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Found 129 results

  1. Hey, Does anyone know which brushes are the best for a flawless makeup? What brand would you recommend? -> Doesn't have to be expensive or cheap Thanks
  2. Everyone has them! What do you do with your unwanted make up products? have you ever spent money on beauty products wanting results but only to be disapointed when foundation doesn't sit right on your skin type or isn't your shade? or products that were gifted to you but never used. Do you throw away those products out or give them away? if you could make money from your unwanted products, would you?? let me know girls and boys!!!
  3. Hey all! I'm new to the forum and super-excited to chat with you all! I've got a question! So, I have an olive-y skin tone. I tan easily. In BareMinerals, the closest I can get to my shade is Medium-Beige. Clinique is off, and there are a few others that I've tried too, over the years. The thing is, all of the brands I've tried never really perfectly match. They're always just a smidge too pink or red. It's so frustrating because in most light I can get away with it, but in natural sunlight, you can totally tell the difference! Ugh! Can anyone relate? Are there any brands out there specifically for olive-y or skin with a yellower undertone? Or brands that include these tones? Help! This would be like extra-added-super-bonus, but I prefer non-comedogenic products, when possible. Chat soon! <3
  4. So about two months ago I was diagnosed with super sensitive skin, acne, and rosacea. My dermatologist told me no more scrubs, no more saliclyic acid (my skin is basically too sensitive to it and it was causing cystic acne), I'm sensitive to silicones (make me break out), and just "switch to non-comedogenic make-up." Luckily my skin is not that red compared to others I've seen, but it I'm just all over rosy. I'm less worried about the rosiness, and wayyyyyy more concerned with my acne and oily skin. My routine consists of the following: -CeraVe Normal to Oily Face Wash -Adapalene Cream (Differin) .1% -EpiCeram emulsion [as my moisturizer] -Persa-gel spot treatment for moderate to severe cystic acne [has lessened since routine/makeup change, but blackheads and such have continued] -Benzyl Peroxide 2.5% cream for skin when needed, but dries me out too much to use too often -Everyday Minerals matte face powder in ivory (1N) + EM concealer when needed My skin gets incredibly oily within two hours (literally what a pool of oil in a pan looks like) with or without make-up on. I was using the Everyday Minerals anti-shine powder, but it made my face feel like it had a bunch of dirt on it once the oil was soaked up into it and reached its saturation point. Blotting papers only solve the problem for about a half hour or so, and it's impossible as a teacher to continually fix my make-up. What can I possibly do??? My skin was so sensitive that the dry to normal CeraVe face wash irritated my skin (I'm guessing Cetyl alcohol because it isn't in the version I use now). Primers that work all seem to have silicones in them Literally, my make-up doesn't stay on longer than two hours. On the weekend I barely wear make-up but it's the same deal - feel like I have to wash my face by mid-morning. Please help!!
  5. Here is the thread for the makeup Holiday Collections. Post all makeup related Holiday collections and releases here.
  6. Welcome !! Get an insight on MY HOLY GRAILS! That I swear by! Even if its years down the line! From SKIN CARE to HAIRCARE to MAKEUP to BRUSHES, <<<------ You got to try at least one of them out! I 100% recommend it!! You're honestly missing out if you don't have any =P Ps, I would be grateful for any support and subscribers to my youtube channel! Interaction is amazing!
  7. Lucy Hale's look from the last night's Teen Choice Awards The look was created by Avon celebrity makeup artist, Kelsey Deenihan. Eyes: To start, Kelsey applied Avon True Color Perfectly Matte Lipstick in Supurb Wine to Lucy’s lids, bottom lash line and crease using a fluffy eyeshadow brush. This lipstick acts as a primer and base color for her dramatic eye look. Next, she applied the bottom left red shade from the Chanel Candeur ET Experience Les 4 Ombres Multi-Effect Quadra Eyeshadow. She finished off the dramatic eye using Avon Big and Daring Volume Mascara in Black and defined Lucy’s brows with the Dior Universal Eyebrow Pencil. Face: Kelsey began on Lucy’s skin by applying a thin veil of Armani Power Fabric Foundation in 5 to her face and décolletage. On the cheeks she started with Tom Ford Bronzing Powder in Gold Dust followed by mark. By Avon Touch and Glow Shimmer Cream Cubes All Over Face Palette to add a soft, pearly and pink glow to the cheeks. Lips: To complete the look, Kelsey used mark. All Butter Now Lip Treat in Bare All. Kelsey lightly misted Lucy’s face with the Avon True Color Makeup Setting Spray.
