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Found 16 results

  1. Hello. I have Iphone SE and something like selfie LED ring, so if you know some tricks and hacks how to make perfect makeup selfie with front/rear camera (eyeshadow photo, lips photo..) share with me! Sorry for bad english, I am from Serbia, and I am self-taught makeup artist
  2. Guys i bought this palette to put in my purse https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yr0wWGLyAIM but it's all shimmer shades, since i do not want to carry ANOTHER palette as sometimes my bags are quite small is there a trick to turn shimmer shades into matte? I have been looking for tips on youtube but can't quite find anything. If this was all satin palette i could control the sparkle but with an all shimmer palette not so much.
  3. I am trying to grow my hair out but it seem that is grows slow. I wanted to know if anyone knows good things that could help it grow faster. I have try a few homemade things but it didn't seem to much for the growth. I am open to any tips that you might have.
  4. Hi friends! I’m back with my tips and tricks to add volume to thin or fine hair! I've struggled with flat looking hair for so long but feel that I have finally found some tricks that make my hair look thick! Hope you enjoy this video!
  5. Hello there!!! So i need some tips and advice for the christmas makeup im gonna do to a ballet team on Sunday. Tomorrow , i will do a demonstration and preparation/prepare ( which is right?! haha ) look, for the final day on sunday! But i have some hesitations,the fun fact is that obviously im not a makeup artist,im not gonna be paid for that,but I was suggested doing that because last year I did my cousin's makeup (black swan) just for fun and only for her,and all the other team was with no makeup and it was hilarious.! But the ladie,the leader of the ballet team liked the last year's makeup so she found me and told If I wanted to do this makeup too which is on Sunday. There are approximately 5-10 girls,which i dont even know personally,and I would like to do something fun and christmassy also because i want this to be unique and not classic. I thought about craft glitter on the lips BUT i cant do it without knowing if its toxic etc and get blamed after from all these parents! PLEASE GIVE ME SUGGESTIONS AND TRICKS!
  6. Hi Everyone! I am new and wanted to introduce myself! My name is Iris, I'm 21 years old and live in the Netherlands. I study 'media - information and communication' in Amsterdam. I'm addicted to make up for 3 years now. I thought it would move over but it got worse! I wanna learn more about makeup and tricks / tips so I will be probably reading a lot here. Recently I bought a camera to actually film makeup tutorials myself (First Video just uploaded). I think it's a good way to share your passion but also get feedback and tips very easily! And I love watching tutorials from others so why not give it a shot! I use a lot of cheap products mixed with high end prodcuts. Sometimes you're just paying for the brand, but sometimes an expensive product can turn out better. So that being said, Thnx for reading. xxx
  7. Hey all I just found a cool website post that has some tips for saving money on makeup, some are kind of obvious but I still found it usefull! Hope some of you enjoy it I Copied this article from Freebie Hunter but the list was written by Miranda Mendoza! 1. Shop the drugstore. “You can find a drugstore alternative to most high end products,” says Mendoza. “While it’s fun to splurge once in a while, there are some products that are just not worth it. This is especially true with makeup and beauty tools that need to be repurchased regularly.” Mascara should typically be replaced every three to six months for sanitary reasons, so buying a luxury brand may not be worth it. “There are so many high-performing budget alternatives. My favorites are Rimmel ScandalEyes Retro Glam Mascara ($6) and Maybelline The Falsies Mascara ($6), both of which lengthen, define, and volumize for maximum effect.” 2. Buy in bulk. “For the best value, try buying makeup palettes or sets as opposed to individual products like single eyeshadows,” says Mendoza. “These are typically a better value and are much more convenient to bring on the go!” Do your research and look for a palette where you’ll get use out of every single shade so nothing goes to waste. 