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Found 22 results

  1. Hello everyone, I Samantha Serrano would like to challenge you to go to Ulta Beauty and only spend $25 on as many makeup products as you can. This is a fun challenge because it shows you don't need to spend a lot to get a great look. So go shopping and let me and everyone else know how you did!! Check my video link below to see how I did. ?
  2. As we come into November, our minds will undoubtedly be turning to those all important Christmas gifts. While some of our loved ones are easy to buy for, others can be much more tricky, however there’s one particular gift that a lot of us consider our “go-to.” Fragrance. When done right, fragrance can really make the perfect gift. But what happens when it comes to those relatives and friends that are rather picky? Or those who just have no idea what they want? Well fear not, because here’s five tips to help you pick the perfect fragrance! Do Your Research Picking a fragrance for someone can be a risky business, especially if they haven’t given you any idea to work with! However, doing your research can be a good start. The differences between Eau de Parfum and Eau de Toilette along with the difference between base notes and middle notes may not seem like something you want to spend time researching, but it can actually come in pretty useful when it comes to choosing the perfect fragrance for a loved one. So, what means what? Perfume contains between 15%-40% fragrance oil, meaning it has the strongest scent and therefore lasts longer. They are often the most expensive. Eau De Parfum has a 10%-20% fragrance oil composition and sits in between Perfume and Eau De Toilette when it comes to price. Eau De Toilette contains 5%-10% fragrance oil so has a much lighter fragrance, and is often the cheapest option. Take Note of Notes Anyone in the world of fragrance will know what ‘notes’ are, but for those of us that don’t, here’s a little breakdown: Top notes: Often this is what creates the first impression of a fragrance. You can smell top notes as soon as you apply the fragrance or open the bottle. Often, they can be fresh and fruity scents, with popular top notes being grapefruit, lemon, or basil. Middle notes: Often floral or fruity scents, middle notes are known to be the ‘heart’ of the fragrance. They’ll last longer than top notes and are also stronger than base notes. Popular scents in middle notes can include geranium, black pepper, lavender or rosemary. Base notes: These are (funnily enough!) the base of the fragrance. This smell lingers for the longest and also helps to boost the top and middle notes. Generally these are much richer scents, such as vanilla and sandalwood. Find a more information about fragrance notes here. Narrow It Down Let’s face it, there’s a LOT on the market when it comes to fragrance. Picking the right one for your loved one can be a very tricky task. But it doesn’t have to be! Generally, most fragrances can be split into four categories: Fruity - A great option for anyone who loves light and fresh scents, perfect for Summer months. There’s plenty of options available when it comes to notes, but popular scents include cherries, blackberries, and peaches. Plus, don’t forget the citrus scents! Floral - Considered the most versatile category for fragrance and provides a feminine and romantic touch. Popular scents include jasmine, rose and vanilla orchid. Woody - Perfect for the Autumn months as they’re inspired by earthy and warm scents. Often found in masculine fragrances, popular notes include sandalwood and musk. Oriental - Wonderfully seductive scents that include fiery and bold spices. Great for those who want to stand out from the crowd. You can find out more about different fragrance categories, including a few others by checking out this guide from ScentBird. Think about your recipient’s favourite scents in general, and this can be a good way to work out a fragrance that they’ll love. You can also pick from the most popular fragrances too, as the below infographic shows: Image Source Make Use of In-Store Perfume Samples In this day and age, shopping online is the preferred option for most people, especially when it comes to beating the crowds during the festive season. However, a sure fire way to pick the right fragrance is to utilise those free samples! Most stores will have testers available so you can try before you buy, which is particularly handy if you’re buying for your significant other! Think about it, you’ll also be having to smell this fragrance too! You can also pop into fragrance shops for advice too. Often, staff will be more than happy to help you select a fragrance or give you a few options. Consider What They Already Have And finally, the simplest option? Look at what they already have! Taking note of the fragrances on their bathroom shelf or dressing table is a great way you can narrow down your options when it comes to scents they’ll like. A lot of stores will ask you what fragrances the recipient likes as their first question, while online retailers also have ‘Fragrance Finder’ functions that will help you find what you’re looking for based on their current preferences. Let’s be honest, it’ll also stop you buying something they already have too! So, hopefully this will have given you a few ideas on how to pick up some fabulous fragrance that’s sure to go down well with your loved ones. Remember, follow these tips and you’ll be sure to discover the sweet scent of success this Christmas.
