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Found 4 results

  1. Hi guys! I'm doing a research project for school and was looking into the relationship between the beauty industry and sustainability. Im just looking for more people to help out with my research and take a quick survey. It would help a lot! Click Here :)
  2. Hello everyone! I am a senior at Macromedia University in Munich and am currently working on my Bachelor's Thesis. For this I have created a questionnaire about makeup advertising on Instagram, where you will be asked to rate an advertisement. This survey is targeted at makeup enthusiasts, so I would be really grateful if you guys could take 5 mins to please answer my survey! Would highly appreciate it Thank you in advance and any questions or comments are welcome! SURVEY LINK: https://www.soscisurvey.de/cosmetics_advertising/?r=MT
  3. IT'S TIME! This is the thread for survey posting! A few admin notes: Filling this out is not absolutely mandatory, but it will help your Fairy Godmother considerably in figuring out what to get. Filling out THE WHOLE THING is not mandatory. Aside from the first three mandatory questions (allergies, dietary restrictions, skin sensitivities), feel free to pick and choose what to answer or skip entirely! We're just trying to get to know *you* better. I know if my Goddaughter has a fondness for Wonder Woman, there is likely to be a shiny pin in her future! Also not mandatory: Sending out extras. They're not to be expected, but I know many of us want to send them out! If you would like your survey answers and/or dreamlist linked in the directory in this post (in the spoiler box right before the survey questions), please tag me in your response. I'll update every evening! If you missed tagging me in your original post and would still like to be added, please PM me! PLEASE LIMIT YOURSELF TO ONE POST IN THIS THREAD! Your post will lock for editing after twenty-four hours. Rather than adding a second (third, fourth, twentieth...) post, please just create a dreamlist in the Buy/Sell/Trade section. PM me with that link, and I will add it to your survey post. Any other questions? Just post in the Discussion thread or PM @, @, or me. Because I've been asked, a few tutorial bits: To create a spoiler box, just type this without the spaces (this works whether you're on mobile or desktop): [ s p o i l e r ] Then type whatever. Then type [ / s p o i l e r ] Y'know, I am so used to just typing it out since I'm usually on my phone that I didn't notice there's no longer a spoiler button. And creating a Buy Sell Trade post. First, go here: http://www.makeuptalk.com/f/forum/103-makeup-nails/ Click on Start New Topic. Then fill out your dreamlist title, then fill out the body of the post, then click Post New Topic, et voila! You have a new url to add to your survey and/or signature! I'm going to put the Directory under a spoiler cut because this post is long enough as it is. Thanks! Let's pretend there's a :grouphug: smiley here. And now, the survey! Absolute must-answers (note: If you do not wish to post answers to these three questions in public, please send a PM to @. These answers will only be shared with your Fairy Godparent): ALLERGIES!! Please list any allergies to products, foods, scents, etc., that you or anyone living in your household has! Dietary restrictions: Do you or anyone in your household have any food-related restrictions/sensitivities, etc? Would you prefer not to receive food items? Skin allergies/sensitivities: Do you or anyone in your household have any skin allergies/sensitivities not already listed that your Fairy Godparent should know about (e.g., wool, metals in jewelry, etc)? Do you avoid silicone, sulfates, etc? Would you like to get a heads-up from a Fairy that your package is on its way, or would you prefer its delivery to be a complete surprise? Not mandatory but cannot be recommended highly enough: Do you have an on-forum swap/Midsummer Dream list? If it's anywhere other than this post, URL here, please! Basic background information: Style descriptions! Brief is better. Makeup Hair Nails Skincare (face/neck) Bodycare (every where else) Home More advanced questions: Solve for X: I am wearing too much X, and I DO NOT CARE! Cruelty-free or vegan. Important, must-have, nice, don't care? You just won a $50 gift card to your favorite beauty store. Which store is it, and what will you buy? Please list any subscription boxes you receive, along with anything you may covet from recent boxes. Assuming they are separately packaged and clearly labeled, what are your feelings on prepared-by-sender beauty items? Unsealed samples? Items from the bulk foods section? Assuming the same dollar amount is spent, would you prefer several mini items, or one or two full-sized items? Brand-and-color-specific time! What is your all-time favorite beauty item and why? What specific