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Ray of sunshine

Before and After shot of Mature makeover!

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This was an extremely spontaneous shoot, I didn't have any of my real kit with me.


I used

YABY eyeshadows

ben nye translucent powder

lorac bronzer for blush

mac eyeshadows as a highlight

Too faced shadow as an eyebrow color

Rimmel London lasting 25 hour finish (surprising results)

I used a beauty blender

an NYX gloss

Elf bronzer for contour

Voluminous mascara

Smashbox gel liner


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What a great after shot! She looks so refreshed and young!

Her lip colour is awesome and you did a great job!

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What a huge difference!  You did a great job on her skin.  She looks absolutely amazing and at least 10yrs younger.  

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Originally Posted by Ray of sunshine View Post


I am really excited to share this, I think it turned out awesome. I can't wait to post some videos of the behind the scenes on my youtube channel.


posting a video within the next few weeks : http://www.youtube.com/user/MisterMakeupArtist


did you apply using an airbrush? such a flawless application ;-]


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Great work Ray of Sunshine! She really looked 10-15 years younger. Plus, she looked fresher and healthier because of the cheeks and the smooth face. You should do this professionally! :)

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That's how I look with and without makeup laughing.gif  I love the power of makeup!

She looks like she could use the Philosophy - Keep the Peace Moisturizer.  It will balance out her redness - great for sensitive skin too.

I've also tried Nano Blurr but can't get it to work over my makeup...I can only ever use it when I am going without makeup that day. Works great but does not work with my makeup.  Anyone tried it?

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