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Constant ELF Sales

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Currently ELF is having a sale on their studio items for 50%. As well as a deal for 10 free $3 mineral eyeshadows with a $25 order.


They're pulling me in!! I don't have money for all this stuff even though it's cheap :(

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I've used some of ELF's brushes and their oil blotting pads, but other than that I haven't even tried any of the makeup. How do their eyeshadows compare to MAC? I don't normally buy drugstore makeup, but everyone raves about ELF on here

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Their matte shadows on the 100 eyeshadow palette are very sheer, but their satin and shimmer finishes can be really pigmented. Bonnies got a good 'colossal elf swatch' with pigments from everything. There doesn't seem to be much excess powder to drop everywhere which is nice.


I got to try one a few weeks ago but I don't get mine till Monday then I'll put up swatches too for another result.


No clue on their mineral shadows.

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That's so awesome. You guys are making me excited to get my makeup from the post office tomorrow morning.

Originally Posted by athingofbeauty View Post

I know! And the best part is that I used the teeniest, tiniest bit to do the swatch. Amazing!


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