  8. Hey everyone! I'm brand new here! I wanted to share my new blog post dealing with what I think are some of the best drugstore makeup products! I'd love it if you checked it out and gave me feedback. You can find it here. What are some of your drugstore favorites?
  9. What is your best method to fill your eyebrows when you are in a hurry? do you prefer powders, pencils... ?
  10. Kim Kardashian West announce her own makeup line on IG. The makeup line will be released June 21st at https://kkwbeauty.com/ Thoughts?
  11. Has anyone tried the Besame brightening violet powder? The package looks beautiful. I've used violet primers before but not a powder. https://besamecosmetics.com/collections/face/products/brightening-violet-powder?mc_cid=d572baa571&mc_eid=3aed015621
  12. The Alexis Ren Colourpop collection is launching 2/3 at 10am Pacific. Here are some of the items from the collection. https://www.instagram.com/p/BP8qFwIAay9/
  13. I watched this video that shows Drew Barrymore and her morning makeup routine. In the video she pats moisturizer on with her finger tips after applying the foundation. I've never tried that but will now. Does anyone else do it that way? I guess it's more like setting spray but instead of setting spray she uses moisturizer and pats it in which adds extra moisture. Here are the steps from her video (looks like a lot of steps but it goes quickly: Foundation stick Highlighter Contour Blush Moisturizer patted in Lip Liner Lipstick A little bit of lipstick on cheeks Powder concealer Mascara Here is a link to the video: https://thescene.com/watch/vogue/drew-barrymore-on-the-go-makeup?source=player_scene_logo
  14. Kat Von D and Too Faced are partnering up on a collection. The collection is called Better Together and it's coming out 12/26/16.
  15. What are some recommendations on foundations for really oily skin? Now, when I say I have oily skin, I don't mean shiny. I mean I wash my face and ten minutes later, you can see your thumb print on my forehead. I've tried astringent, oil free makeups, even some homemade "remedies". Nothing has worked. My makeup always looks and feels really sticky, even when I'm not wearing a lot. It's embarrassing and annoying. Any opinions, besides going to a dermatologist? Thanks!
  16. My easy "no makeup" tutorial takes 10 minutes or less. This is something I can do every day, even if I don't feel like putting makeup on. It brightens up my complexion and helps me appear youthful and alive.
  17. I have never really had a set of nice, expensive make up brushes, but now I have a new better paid job I have been considering investing in a good set. But are the more expensive ones really worth it? I have always bought ones that don't feel horrible and the hairs don't fall out as soon as you touch them, but what other benefits are there for the more up-market ones?
  18. Hey everyone, My name is Melissa van Dijk and I'm new in this forum I honestly have to say that I need to work out this page What kind of contouring would you recommend: With a Bronzer powder or creamy colors? Thanks Melissa van Dijk
  19. Hey guys! I have heard great things about the Hourglass Ambient Lighting Powders however I don't know which shade to purchase. I want a finishing powder that gives an glow overall to the the skin as I hate looking matte and I have very dry skin. Any suggestions would be extremely grateful. I wear the following shades in foundations if this helps : Mac: NW20 YLS: BR20 Giorgio Armani Luminous silk foundation: shade 4 No.7: Calico Rimmel: True Ivory
  20. MAC has a new Nutcracker Sweet Collection out. Here are the details. Thoughts on this collection?
  21. Hello! I'm new on this forum, and I'm new on makeup in general. The only experience I have is one time I went to Sephora, to get some makeup because I was going to a wedding and I wanted to look nice haha So, to throw it out, I have very pale skin (I like it that way) with some redness around my nose (which is my first concern) and some acne scars (only discoloration) My face tends to get very oily and I use to sweat around my nose and mouth area (when it's hot outside) also my skin is sensitive, so not all makeup works on me... I've only used mineral makeup, which was the Sephora lady recommendation. Afters this short introduction to my skin, I want to say that I've only used powder, no concealer, no primer, nothing. I only own a bareminerals powder foundation and some red lipstick. I want to try liquid fundation, because I like the dewy look, but I don't know if it will feel like I have a mask on... I think I have a pretty clear skin, so I'm only concerned about the discoloration, I don't have acne, or scars, or wrinkles... I just want to have nice one color skintone haha What do you recommend me? I know you need to set the liquid foundation with some powder, but I want a very light coverage that doesn't make my face matte... I'm sorry if I'm asking to much, I just have a very small knowledge off makeup (I follow some youtube gurus and that's all).
  22. Laura Mercier has a new candleglow pressed powder out at Sephora. Has anyone tried it yet? Thoughts?
  23. Since October is breast cancer awareness month, I thought it would be nice to have a thread listing different makeup products that support Breast Cancer Awareness.

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