  3. As you have noticed makeup releases have become boring, i check http://www.twipu.com/Trendmood everyday only to be shocked at the amount of brain dead companies releasing nothing but cool brown or warm tones all day, everyday, day after day. I was even surprised with the foil palette Makeup Revolution just released even though they were on an excellent release streak, the way they practically only catered to only white / gold / pink and brown foil users was insulting, i ended up getting the BH Foil Eyes 1 Palette instead. This video practically expresses the dissatisfaction consumers have with makeup releases as of late. I'm not here to advertise my pinterest, if you guys find it against the rules then i will remove the link, it's just that listing all the items in text and links will be a pain. I have spent an embarrassing 2 years constantly buying makeup just to reach to this point and i'm still a newbie, cause hey you're not using makeup if you are spending most of your time trying to build up an inventory you would be proud of. I hope by sharing this list you can complete everything in 5 months instead of 2 years like me and spend more time trying to get used to makeup. https://www.pinterest.jp/meocross/shopping-addict/makeup-starter-kit/ https://www.pinterest.jp/meocross/shopping-addict/cool-makeup/ https://www.pinterest.jp/meocross/shopping-addict/organization/ It's highly encouraged that you guys chime in and share the colorful makeup palettes you have collected so that consumers do not have to weed through days, months, years of cool brown / warm toned trash just to get a reasonable catalog of makeup in their inventory.
  4. Bit tired of my no buy. Need a vacation. Yves Rocher sale haul completed. Makes me embarassed to post all these things on here!
  5. Hey Guys! I've done so much shopping in the last week and I found a lot of beauty and jewelry deals from TJ Maxx and Macys, and a little bit of Sephora too. There are a lot of clearances going on right now so check out my video to see my finds and then head to the stores!
  6. Nordstrom's current Beauty and Fragrance gift with purchase is awesome! The gift includes your choice of 3 canvas pouches stuffed with tons of deluxe size samples. Use codes: PEACH, CREAM, or GRAY. I published a (link removed) this morning with all of the details!
  7. Share all your Gilt shopping deals here!
  8. Share all your Hautelook shopping deals and hauls etc here!
  9. Share all your Rue La La shopping deals etc. here.
  10. I buy a lot of makeup and hair products off Amazon. I recently found out about this extension that you can install onto your computer that donates 0.5% of your of your order to charity on Amazon expenses. So think about it like this: you buy $50 of mascara, shampoo, foundation, and lipstick, and then Amazon will give 0.5% of your order to charity, whether it is food for the hunger, or to help save wild animals. On Black Friday, I SPEND so much on Amazon, and I am happy to know that buy buying, I am also helping. This isn't just for beauty, but also for pretty much anything you want to buy from Amazon! Install Smile Amazon helper: https://goo.gl/QKVNfZ
  11. Sigma makeup is now available at Nordstrom http://shop.nordstrom.com/c/sigma-beauty
  12. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M7dqhK-Phi4 HAUL DETAILS: Crown Brush Taklon Foundation Brush (C315) http://bit.ly/1Fdlw5o Crown Brush Duo Fibber Buffing Brush (442) http://bit.ly/1Hz0obr Crown Brush Travel Trio ('St. Tropez') http://bit.ly/1JXWz4q Lotus Cosmetics Lipstick (‘Port Wine’, 'Metallic Raspberry') http://bit.ly/1eAVHqo Lotus Cosmetics Lipgloss (‘Wine’, 'Perfect Nude') http://bit.ly/1FjHHrP Lotus Cosmetics Eyeshadow Palette (‘Smokey’) http://bit.ly/1FdktCz the Balm : Mary-Lou Manizer http://bit.ly/1iDYBrs the Balm: Nude-Tude Palette http://bit.ly/1J6f2g3 Mac 217 Blending Brush http://bit.ly/1iSs1Vx Mac Eyeshadow ('Nylon') http://bit.ly/1QKwkjN Mac Lipstick (Angel) http://bit.ly/1JeKJTg Maybelline Instant Age Rewind (‘Light’) http://bit.ly/1A110ZU Maybelline Color Tatoo (‘Inked in Pink’) http://bit.ly/1FQYxSw Maybelline Color Tatoo (‘Audacious Asphalt’) http://bit.ly/1mDhjmS Wet and Wild Megaliner (‘Black’ 861) http://bit.ly/1wf7MXY Rimmel Stay Matte Liquid Mousse Foundation (103 'True Ivory') http://bit.ly/1E6noMq
  13. One more day and the Lilly Pulitzer collection goes on sale! I've been looking at the preview for days now trying to figure out what are the main things I want to get from this collection. Everything is so cute! I just ran across this post by the Zoe report on what are the must haves from this collection. http://thezoereport.com/lilly-pulitzer-for-target/ I think I'll try and get one of the dresses, some of the home items and some of the nail polishes also. It's just so hard to stick to a few items. I just hope it doesn't all sell out within a few hours and I'll have a chance to get some of the items I've been looking at. Here is the link to the preview http://www.target.com/c/lilly-pulitzer-for-target-brand-shop/-/N-4ymap?ref=sr_shorturl_lilly
  14. Despite the best no/low-buy intentions - sometimes we have a lapse otherwise known as a shopping spree. I think its important to forgive one's self and move on rather than dwelling though it can feel really good to fess up. For those of us who want to fess up and do so uncensored - I think THIS is the place to do it!
