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Found 32 results

  1. I am a dress designer but struggling when it comes to makeup. Sp i want to learn the makeup and need advise cosmetics products buying...
  2. Hey guys! I just joined the group. I always review products before I purchase so decided I would start my own youtube channel to review products myself, specifically makeup. Also plan on adding some reviews on makeuptalk. Feel free to like or subscribe to my youtube channel
  3. Hi i came to makeup talk to learn how to do makeup and make this a hobby so that i become happier in my life. As they say in meme-land "Reddit was not it chief" i spent more time fighting with other people than actually discussing makeup. I hope this site will be a kinder place that will actually protect people from being harassed.
  4. Hello, I am pretty new to make up, I'm late to the game at 25 and just recently bought my first makeup at wall mart, the City Mini Pallets in Concrete Runway and Chill Brunch Neutrals, plus a lacquer liner in black.. Otherwise, i have used what people have just given me at random. A child's kit I got when I was 12 is still being used.. I am looking to get into make up more and have been looking at Kits because I don't really know what I am doing and I figured having a lot of colours could be useful. I am looking at the two kits by Shany on Amazon, the "All About That Face" and the "Harmony". I don't really know much about makeup.. I have watched videos online and read through what I could find, but I am still in the loss.. If there are other kits.. is it all the same makeup? or even not in Kits. If you get one colour of eye shadow from one set from Shany and the same colour from another set from Shany, are they the same exact pigment and everything? What is everyone's take on these kits? P.S. A lot of people say to not get kits, but.. they are cheap and have a lot in them so I can play around and figure out what I like. I have been to the mall a few times to have someone do my make-up trying to figure out what I want.. but.. to be honest the few times I have been to have it done it was terrible.. my little sister could have done better. So i opt to make a lot of mistakes while watching Youtube videos.. xD I am planing on buying one of the kits or another like it within the next week or two. So I am hoping for a few opinions on the two kits.. I am mostly looking for eyeshadow, but that is because that is all I have ever really used.
  5. Hello! I just joined, and just wanted to say hi. My name is Ingrid and i'm from Norway. I'm a 23 yo lipstick obsessed girl, and have a passion for cosmetics and beauty in general. Looking forward to discuss and learn more about makeup
  6. Hi everyone! I'm relatively new here. I've had an account on this forum but have been inactive for a very long time! But I'm back talking non-stop beauty I also have a youtube channel which I'm in love with. I post every week specialising in makeup tutorials for oily skins and asian skin tones, however I try and keep the content varied to suit everyone - youtube: shreyamasters92 - would love the support! xxx
  7. Hey everyone My name is Stef and I am delighted to be in a community full of wonderful young ladies with the same passion as me A little bit about myself. I'm 26 years old and I live in the Gold Coast, Australia. I moved here all by myself almost 2 years ago from New Zealand and I love it!! No regrets! I was a hairdresser for 10 years but decided I wanted a change so I now work in retail. I'm so much happier now but I will always have hairdressing behind me. I guess to the main purpose of me signing up to this forum. I started up my own Youtube channel a few months ago and I have recently hit my mini milestone of 100 subs (yaaaay). I post up videos weekly about beauty and make up. I'm no professional guru or make up artist, I just tend to do my own thing with my make up, try out new products and techniques, give my own personal reviews on a few selected products, mini tutorials and I show off my shopping hauls too. So I would love for any of you to come check out my channel and let me know what you think I appreciate any feedback but please be nice lol take in mind I'm still new to all this I wouldn't mind checking out anyone elses channels on here too and I'm all up for supporting one another. Now when I say that, PLEASE don't spam me!! I want anyone to subscribe to my channel because they actually like my content. Not just because they only want something out of it for themselves. And another reason for signing up is I would love to see anyones opinions on certain make up products, and any mini tutorials to help me improve my skills.... I can't slay a winged eyeliner or a cut crease for the life of me!!!! Feel free to introduce youself. Would be nice making new friends on here and sharing my interest with others Thank you for reading xoxo My channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCRIBP-nBJEHoApU3M_FzzBg Tumblr: Silly Peanut Glitter
  8. Hello Makeuppers! Howdy everyone? So very glad I found this place. Thanks for sharing. Looking forward to see and make people beautiful with shapes,textures, colors and scents.
