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Found 25 results

  1. I'm a nail art lover ,want to make friend here !
  2. If you thought nail art was limited only to spring, summer, autumn, or winter, then you are wrong. There is something called monsoon nail designs. There are two types of women you will come across in the rainy season – the one who spends hours perfecting their nails and the on the move girl who does a quick job. The question is, which one do you fall under? These nail art designs should inspire you: Raindrops: How about getting those raindrops on your nails? Also, you can add small umbrellas painted on one nail. Use a light blue base shade and play around with deeper tones of blue Rainbow: There is a rainbow after the rain always. But why wait to spot it when you can have it on your nails. After you get the rainbow on your nails, coat it with a transparent nail paint Cloudy: You could have cloud emojis on your nails. Choose between sky or pale blue. You want the clouds to stand out Under the weather: If you are not a fan of the rainy season, you could try a grey and white shades as a contrast. The subtle colours balance the rest of the look Froggies: What is monsoon without spotting some frogs hopping around. Let your creativity run wild. You can play around with colours, studs, patterns, and so on. This nail art will be amazing
  3. Nail manicure like clothing have their own fashion colors and popular styles. Which is the Summer Nail Colors 2018? Light color nail art (pink and transparent), lighter rose red nail art, dark coffee color nail art, red and green frosted nail art, dark chocolate color nail art, transparent color decoration nail art, gradient nail art ! Maybe you'll like :Hottest Summer Nail Colors 2018
  4. HELLO If you are passionate about nails art and stamping you don’t have to visit the salon on a regular basis in order to have beautiful nails. now you can do it yourself at home in this video you ll find the best collection of nails art with new ideas and the easy steps
  5. How to choose the color of nail polish according to the occasions? We should know that a suitable color of nail polish will make you more charming. Different occasions, different colors. Today, let’s talk about that. Working occasions: elegant, steady color Women who need to go to work everyday can choose elegant , steady and warm colors to add luster. For example, we can choose pale pink or translucent which are close to the skin color. That will make people feel more natural and not exaggerated, and make you kindly. P.S. Grey, blue, black or green are too personalized. That’s not suitable in workplace. Social occasions: dazzling color Careful selection of nail polish is an important step in the winter when you are ready to attend a dinner or social events. Gold, red, purple and other luxuriant colors of the nail polish will make you become the focus. The color of nail polish should be consistent with the color of your clothes. At least in the same color series. Oh yes..one more thing. If you have many bottles of nail polish, I recommend nail polish holder. It's for 48 bottles, and can make them more tidy. Easy to carry and look inside. If you have any other suggestions of this topic. Share with us!! Thanks for watching.
  6. My name is Lori Halloway and I have been a licensed Nail Technician for 23 years and licensed Cosmetologist for 14 years. I have owned Voila Salon & Spa in Saline, MI for 14 years and have 9 employees. I have a large and loyal clientele and still work in the salon 40+ hours a week. I am the Author of the book Shear Savvy Secrets and Strategies for Successful Salon Apprenticeships that was published in 2009. I am married, have two children, three dogs. I also serve on the board as the High School PTO Treasurer. I want to share my knowledge with the world and help other licensed professionals and salon owners. Become the best nail technician/manicurist you can be. Learn the "How" and "Why" described in detail through video instruction. You will learn more than you ever thought you needed to know. I also have a blog http://cosmetologyapprenticeship.com/meticulousmanicurist/. To watch my tutorials you can go to my channel at https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC8O6B9XeAoG10cKUdYGC3YQ
  7. Hello everyone, It's so great whenever I got my new nails. After watching some videos on youtube, I spend 2 days to try 3 new models. it's so crazy check out some nail patterns here, and I hope it's useful for you!!
  8. Hello everyone, I was wondering which color should I choose for this summer . Loving is just a factor to choose, nails also should be suitable with the season. How do you think? Which color do you often use in Summer ? #an-C0GrMaFw So many patterns to choose!!!! #JU-hXSUCzb0
  9. Hi guys Today I want to give you a video of Nail Art Compilation. Very beautiful nails in this video Let's check out Here is the link : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lx26y2CGWA4 Hope you guys enjoy these patterns
  10. Reform Gel Paint Collection is a new generation of highly pigmented color gels of very thin consistency and can be used as paints. You will love working with gel paints. Why? Here are some reasons Here: How to paint 3d nail Video 1 click here Video 2 click here waiting 5 second click skip. Video 3 click here waiting 5 second click skip.
  11. Hello everyone! Just a quick hi from me -MyDesigns4You. My name is Mila. I'm a nail artist on YouTube, where I upload quick and easy nail art and toenail art designs. So if you love nail art visit my channel or take a look at my gallery here on makeuptalk! Hope you'll like it! xxxx
  12. Hi everybody! I love creating nail art decors with a peace of kitchen sponge. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BYPN1TcfzcM& Please share other sponge nail art tips! How do you protect areas around your nails from being covered by the nail polish? I hate cleaning it with a nail polish remover, I prefer to somehow protect it in advance. Please share your tips.