  15. Korean beauty can be a bit tough to navigate on your own due to the number of different retailers, certain brands not being widely available outside of Korea, and uncertainty about shipping and product costs. This is a thread where kbeauty fans can throw up an SOS signal and ask for help either locating certain products/brands or finding the best prices (from trustworthy sellers) for a product. Two resources will likely come up a lot. To source the more obscure or brand new items from Korea many fans recommend either using the "Want" forum on Tester Korea (log into your TK account and post what you're looking for in their forum and they'll add it to the Want section of the site at retail cost plus any domestic shipping fees, but without a handling cost--be advised that this is a proxy shopping service and it may delay the shipment of your order) or Avecko's proxy shopping service (find a product and pay the exact price charged--even if it's on mega sale, domestic shipping fees, a 10% handling fee, and international shipping costs). The more information you can provide the better. For example, if you can't read or type Korean, a photo of a product box or label can help those who do conduct research on Korean sites. If you're looking for the best prices please tell us which stores you've checked out already and how much they're charging with and without shipping. Ideally, this thread will help you the rest of the way with your shopping research. Please avoid dumping requests without giving the community something to work with. The more info we have, the more we will be able to help (without feeling like unpaid shopping assistants ahahah).
  16. Chella cosmetics is on sale at Hautelook until Monday 2/8/15 9am Pacific
  17. Hi, all! I am having a hard time making a decision about some beauty products and also wanted to talk a bit about stores you all love. Thank you for having me! I posted my first post about leave-in conditioner here. The only other topic that I would love feedback on at some point is which beauty supply store do you all love? I have always shopped at Ulta as there is one within walking distance from my house, but I have become disenchanted with them over the years because of so many poor experiences. I recently bought shampoo and conditioner at an amazing price from HairCareandBeauty.com, but I am not sure if this is a good route to go instead? I tend to go cheaper with my beauty routine but will pay more if I find a product I love. I have always loved Benefit but am starting to fall in love with more brands because of my Ipsy subscription. Thanks in advance for all your advice! Christine
  18. What online retailers would my fellow Canadians recommend? So far I've ordered from Sephora and Sleek. I'm looking for a store where the shipping isn't too high (max ten dollars without tracking), is reliable, and will take Visa Debit. Specific brands I'm looking for are things I can't find here: NYX, LORAC, Milani, Anna Sui, TheBalm, etc. I know about StrawberryNET, CRC, and Sephora. Would you recommend buying off of Amazon? I don't understand how Amazon works. I don't want to get a MyUS account.
  19. By putting a plan in place for a low/no buy - what are you hoping to achieve? Reasons may include and are not limited to one or more of the following: save money short term (i.e. vacation) save money for long term (i.e. retirement) limited storage space therefore having fewer belongings use products before they expire pay down unsecured debts (i.e. credit card) using products until they're gone before replacing them have less stuff/clutter in the home pay for post-secondary education extra money for a hobby response to reduced hours at work or lay-off pay off a mortgage or car loan faster saving money for other household expenses (i.e. new furniture, home repairs) increase in child-related expenses saving for a rainy-day fund taking a cruise or trip loss of interest in cosmetics and related items pressure from spouse/significant other to stop buying and start saving What are YOUR reasons for wanting to decrease expenses/consumption by participating in low/no buy?
  20. Hi there, Don't you hate it when you are $3 away from free shipping but don't want to go through each category to find something cheap to add to your order? I was wondering if there's a way to view all items on Sephora's website, sorted from Price: Low to High. If you have any tips, do let me know!
  21. It seems like French drug store beauty brands are popping up everywhere I look! I'm already a Klorane convert- I seriously can't live without their Dry Shampoo with Nettle. I'm also a big fan of Nuxe Huile Prodigieuse, a dry oil that smells AMAZING. Has anyone tried any other French products? What's good? I need to know what to buy next!

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