  9. Hey everyone! I'm new to Makeuptalk but not new to makeup I'm seventeen and a self-proclaimed makeup geek with experience using both drugstore and higher end products. I'm excited to see what this site is all about! Thanks! -Mickey B
  10. Hey guys! I'm Midnight_Masquerade, otherwise known as Destiny! I'm new to Makeuptalk, just joined today, and I cannot wait to review products and get into discussions! I'm so glad to be on this platform since so many of my friends are not into makeup like I am. Plus, I can't wait to make some new friends. Also, I own a Youtube channel with my friend Leandra (she does the nail design/fashion/natural hair portion of the channel but I do the beauty portion) and it would be awesome and super appreciated if you guys could subscribe! Our channel is here: http://bit.ly/21ARFQb Can't wait to be a part of this lovely community!
  11. Hello everyone, we are new here. We are hoping that we can exchange ideas and help each other. We are so happy to join makeup talk. We are not a professional makeup artist just enthusiast. We are quite new to YouTube and blogging but we are trying our best to make a quality video and informative blog. We hope that you could support us. Enjoy! Have a great day! -Aliya Lee "Stay Pretty"
  12. Hello guys! My name is Jamie-Leigh and i've just signed up here today! I'm so excited to get involved on this forum and meet all you lovely makeup addicts! It would be great to get some responses and get to know some of you! I actually have a blog which is how I ended up finding this website so if you're interested in checking it out feel free:-) www.jamieleighcla.blogspot.co.uk Thanks for having me! Jamie.
  13. Hi Ladies! I'm new to MUT and I'm very excited to join this community! Exited to join in on some of your topics! I'm have a channel on youtube... If anyone else if on youtube, please leave your links! I'd love to follow some of your channels. Here's mine! ~> http://www.youtube.com/gloriaj09 ]
  14. Hey everyone! My name is Stephanie & I'm a nursing student which leaves me with very little time for anything else at the moment. But pre-nursing school when I actually had a life (I swear I did!), modeling was one of my hobbies that I enjoyed very much. I love being a part of something greater than myself and creating beautiful artwork to share with the world. Experimenting with makeup has always been a passion of mine and being able to collaborate with all different kinds of artists is just an awesome feeling. I've attached a pic of an awesome shoot I did with an amazingly talented makeup artist. I'm looking forward to finding out about all the greatest products from you guys and exchanging tips/secrets!
  15. Hey everyone, Hope all my fellow makeup addicts are doing ok haha I just recently joined MakeupTalk and i'm excited to see what it's about. I own a cosmetics company called Infinitely Hers and so I think it is important for me to communicate with makeup lovers more often. (hopefully I didn't just break any rules by putting the name of the company *covers face*) I did try adding a signature. Can anyone help me with that? I don't think it worked enough rambling. Happy Sunday!! xoxo
  16. Just dropping by to introduce myself. I'm a makeup junkie and former makeup artist, turned government employee, but I still dabble in makeup in my spare time. My favourite makeup brands include MAC, NYX, Melt, Makeup Forever & Anastasia Beverly Hills. I live in British Columbia, Canada with my husband and two cats.. My biggest passions are bodybuilding/fitness, makeup, and writing. Looking forward to discussing makeup-related topics with everyone here. So, hello everyone!
  17. Heeey Lovelies! I'm Kaityln and i'm new to this forum I'm really into fashion and beauty, gymnastics/cheerleading, baking, writing for my blog, and photography I love beauty and I think there's beauty in everything and everyone that's one of the reasons i'm vegetarian actaully <3
  18. Hi everybody! I'm new at make-up talk and I've already found some good tips here! I hope I will also meet new friends here! Sorry in advance for any grammar mistakes, english is not my mother tongue.
