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Found 71 results

  1. I'm a man, I've always had a tired face and it looks really bad. I wanted to know what kind of makeup would you recommend me to use, something simple but effective, like the erborian cc cream, I also tried the erborian cc dull correct since it says that it removes your tired face but this has glitter effect and that is very notorious as female makeup. Please i just want look healthy u_u. The normal Erborian cc cream reduces fatigue a little but not enough, I hope you have some recommendations. I also think that the primer plays an important role so do not forget to comment it too. Thank you very much ??????.
  2. I'm a guy, and I've been trying to use the Hourglass No 28 Primer Serum under my Bella Terra BB Cream, but its difficult to get it to blend in right. Also some days it seems to work fine, but other days it doesn't and it will be really noticeable that I have it on my face. I've been using 1 Pump of the Primer on my face, and have even let it set for 10-15min before applying my BB Cream. Could I be doing something else wrong, or is this Oil Based Primer and Silicone Foundation just not compatible with each other?
  3. Hey! I'm 28 years old and I've NEVER been able to find makeup that works for me. Foundation is my downfall. I put it on and it somehow goes all patchy and funny coloured on my skin. I've tried mousse type, liquid and powder. I just always look ridiculous so I never wear it. (I have oily skin in parts and large pores) Does anyone else have this problem? Any advice? Foundations to try? Am I supposed to use something under the foundation? I'm a total beginner!
  4. Here is the thread for the makeup Holiday Collections. Post all makeup related Holiday collections and releases here.
  5. Hey everyone! I am a beauty guide for Limelight by Alcone. I've been selling this product for around 2 months now. I tried the product and I fell in love so I had to sign up to sell it. Limelight stands behind their product 110%. If you order and you are not satisfied you have 30 days to return the product and get your refund back in full. We have makeup and skin care products. We have had so many success stories. Our foundation is 50% pigmented while other foundations are around 18% pigmented. I will post some pictures of the products and some information on some of the skin care. Also reply back to this thread and I will be happy to assist you with any questions you may have. All of our products are perfect. Limelight's return rate is less than 1% all over the world. This tells you that the products speak for themselves. Feel free to ask any questions and also feel free to check out my website and place your order. I promise you won't regret it. These products are really worth checking into.
  6. Hi, I recently discovered when applying my makeup that one side of my face, my cheeks and neck, become blotchy immediately after applying my makeup. I apply a primer beforehand to try moisturize this area with no luck. It's not dry skin and it makes my makeup look awful then. I've tried multiple different foundations with the same response and different ways of blending (oval brush, stippling brush, beauty blender, hands etc.) Any help on this would be much appreciated!!!
  7. Welcome !! Get an insight on MY HOLY GRAILS! That I swear by! Even if its years down the line! From SKIN CARE to HAIRCARE to MAKEUP to BRUSHES, <<<------ You got to try at least one of them out! I 100% recommend it!! You're honestly missing out if you don't have any =P Ps, I would be grateful for any support and subscribers to my youtube channel! Interaction is amazing!
  8. Did anyone try peaches from TooFaced line? I had been wanting to get the original palette but thinking I have palettes to last me a lifetime, I may not be able to reach for it often. Anyway, I scoured the internet to check the new Peaches and Cream line, and I admit, I am tempted to get one of each! Check out the entire line here. Photo credit: Image Source: POPSUGAR Photography / Lauren Levinson Most of them are not released yet. One product though is available through Sephora ONLY for today before the official release.
  9. Kim Kardashian West announce her own makeup line on IG. The makeup line will be released June 21st at https://kkwbeauty.com/ Thoughts?
  10. Yesterday, I received in the mail my order of the new formula from the Farsali Skincare line: Unicorn Essence Oil Free Antioxidant Serum + Essence. I applied 3 drops to a clean and moisturized face; one drop on each cheek and one on my forehead. I go into greater detail on my facebook group (you can find the link in my signature), but I am already in love! It smells absolutely lovely! It reminds me of candy And it matches so perfectly with the sparkly pink shade. It is kind of runny but it absorbs so well into the skin, leaving it dewy and "fresh" feeling. Has anyone else tried this product??
  11. Hi I am so frustrated i thought id see if there was any help out there for me. Throughout the day my foundation is patchy and looks as if there are dry patches along with really oily patches on my face. I use a lot of skin care products Night:clinique Liquid exfoliater, garnier misceller water, Estee lauder essence, Estee lauder serum, Estee eye serum. Morning: was my face with an exfoliating sponge and witch oil free face wash, Clinique moisturizer, ginzing eye cream & Eucerin SPF 30 face moisturizer. for my make up ive tried several different primers including becca oil controlling but this made it worse Ive tried porefessional - no help make up for ever - no help mac prep and prime - no help So i gave up with primers and just apply foundation directly onto my skin with a make up sponge then my nars creamy concelaer and then laura mercier translucent powder. I have an idea that because my skin is quite oily that is the reason its patchy as the foundation slides around my face? Any advice is appreciated!