3. DIY your beauty products. “One of my beauty-money resolutions this year is to make my own DIY products,” says Mendoza. “I’ve already made my own lip scrub and plan on concocting my own face and hair masks. Not only will this save money since ingredients are inexpensive at the market, but will most likely be more natural.” Many ingredients may already be in your home. 4. Return if you need to. “Saving money on beauty most commonly means shopping the drugstore, but as there are normally no testers to see if a product works, you have to take the risk before the reward,” says Mendoza. “One of the biggest ways I see people waste money on beauty is when they purchase a product, don’t like it, and let it collect dust for months. However, almost all drugstores have a return policy on makeup— even after it’s been opened! There’s no point in throwing money away on products you won’t use. Get your money back and use it on something you’ll love!” If you’re unsure about a product, ask a cashier about the store’s return policy before you buy. 5. Extend the life of your products. “Making sure that your products stay in good shape for as long as possible is key to stretching your dollar,” says Mendoza. This means storing makeup at room temperature in a dark location—not the bathroom where you’d typically keep your grooming items. “The humidity from the shower and airborne germs encourage bacteria to thrive on your products. This is especially true for your brushes, which most people store uncovered. Mendoza says it’s important to clean makeup brushes, which are often neglected, using items you already have, to keep them in tip top shape. 6. Stock up on samples. “Retailers like Ulta and Sephora usually offer free makeup and skincare samples with every purchase,” says Mendoza. “You can also search online for coupons to use— a lot of affordable brands will offer them when they launch a new product! Another great way to try a ton of new beauty is subscription boxes. Usually priced between $10-$25, you receive about five products delivered to your door that would normally cost you well over what you spend for the box. This way you can experiment with a variety of different products stay within your budget.” Mendoza’s favorites are Boxycharm, Glossybox, and Beauty Box 5. 7. Know that it’s OK to splurge sometimes. “A couple products that I don’t mind splurging on are good skincare and lipstick. Skincare is so personal that it can take a lot of testing the waters before you find something that works for you—and if it works well, it’s worth the money.” Just test in a store or with a sample before you commit. Mendoza says younger women particularly love experimenting and stocking up on products, so remember it’s never too soon—or too late—to make a financial plan. Miranda Mendoza!
  8. So, at school they told us to do your model's makeup while she is facing the mirror and you do all the work from the sides. They also said that if you needed to check out something (like her eye shadows, blush, lines etc..), we should look straight at the mirror for any possible mistakes. The issue here is that I find that INCREDIBLY exhausting and difficult, because I keep fighting the urge to turn them around facing me so I can get a full look of their face. I feel like if I work this way -specially while doing eye makeup- the eyeshadow ends up uneven, I mean, the eyeshadow looks higher on one side and I waste a lot of time correcting those mistakes. Is this actually the way to do someone's makeup? Or is this just some other technique cosmetologists use? Is it wrong to have the model/client facing you? I would really appreciate some feedback and opinions from experts. Is just that I feel l would do a better job if the model was facing me instead of the mirror. Thank you so much for reading this and I hope to read some responses soon! Killer Queen
  9. 5 minute video to make your lips 5 times bigger!! Hope you guys enjoy, I'd love to get any feedback or comments on my youtube channel! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7Le5fFNXzH0
  10. Hey everyone I was wondering if you guys prefer hair curling with with wet or dry hair. I find that the look of curling your hair dry is better because it makes it "natural looking." Whenever I curl my hair with wet hair, the hair has less volume and doesn't seem "natural" it looks like I curled it. I know it's better to curl your hair with hair that is wet. I've been using the cortex hair mask. It's really great. It makes my hair all fluffy and soft, and it keeps it from getting too damaged. But I can only use at night when no one is around to see me with it on...haha! I've heard of pre heat sprays, but i've been told they leave your hair greasy... Do you guys use any of those sprays? Or do you think that curling hair with a curling wand or even a curling iron... is okay if your hair is dry? Thank you.
  11. 10 TIPS On MakeUp Every Woman Should Know! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M07y1m1HdTY
  12. Hi there, Don't you hate it when you are $3 away from free shipping but don't want to go through each category to find something cheap to add to your order? I was wondering if there's a way to view all items on Sephora's website, sorted from Price: Low to High. If you have any tips, do let me know!
  13. Hiya beauties, I'm compiling a guide to makeup brushes with descriptions, hints, tips etc. Is there any hints/tips you would be willing to share (I give full credit to all sources/contributors) or is there anything you would like to see? Thanks in advance
  14. It's my first time to post here, I'm excited to learn new tips about beauty, and new make up tips and share new ideas in this forum.
  15. We all know that water is a good cleanser, But I am not sure what quantity of water we should drink per day? Somewhere I read it is 10 glass of water Do anyone know exact quantity?

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