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What companies do you subscribe to?

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I ended up subscribing because of the price. I'm looking forward to seeing what the first one is like.

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Right now I get:



Allure Beauty Box



Julep (I'm either canceling or skipping for awhile though)





Planner Addict

Pet Giftbox


Dollar Shave (for my husband)


Recently canceled:

Birchbox (just have too many samples)




I need to cancel more, as I still have far too many subs. But hey at least two of them are for my dog!


Hello my name is Lisa and I'm a sub box addict! I need help.... :D  :D  :D

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Still only Birchbox and The Soap Box from Fortune Cookie Soap.  I am thinking about signing up the for Scentbird perfume sub, but I can't figure out how to view the actual fragrances they sample beforehand.  Their site lists the brand names, but not all 350 supposed fragrances.  If anybody knows how to view them all, please tell me.  


I used to subscribe to perfumesforabuck.com, but I do NOT recommend that sub for anyone.  

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I'm down to only:


-Birchbox x2 (I'm a bit obsessed with BB, plus the second account is only an experiment so it'll probably only be around for 3 months unless it's amazing)

-Ipsy (I always want to cancel this, but then I'm like hey it's only $10)

-Petit Vour (Love this one!)


That's all I get every month. Occasionaly based on spoilers/coupons I'll add:


-Vegan Cuts

-Popsugar must have



-Beauty Fix



And I want to resub to:

-Fortune Cookie Soap

-Sample Society



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I had to put these in spoilers, did not realize how long they were, oops!  :o


I get currently:




- Birchbox +Beta two full size items (Love Birchbox and their point system!! Not that sure about the beta option though for an extra $20 a month yet)


- Ipsy (My first subscription service, not too sure though if I should stay with them that much longer, but like what @@smiletorismile said, it is only $10 a month)


- BoxyCharm (Love this box!)


- Glossybox (My second subscription, love this one for the unique products in it, and they seem to be getting better!)


- PopSugar MustHave Box (Very fun!)





What I have had before:




- FabFitFun (It was ok, but I already had PopSugar and felt like I did not need it)


- Allure Sample Society (This was before the switch from last month, but when the Allure books were being handed out in each one. Only cancelled because I thought like I needed to cut back on the boxes!)


- Starlooks Star Box/ Customize Box (?) (Had the box before when it was the full size items, then when they started doing to giftcards with the "perfect size" items. Cancelled this month because I do not like their new way of boxes anymore)


- Japan Crate (I might have a little obsession with cute Japanese things! And I love food!)





What I want to try out:




- BeautyFix (Looks so good!)


- Allure Sample Society (I miss these!)


- Jouer (Love their products!)


- Julep (Always wanted to try out their polishes and makeup more, the only two polishes I have from them are from other subscriptions and I really like them!)


- ScentBird (The travel size spray bottle is just so cute! And I love the idea behind this one!)


- Japan Crate (It was so fun, want to subscribe again!)


- Some sort of food box! (I love food! :)



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I currently have Ipsy, Beauty Box 5, Boxycharm and GlossyBox. 


I think I want to only have one box in the $20 range, but I'm on the fence as to which one. I have a limited monthly budget and a yarn addiction that I also need some $$ for. 

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On 11/10/2012 at 8:16 AM, CAPSLOCK said:

I have whittled it down to what I love most.  I'm thrilled that I had a chance to try a lot of things but I really don't need to store any more samples.  The only one from my cancelled list that I may bring back is Citrus Lane.  It was fun and we used everything as it is all by age of baby.



Love with Food - 9 months left on the year probably won't renew

Magic School Bus - 8 months left on the year, can't renew

Conscious Box - bought a three month trial, likely won't renew







Loose Button


Bluum Box

Citrus Lane (I miss my favorite baby sub)

Ecocentric Mom

Little Passports




Totally necroing a thread but I was just going through everything I have subscibed to and the list is crazy long with lots I miss. I may type up the full list of all I have ever subscribed to once I finish writing it, but I guess I’m doing great with just a couple: sugarbash and Modern Alchemy. I also buy special boxes like the super amazing Indie Beauty box last month and the net a porter box. I just can’t deal with all of the makeup and stuff I will never use anymore. I wish I had a good way to trade it all but have about given up on trade methods and will likely just donate. 

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