product(s) are you lusting after? Feel free to link to a wishlist with particulars! What make-up items do you use every day? What are your holy grail items? Holy crap? What one item/product are you interested in, but just have't gotten around to trying? General product section, aka not brand/color specific What one product can you just not get enough of? What one product do you actually use more than any other? What runs out quickest in your make-up drawer? What product(s) can you absolutely not use at all for reasons other than allergies/sensitivities listed in the background section (e.g., I can't use foot scrubbers because my feet are too ticklish)? What items (makeup/skincare/tool) do you feel are missing from your routine? What tools/products are you looking to add, even if they are not missing? What beauty-related product(s) do you just not want to receive? Brands: What brand do you have more products from than any other? Any particular reason? What brand(s) have you been wanting to try but haven't gotten around to? What brand(s) do you not want? Colors (not specific shades): Answer quick like a bunny! Favorite color? Favorite color combination? Color scheme of your home/room, either in reality or your imagination What one color (not brand/product specific) do you use more than any other? Why? Color(s) to avoid? Scents What's your favorite perfume/wearable scent of all time? What's your favorite perfume/wearable scent to wear in the summer? What is the fragrance of your favorite home fragrance (e.g., candle, diffuser)? Describe your favorite scents/notes, without naming a specific perfume or fragrance. Without naming a specific perfume or fragrance, what are your favorite perfume companies? Favorite home fragrance companies? What form of perfume do you prefer (oil, alcohol-based, spray, open bottle, rollerball)? What form of home fragrance do you prefer (candle, diffuser, air freshener, plug-in)? Other than perfume/fragrance oils, what is your favorite type of toiletry/scented item? Scent(s)/notes(s) to avoid? And finally (at least for the beauty section), Yes/No? Foils Deluxe Samples Hair Oil Face Oil Perfume Sunblock/Sunscreen Self-tanner/tanning wipes And extra non-makeup-related questions! What designs/designers do you prefer (please limit to top 3) List any public wishlists (Amazon, etsy, Sephora), swap lists and/or Tumbler/Pinterest entries your fairy godparent should consult. Is your box all about you? Or would you like to see things in your box for your significant other/spouse, kid(s), pet(s), whatever? If the latter, please list age/gender/species. If your fairy godparent curates an awesome set of items for you, would you rather they be wrapped individually, or be a huge smorgasbord that you can look at all at once? Would you prefer to open each gift slowly and methodically or will it be ribbons and bows and paper flying as you tear into it? It's a hot, sunny 90-degree summer day and you have no obligation to be anywhere in particular. Where are you and what are you doing? And advanced fun stuff: What do you do in your spare time? Are there any hobby-related items you would like? Fandoms, favorite TV shows, movies, books, music, Hogwarts house, etc. What non-beauty item(s) would send you over the moon? Pirates or ninjas? Zombies: Yay or nay? Disney! Favorite movie, hero, villain? Describe three things decorating your living space. Yes/no, the extras division: Virtual gifts (ecerts/gift certs/eBooks) Hand-made items (from your godparent or purchased) Candles Tarts Reed Diffusers Incense Other home fragrance (say, room spray or scented rocks) Local Items Mix CD Home Items (and what types) Food Items (and what types) Beverages (and what types) Puzzle Books -- words, numbers, pictures Ready! Set! GO!
  4. Hello lovely Summerswapper!! Thank you for taking the time to learn some things about me! I really appreciate all you are doing and am going to love whatever you choose for me! Here are some basic things about me: Some things I love and/or may be lusting after: NYX Butter Gloss - ohhh I love you! I currently have Maple Blondie, Merengue, Creme Brulee, and Cherry Pie - but I want them all! ZOYA Tickled and Bubbly Summer 2014 collection - really loving Wendy, Harper, Binx, and Jesy but they are all so gorgeous! I love trying new things so any indie nail polish or makeup will be loved! City Color Be Matte Blush - I have the Melon one and I love it! Pinterest Beauty Wishlist - just for more ideas on what I like! http://www.pinterest.com/lmajewski/2014-beauty-wish-list/ Birchbox Favorites: http://www.birchbox.com/shop/clarks-botanicals-ultra-rich-lip-tint http://www.birchbox.com/shop/wild-honey-apothecary-honey-mud-pumpkin-cocoa http://www.birchbox.com/shop/opi-sheer-tints-color-tinted-top-coat http://www.birchbox.com/shop/thebalm-put-a-lid-on-it Thanks for finding me!

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