want the guys to look at them, why else would they glam themselves up?". If my mum doesn't want me to do makeup anymore, okay i won't then i can go bare face and i have. It's not hard, she makes it seem like i absolutely can't leave without putting something on my face. Well, mum it's not like that. Everytime this topic is spoken about i really want to walk through a brick wall because my mum and my older brother don't seem to get me at all. She loves me to just go bare face. I can do that and i don't always wear makeup. I only fill in my brows when i feel like it and if she doesn't want me to from now on i won't, i can do that.. Im just annoyed and agitated that she doesn't understand the fact that i do not just wear a bit of makeup to impress boys. What should i do, should i just not wear makeup at all to make her happy? I want my mum to understand and know that a bit is okay just like at least its very subtle. My mum just wants me to go bare face not even filling my brows but when i fill them in she always makes a comment. Personally i don't try to aim for very dark eyebrows, like i said i like to keep it natural. Any advice? I personally think i should just only wear it on the weekends but weekdays don't wear anything. She mentioned that she doesn't mind weekends but for weekdays no i shouldn't wear anything.
  4. Who doesn't love high quality freebies? For a limited time, get a FREE pencil case with your purchase of a Flex Frame makeup clutch! Choose between two styles; keep it classy with our Sultry Pop Collection or make a statement with our Southwest Sunrise Collection. Or simply shake it up and add both to your personal collection and be the talk of the town. https://henrycharles.com/pages/omg-promos
  5. SandraSp1992

    Hey everyone!

    Hey everyone! My name is Sandra and I absolutely adore makeup, I could literally talk about it 24/7. I created a website: www.thevanitydesk.com and it would mean the world to me if you checked it out, liked it and even gave me some criticism if you want
  6. xxnikkixx

    Good Festival looks

    I'm looking for good festival looks to do on myself comment down below on what you think I should do!
  7. Jennifer907

    New Phone Case

    I recently purchase a phone case that can store makeup inside, I absolutely love it. How many of you guys on would use one to help keep your makeup more organised?
  8. Hello.This is extremely embarrassing for me, but I am a man and a while ago I tried some makeup just for a laugh. The problem is I found that I ended up really loving it and the way it made me feel. I am interested in looking into maybe getting some makeup but I have no idea what I'm doing. I was wondering if maybe anyone had any suggestions or recommendations on any products I should look into? I'm sorry I know it's strange and it's very embarrassing for me to ask about, and I hope it's not uncomfortable in any way at all. Thanks.
  9. JessicaCC

    Glass Skin

    Hello guys, So there's this trend going around which is called "glass skin" it originated from Korea. Basically is it smooth, clean, translucent skin - I would say this trend is not new as such as this look has been popular for a long time just with a different name to it. I know some people may not like the look of this as it might look like basically sweaty and oily face - but I also see how it appeals to people because who wouldn't like having clear and smooth skin like a baby face. I just want to know what you guys think of this? I have attempted the glass skin, by all means you don't need to watch it but all love and supported would be appreciated! Thank you and hope you guys are having a lovely day!
  10. Hey guys anyone looking for a brilliant makeup artist in the Limerick area Jen Enright is brilliant. Her website is here and her Instagram and Facebook are attached to her website. https://www.jenenrightmakeup.com/
  11. Hey guys anyone looking for a brilliant makeup artist in the Limerick Area Jen Enright is brilliant. Her website is here along with her social Facebook and Instagram. Here are pics of some of her looks she's created attached. https://www.jenenrightmakeup.com/
  12. Reija

    Colourpop New Releases

    Share all Colourpop new releases here! I figured it’s easier to have one central topic for the Colourpop new releases because there are so many. 😊
  13. Everyone has them! What do you do with your unwanted make up products? have you ever spent money on beauty products wanting results but only to be disapointed when foundation doesn't sit right on your skin type or isn't your shade? or products that were gifted to you but never used. Do you throw away those products out or give them away? if you could make money from your unwanted products, would you?? let me know girls and boys!!!
  14. Hey everyone! I am a beauty guide for Limelight by Alcone. I've been selling this product for around 2 months now. I tried the product and I fell in love so I had to sign up to sell it. Limelight stands behind their product 110%. If you order and you are not satisfied you have 30 days to return the product and get your refund back in full. We have makeup and skin care products. We have had so many success stories. Our foundation is 50% pigmented while other foundations are around 18% pigmented. I will post some pictures of the products and some information on some of the skin care. You should check out my link at www.limelightbyalcone.com/whitneywlunsford Also reply back to this thread and I will be happy to assist you with any questions you may have. All of our products are perfect. Limelight's return rate is less than 1% all over the world. This tells you that the products speak for themselves. Feel free to ask any questions and also feel free to check out my website and place your order. I promise you won't regret it. These products are really worth checking into.
  15. BeautyguideWhitney

    Limelight By Alcone

    Hey everyone! I am a beauty guide for Limelight by Alcone. We have some of the best products. Skin care and makeup. If you haven't tried it, you don't know what you are missing. I have tried everything and this is my new favorite. If you are interested I have a website to look at the products. I can answer any questions that you have. www.limelightbyalcone.com/whitneywlunsford Let's chat about what products you like and if you're interested in Limelight ask me any questions. Limelight stands behind their product 100% so if you order and you do not like it, you have 30 days to return it and get a full refund. Even if you use it the whole time! Professionals use this makeup brand! It's wonderful!!!
  16. Kat Von D is releasing a new brow collection 4/20. Thoughts?
  17. I’m a self-taught makeup artist. I’m starting a new Youtube channel. I’m planning to create makeup and lifestyle videos. I’ve been researching on this topic for a while now and I’m taking tips and opinions from different people. I’m also following so many amazing vloggers. Here are a few of my favourites. All these have definitely helped me improve. But more information never hurts right? So I'm here to get more tips from you all. What do you think I should do to become a successful Youtuber?
  18. Hey Guys! I've done so much shopping in the last week and I found a lot of beauty and jewelry deals from TJ Maxx and Macys, and a little bit of Sephora too. There are a lot of clearances going on right now so check out my video to see my finds and then head to the stores!
  19. Here is a video clip of the new MAC Pad Collection. Did you get anything from this collection? Thoughts?
  20. Wanted to share this post about the ELF flawless finish foundation. Sounds like a great one. Has anyone tried it or use it currently?
  21. Beautybeat22

    New to Mink EYELASHES

    Hey beauties I’m kind of new to the whole strip eyelashes thing, not like just started yesterday new but maybe 6 months ago kind of new. But there this pace on IG called @lashloveofficial they have amazing Mink eyelashes!! Like so pretty!!!! I think the prices ran from about $6 -$15 I ordered mine 2 days ago and they came today !! I love them !! There web site is http://Www.lashloveofficial.com I wanna know has anyone else’s try’s them but if now go check the out !! And thank me later lol 💋💋
  22. UpsnaaPicks

    Hi I'm Upsnaa :)

    Hi Everyone! My name is Upsnaa and I love all things beauty! I LOVE skincare, I think it's so important and I think we need to focus on it more. I also love making pretty and unique makeup looks. I have just started to use youtube to share looks. Here's a video so you can see some of my work: Here's my instagram: https://www.instagram.com/upsnaapicks/
  23. Here are some swatches of the Pat McGrath Bronze Ambition palette. Thoughts? Does anyone have this? Pat
  24. Hey Guys, This is my tip on keeping lipstick on ALL day long. It's super easy and it includes my super easy morning makeup as well.

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