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My Personal Experience with Hair Growth

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In general I use “Argan Oil†products for my hair to grow and I had seen the result in short span of time and argan oil is produced from the large Argan nuts which are found in Moroccan Atlas Mountains. The oil production process is performed to an ancient preservation tradition that extracts a high concentration of the acidity and various vitamins. The oil's acidity and vitamins are essential for hair assist in softening, nourishing and rehabilitating the hair.


Directions Of Use:

I used this one after shampooing with Argan Shampoo and apply a palm sized quantity of Argan Conditioner to Wait 2-3 minutes and rinse.


There are so many benefits with Argan oil and it is often referred to as a miracle product because of its extreme moisturizing benefits for both hair and skin. Unlike other oils, argan extracts don’t just temporarily mask dryness. The kernels contain vitamin E to restore each strand of hair and keep it moisturized long after use. At the same time, argan oil helps to naturally restore the hair cuticle. This is made possible by the natural presence of antioxidants that directly reverse cellular damage.


I applied either before or after washing the hair. Generally, if you want to keep moisture balance in your cuticle, then you can apply the oil one to two times per week before shampooing.


I hope it the best product for hair growth. I hope it would be useful to every one.

Good Luck!!!


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Originally Posted by PinkMartiniGirl View Post


Your information is very helpful. I am worried about the hair growth problem, too. Now I'm using a laser hair growth comb, but I think it's better to combine this way with a natural way.


Is there anybody who has other advice using natural substance to make hair grow faster?


I have been taking a mixture of vitamins. I took my hair extensions out after 4 years and wanted my hair natural to be long. As everyone is, I was skeptical and thought everything was a joke (realistically if there was a magic solution then it would be selling like hot cakes) of anything and everything that was on the market and on YouTube videos and hair demonstrations. I did a lot of research and found some of the vitamins that could help my hair as well as my general well being.


I take Swisse hair skin nails


cod liver oil

Once a week I do the olive oil treatment (when rinsing flip upside down and massage scalp for "reverse blood flow")


I am very pedantic when it comes to my hair and I monitor EVERYTHING!! icon_redface.gif in the 3 weeks I have had my extensions out and my hair has grown slightly over an inch. Now im no expert and this could be a number of reasons, it could be that: 

1. my hair just naturally grows fast and I never knew it cause of my extensions

2. my hair is a little more relaxed since taking extensions out

3. the vitamins are actually contributing to the above 2.


I would recommend the vitamins because I have noticed a difference in my general well being too. so I guess either way is a win win situation.

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These are great results!

I am definitely going to start recommending them for sure :)


For hair growth one of the most important things is to take care of split ends BEFORE they happen. Sometimes if your hair is oily too much conditioner is annoying, so just condition the ends to make combing through effortless. Be gentle on the ends, 


Also, keeping your hair tied back while it is growing will prevent it from getting in a mess and the need to brush it out. When it is long, especially if you have straight hair, there is no need to brush your hair all day long (in fact - I even suggest not to brush it at all if it doesn't look like it needs to brushed)


Last thing you want is to cut off all your nicely grown out length because the tips are damaged!

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Hello guys, I am definitely going to try argan oil products as I am desperate for my hair to grow longer. I find massaging coconut oil into my scalp once a week helps a lot too

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