  19. Hi there! I've just discovered this forum and am so excited! I've always worn makeup and for years (I'm talking around 20), I have always worn it exactly the same way. I started selling Younique Products late last year and its opened up a whole new world for me. I seriously never thought I would like playing with make up so much! So I'm so keen to learn from everyone here and experiment! JenQ
  20. Hello there, Makeuptalk members! I must say that I'm fairly new to the makeup artists' world. I have always loved makeup and how it can transform you in very drastic ways, but I was (or still am) a little bit clumsy. That's why I decided to start from 0, and joined a makeup 101. Of course I still learning the basics, but I really think I am improving. I don't go to a very renowed school, but the products they use are awesome and the techniques I'm learning are really helping me understand this marvelous world. What I love the most is that the posibilities are endless, and I might not want to do it to make money after I finish the whole thing, but it its incredibly relaxing and it is definitely something I want to keep learning and getting better at. I don't know a lot of brands or whats good for me, because I am still learning. I used to stick to MAC all the time because that was the first brand I went to after I stopped using drug store makeup (I still do, but it is not my first option anymore), so be prepared for a lot of questions about brands, product reviews and eye shadow palettes, which are currently a big obsession of mine. Please let me know what your favorite makeup palettes are! Other than that, I am an eternal dreamer, hopleless romantic, I have a fluctuating personality and I usually picture myself in a different world. I talk to myself a lot. I went to college and have a bachelor's in Linguistics. I love traveling, going shopping, learning new skills, reading and writing. I'm an Aries, pure dazzling fire. My favorite color is pink. I have three pets: a poodle named Vokdo, a mixed Chihuaha named Tony and my adorable baby kitty (who is not a kitty anymore), Ziggy. Oh, and I live in Mexico. I am really looking forward to make new friends and listen to all your tips and makeup experiences! You're the experts! Lots of love, Killer Queen
  21. Hi there, my name is Sabrina. I am 24 years old and I love makeup! I recently started my own Younique business. I am looking to network so I decided joining the forum would be a great way to do that! Other than Younique, I love music, reading, my cat, and traveling. I look forward to chatting with everyone
  22. I am so hoping that there are a few people that wanted to respond to my title with a: "Hi Dr Nick!". So a little about me: - currently live in the USA - lover of makeup - hoarder collector of makeup (ooh! must get all the shiny new products! *grabby hands!*) - love learning about ingredients in skin care products and what they do (cough*nerd*cough) - known to break out in song and movie quotes - Owl fanatic - Pumpkin spice obsessed (pumpkin spice all the things!) - Fandoms galore are welcome for discussion with me - Geek - would love a steampunk style makeup room (uh, who wouldn't!) Can't wait to delve in and learn all that I can and have fun!
  23. Hey Everyone, I though I'd join for sometime now and finally have...I love make up and beauty related products...for me its an art and a way of being creative as well as enhancing our already existing beauty.... Recently I have started a beauty blog and I thought I could learn more by joining Makeup talk and share my findings too.... I like to keep things real, genuine and honest- that is how I aim to keep my blog.... check it out when you can.... Hope to make lots of new friends, discover amazing new products,tips and info and also share my findings!.... ~SabZ~ www.beautyfyingbeauty.com
  24. Hi everyone! I'm Vartika Sharma from Canada and I'm here to connect with my makeup loving sisters. I am a huge makeup lover, just like you all are and I am so excited to talk makeup cosmetics with all of you Honestly, I feel like I can only talk so much with my regular friends because they are not as passionate about makeup as I am. Which is completely fine. I respect their choices. But I'm here to learn/share tips with all you girlies who are also as passionate as I am. With that being said, let's be friends?
  25. Hi All! I'm so excited to be a part of this forum. I've grown tired of all my regular channels and people I follow on instagram so I'm looking for some fun new makeup topics and ideas! With that said, I've just entered a makeup competition to win a scholarship to Cinema Makeup School. My entry video is here on youtube (link removed) and here's the link to the voting (link removed) Much love and super thanks to all of you that vote! Sarah

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