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Braologie: complimentary samples for feedback

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My name is Tallia, I'm not Here to sell anything since our brand havent been launched yet. we would like to reach out to the members here and ask them to test her concept and products so that we can get more feedback on it. The samples and shipping is on us, we only ask for feedback after you have received our products.

A little background about our concept, we provide a unique bra fitting technique and our own line of shape wear (functional lingerie). Our bra fitting technique is for women that want to know more about their shape, posture and how to further improve it. By answering a couple of quick questions, we are able analyze and give you a report on how we can improve on your body shape. We then Have a recommendation of what products you should wear and why. This is all done online so you do not need to go anywhere.

We all know that there are News articles out there stating most women are choosing and wearing the wrong sized bra. That is why there are a lot of bra fitters out there trying to solve this problem. But we feel this solution out in the marketplace is not adequate. When these bra fitters use their solutions for bra fitting, they will fit for your current posture, which is incorrect. Since wearing the wrong sized bra over the years have created an incorrect posture, these bra fitters are not providing the ideal product for you, it is just a bandaid solution which is just a little improvement from your own. The ideal solution is to fit for a corrected posture, which the product supports and augments the body to the improved posture.

Even though we have extensive knowledge on bra fitting, this is only half of the concept, the other half is the product itself. Most boutiques that offer bra fitting almost exclusively resells other brands of lingerie, they are actually curators in the lingerie industry. What we are trying to do is design and produce our own line of exclusive functional wear that fits in with our own unique concept. All designs take into account different body shapes and postures so that in conjunction with our bra fitting concept, we believe we have created an ultimate pairing.

Braologie is not trying to be another spanx or other shape wear companies. We are trying to fix problems, not hide it.

Although we believe we already have an amazing concept to provide to this marketplace, we still need your feedback. Using your feedback we hope to further refine our concept to create an ultimate experience for women everywhere.

Please send us a private message if you want more information and complimentary samples of the report/products.


Braologie Team

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