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Makeup and travel-- how much do you pack?

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I take a foundation, a blush, mascara, black eyeliner, primer, shadow compact (or loose samples like from Glamourdoll Eyes), lip gloss, lip stick and I think that's it. I try not to over pack makeup.

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I am obsessive about packing light. I hate bringing clothes that I don't wear several times on a trip and am quite willing to do laundry while on vacation to avoid bringing a big bag. As an example I packed for myself and my two boys in one 20" suitcase for 3 weeks in Europe. So, I pack minimal make-up, and it all fits in a very small make-up bag. I have powder, black eyeshadow that doubles as liner, one taupe shadow, a blush, mascara, eyebrow pencil and sharpener, and small brushes for powder, liner, and blush. I am also obsessive about my skin care so I do take my cleanser, daily sunscreen, and night moisturizer, a hairbrush, small travel shampoo and conditioner. When I am on vacation I really don't feel like messing around w/ my hair and make-up - particularly since I travel with my two little boys and the goal is usually to get up and get out of the hotel room as quickly as possible.

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If I am packing back to Hong Kong for 1 month or more, I will pack just my favorite concealer and primer, my Revlon colorstay eyeliner in black and black brown, a brush and a couple of lipsticks, then I'd just head off shopping more stuff there lol


If it's traveling within the states, I'll take

A moisturizer with SPF 15


BB Cream

A gradient blush (they are popular in Asia)

Lip balm

2-4 lip sticks/gloss depends on how many days I would spend there

A neutral palette and some eyeshadow samples in a container I get off ETSY, preferably cream eyeshadow so I can use my finger instead of taking a brush with me


Eyelid Primer

Sunscreen with SPF 50+ for body (during summer)


Eye makeup remover

No Mascara because personally I don't like how they sometimes get onto my glasses


I don't really do make up on a daily basis so I don't need to take a lot of stuff with me.

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It really depends on where I plan on going and what kind of weather to expect. 

  • Mascara - waterproof if it's a beach vacation, normal if not
  • Nude eye shadow palette - pretty much a universal thing to have, I can make dark smoky eyes or a totally natural look with it
  • BBcream with SPF to the beach, heavier foundation with SPF if it's going to be cold and I need an extra thick layer to protect my skin and still look good
  • Lip/cheek stain for the beach; lip gloss for everything else
  • Peach cream blush - for everything
  • Sheer powder - just something to set my makeup


My vacation makeup bag is always small but I always overpack skincare, especially sunscreens! I often return with 1-2 unopened bottles, so my husband always laughs at me when I pack trying to guess which of those will be safely back home in a few weeks :)

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I pack a large makeup bag in that i put foundation,face products, eye liner,lipsticks,glosses, etc.that i keep in my bag and small one that i always carry in my purse.


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I usually try to go very natural while I'm on vacation so I bring the following:


BB Cream

Brown eyeliner

A pretty shimmery all over eye color like nudes or neutral pinks

Revlon Kissable Balm Stain in Charm



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It depends on the nature of the trip. If it's a casual getaway-say, just visiting family or a weekend getaway- I just pack the bare essentials (foundation, waterproof mascara, blush, lip gloss and my skincare products). However, if there's a formal dinner and/or party lined up, it's the holidays or if I know I'm going clubbing, I pack the above, plus several eye palettes and a few deeper-hues lipsticks so I have plenty of options for a festive/dramatic look at night.

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Originally Posted by hjc682 View Post


I'm cringing even at the thought of downsizing for travel. Normally, I take my soft case bag, about the size of 2 laptop bags put together. Usually, I can fit all my skin care stuff in my suitcase, but here's the bare minimum Ill take on vacation:



At least 2 kinds of primer

Color correcting pallet 



Tinted Moisturizer




Setting Powder


Eyelid primer

A neutral  and a color eyeshadow set

2 Mascaras

Lash Curler

2 eyeliners 

Lip liner/stick/gloss combo that can work with whatever

Entire brush roll (20 something brushes)


Hand Towel




Makeup Wipes

Cold Cream

Day and Night face wash

Washcloth(Hotel ones are so rough, and I don't want to stain a family members, my makeup is dark!!)

ACV/Water Toner

Cotton Rounds

Day and night moisturizer

Depending on how long I'm there, Ill take a mini exfoliate and usually a mask if its longer than 4 days. 


It sounds like A LOT, but I have a lot of acne scars and un even skin, I cant just take a powder and a blusher. I need really good medium or all out full coverage all the time. 

I'm not the only one traveling around with a hand towel and a full brush roll! YAY! I have the same skin issues and sometimes I take more than one of everything, I have a day foundation, day blush, day powder and the same stuff but in different formulas for night. I got tired of reaching for something I needed only to find that I left it at home so I take as much as I can. I also pack minis of almost everything in a smaller bag for my purse, if for some reason my main makeup bag gets lost. And depending on where we're going, I might 'forget' something that I absolutely need to 'pick up' at the nearest store... icon_cheesygrin.gif

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