  13. Hi everyone!! Wanted to share with you all a really easy nail design I did today! They are called ikat nails. You can find a tutorial on how to recreate this easy design on YouTube. I used lilac from Sally Hansen Xtreme nails, China Glaze flip flop fantasy as an accent, and also used Black and white Stripe Rite to get the small details down. Hope you like!! Please follow my beauty page @beautybysarahsmith
  14. Hello.If you'd like to learn some new valentine's day nail art with heart using a tape and acrylic paint you are welcome to check out a video link bellow.I used red,gold,pink and white colors to create some nice nail art.Do you like ombre nail art?i made one ombre nail using acrylic paints and cosmetic sponge.red polish and beautifull red french nail art.something simple and modern. http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLMyDIsiteMrpVtJiy9GJYkCqZnozjS9Y9
  15. Hello.Gorgeous combination of black,red and gold colors!Try to make thicker coats so the nail polish spreads easy with a needle.Enjoy watching tutorial video.Thank you! http://youtu.be/2GSRqTtFX5U
  16. Hello.OMG we need flowers for Valentine's day!DIY Roses for Valentine's day nail art tutorial. http://youtu.be/XPnRSF3gr18?list=PLMyDIsiteMrpVtJiy9GJYkCqZnozjS9Y9
  17. Hello everyone.Easy way to make nice and cool nail art using couple nail polishes and a needle,this nail art looks like waves for me.what do you think?Any comment is good comment.Thank you!
  18. Hello everybody!This is one of my favorite and easy videos how to make a flower using nail polishes and a needle.Please feel free to ask any questions.Thank you.
  19. Good day everyone.Here are couple tutorials on how to make easy elegant wedding nail art using nail polishes and a needle for short or long nails.Any comment would be a good comment.Thank you.
  20. Hello everyone.I would like to share some designs for short nails using a needle.If you'd like to see tutorials please reply and i will sent you a link.If you have any questions feel free to ask.Sincerely Maya.
  21. Hello Everyone, I'm Rams from India. I'm really passionate about beauty, fashion, nail art & beauty DIY. I;m a beauty blogger, i love to share my experience and my nail arts to the world through my blog. I'm looking forward to participate in the community.
  22. This September marked the start of the 31 Day Challenge 2014 for many polish lovers. Last year we had two threads - one for those who aim to do the entire challenge in September, one mani a day; and another for those who take it at a slower pace. I hope that we can share our Challenge manis here no matter the pace. (I know there will be a lot of great images to be posted by those who have already started, yay!) The concept of the Challenge is to encourage us to enjoy and develop our skills by working through 31 themed manis: in colours, patterns, and inspired by specific ideas. I look forward to enjoying the amazing ideas of this group here; and hope we can motivate each other to try it, especially for those for whom it's the first time, and to make it through all 31 manis!: Thanks to Sarah from Chalkboard Nails for this summarizing chart graphic. I'm really enthusiastic about having those who don't or haven't yet 'done nail art' involved! Why not post the first eight manis and see where it takes you? No experience is required to participate!
  23. Hi all! I am new and was wondering if there was a section specifically designated to nail art. I did not see any but I figured it was worth asking.
  24. Hi polish-loving people! I posted my last 30 Manis Marathon (http://www.makeuptalk.com/f/topic/126767-30-manis-marathon-2013/?hl=%20challenge) mani only very recently, but we haven't had this kind of thing on here for a while. And Jay @@JC327 mentioned an interest in doing another one. I'm interested in doing another -slow- one! So I'm all for input from here from folks with experience; here is my idea: So - What do you think of doing another moderately and reasonably s l o w - paced marathon (every 4 or 5 days, so it would take four or five months, but not be a huge personal time-commitment or nail-health pressure?) where the 30 inspirations are people's submitted manis from here? The inspirations could be manis that are one straight cream colour, or a shimmer, or a glitter, or any other sort of polish, or they could be manis with nail art of some sort too. I think there could be plenty of flexibility in taking an inspiration from complex to simple by choosing one colour from a mani, or interpreting a mani with rhinestones (which I don't have, for example) from 3D to 2D by using polish to represent them, etc. and from simple to complex by adding variations of colour, stamping, or 3D elements. I think it would be fun! If there's interest, here's the new thread. I haven't done anything like this before, so if someone is interested in helping with collecting and putting together the inspirations into an image that would be great. I'm thinking of something where you could see all the inspiration thumbnails, but then could also see/zoom in on? the specific 'inspiration of the 4/5 days' as well. So, the first thing would be to collect some (well, thirty) inspirations. We'll see how many are interested in submitting, and can then do one or two or more! per person. I reserve a spot! I'll see how we do on collecting the inspirations and then we can set up a start-time. Beginners are definitely most welcome, both for inspiration submission and for marathon participation! And I look forward to input and advice from everyone! If you're planning to submit an inspiration mani, please let me know! I'll let you know how to send them. I'll post updates on this challenge here, and am thinking it would be nice to get started in two weeks (or less if possible). Thoughts people? The rest of the post has been edited by @bellatrix42 Welcome to the 30 Inspiration Nail Art Challenge 2014! I am so excited to get this under way. I am adding the inspiration images, FAQ, schedule, and other information to this post so that everyone can find it easily. Side note: Does anyone know how to change spoiler titles on the new MUT? I knew how to do it before the site switch, but I can't figure it out. I am putting the various topics in this thread under spoiler tags to keep the scrolling to a minimum. @@Monika1 has been doing a fantastic job at getting this marathon going. Feel free to ask myself (bellatrix42) or Monika any questions you might have. Remember, anyone with any skill level is welcome to join us and even submit an inspiration at any time. We would love to have you! For those of you interested in submitting an inspiration mani: Please don't hesitate! Your manicure doesn't have to be immaculate or fancy. An inspiration can pretty much be anything. Think colors, patterns, nail art techniques, textures, finishes, themes, or anything else you might imagine. We have a hashtag! To find our fab manis or post one of your own, use #30MUTmanis Frequently Asked Questions Schedule Inspiration Volunteer Sign Ups Inspirations! Inspiration Set One Inspiration Set Two Inspiration Set Three Inspiration Set Four

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