  12. What are some recommendations on foundations for really oily skin? Now, when I say I have oily skin, I don't mean shiny. I mean I wash my face and ten minutes later, you can see your thumb print on my forehead. I've tried astringent, oil free makeups, even some homemade "remedies". Nothing has worked. My makeup always looks and feels really sticky, even when I'm not wearing a lot. It's embarrassing and annoying. Any opinions, besides going to a dermatologist? Thanks!
  13. Hey, I need some recommendations with dry and sensible/irritating skin when using new makeup products.. This lovely woman has a really dry skin and she's using the renewing concealer and baby skin primer by Maybelline, the Katy Perry mascara, and NYC eyeliner.. she's using them just for special events and doesn't really know what to do because her skin gets irritated. She doen't know what skincare to use for dry skin, black circles and wrinkles.. Does anyone know some natural based products? Thanks
  14. My easy "no makeup" tutorial takes 10 minutes or less. This is something I can do every day, even if I don't feel like putting makeup on. It brightens up my complexion and helps me appear youthful and alive.
  15. The Covergirl & Olay Simply ageless primer won the Allure Beauty award for the best primer. Has anyone tried this? Thoughts? Just wanted to pass the info along to anyone looking for a new primer.
  16. Here's a few behind the scene photos from a shoot I did hair and makeup for in Coral Gables, Florida this past weekend.
  17. Hi everyone I am currently writing a blog post on make up which hasn't been tested on animals which can be purchased on the high street. I know of the following brands - B. Superdrug's own brand - Barry M - NYX - Too Faced - Urban Decay - I know the last two aren't technically high street Do you know of any other brands? And are there any products from these brands that you would recommend? Thanks Emma x
  18. I am at my last straw... I have never had a problem with how my make up sits on my face until recently. I came home one day from work with a patchy face where my make up clung to my forehead, cheeks and mouth. I have tried over 8 new foundations from Covergirl, Mac, Rimmel, Revlon Colorstay, Maybellene Fit Me Matte and over and over again it occurs. I have combination skin, my t zone is oily and my cheeks are dry. I find that if i use to combination to oily make up it doesn't make my face look greasy. I have changed my primer twice to a matte one to see if that helped and it hasn't. I have tried a finishing powder, that hasn't helped. I have bought two different setting sprays , that hasnt helped. I cleanse my face every night , i moisturise. I literally don't know what to do anymore! Its embarrassing! My face looks, patchy and dirty within an hour of applying anything! Im so over it and Im seeking some advice from anyone please!!!!
  19. Hi! I'm new to makeuptalk and I don't really know what I'm doing but, here it goes. What's a good foundation and concealer that will make me feel like I'm not even wearing foundation/concealer? Like, one that is light but also covers up my mild acne and redness entirely? One that will stay matte all through the day even if I go swimming or to Warped Tour (an all day outdoor concert)! I've tried so many foundations that I'm at my wits end. What would be the best primer and moisturizer to use with said foundation? So far, I actually liked Tarte's foundation. The only thing is, I felt really oily/shiny after wearing it for a couple of hours.
  20. Hi! New here So I have had this problem for ages. I don't know if its just my skin or if this is kinda normal for people with oily skin? I have fluctuated through different skin care regimes and I cant say I'm that good with my skin but I have had months where my skins been really good and I've still had this problem. The pic doesn't do much justice but I get huge patches on my skin and nose where the foundation just disappears and it looks very obvious in person. I've used several different primers and foundations and powders and setting sprays all and varied from high end and low end and regardless I seem to have this problem. I've also tried several different moisturizers underneath and that doesn't seem to help Is there a trick I can do to stop it? Is it my cleansers or pores or moisturizers?
  21. I find it quite difficult looking for primers that will hydrate my skin, anybody know of any that could help me out?
  22. Hey Everyone! I'm new to Makeup Talk and wanted to share my first YouTube video here on how to achieve a Glowy glam makeup look. Enjoy & Thanks for watching! CC https://youtu.be/CEXsxzpd_ok
  23. I recently purchased it and I LOVE it. However, I'm not sure what powder to pair it with. I've been using an it cosmetics powder and I feel like it's almost too heavy because everything starts to go splotchy after a few hours. I have dry/combo skin and am VERY fair with sensitive skin. Any recommendations would be AWESOME.

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