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Carmela DeJesus

Saving for My Wedding Is So Hard!

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Ugh, I just realized I spend at least $100 on beauty products each month and $100 on subscription boxes each month. I really need to cut my spending because I have way too much makeup and samples now and if I save $300 a month, for the next year, I will be able to afford my wedding on May 2014! *gasp I have to cut some of these boxes, but I can't decide which one.... Birchbox Sample society Ipsy Lip factory Glossybox Beauty army Goodies Love with food Julep The last five would be easy to cancel because I haven't been liking them. Plus, julep and beauty army allow me to skip. Now as for the top four, I can't decide if I should keep them or cancel. I really don't need anymore samples, but its just so nice to get a package every month from them. Advice please! It would be really hard to let go of birchbox and ipsy just cause they're so cheap. As for buying products, that really must end. I'm also thinking of selling a lot of my full sized items I got from boxes but I don't know how to go about it. I know I could definitely get $200 if I sold them all.

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Congratulations on your upcoming wedding!  


If Ipsy and Birchbox would really be hard to let go, keep them and let go of/skip the rest!  Maybe if you kept a future reward in mind (i.e. after the wedding you can add two more boxes, and just keep checking reviews leading up to your wedding to help you decide which ones to add once you're married) that would help you stick to your goal.


As far as selling your full-size items, you can always create a "for sale" thread on the buy/sell/trade forum here!


Whatever you decide, best of luck!  (And of course, remember that you will *have* to buy the makeup to create your wedding look!  It's all part of the budget!)

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    • You absolutely tip the student!! Regardless if they have been in the business for 20 years or they are just starting out - they are putting their time and effort into giving you a gorgeous cut/colour that you will love
    • It's awesom to have the national lipstick day could really amazed the women and girls ! They will ove to have different variety of shade and color ...
    • cool, thanks for the tips!  I like all of k-beauty products I've tried so far but I haven't tried any foundations yet. The best foundation I've found is FitMe and it's super cheap but I want to change brands.  FitMe is a matte finish.
    • I mostly prefer k-beauty products. I use Missha foundation, I have been using this from last 3 years. It has different shades we can choose according to our skintone. And also I have suggested this to my friends and cousins, they all are every satisfied with this products. I always prefer to shop from Althea beauty store for all k-beauty products, because it provides best discounts on products.
    • I have been backsliding, but backsliding in a better way than before. The money has felt tighter than normal lately. I decided not to be too hard on myself, because part of that was from losing my second job due to COVID. Also I joined a new church, and really want to keep up with the tithing. That has become important to me. I found I need to tighten the budget and cut back on too much takeout/delivery [Door Dash is my vice]. That's hard for me. I was not budgeting well, and I found myself the week before Father's Day with not enough money for gifts and food that week, so I opened a new credit card. I used that to buy gifts and food, then some more food and takeout. I feel really badly about that.  BUT my old self would have just kept the card, and gone shopping for beauty items with it too, and I would have given up on my No Buy/Project Use It Up. NOW I caught myself after about two weeks of this backsliding, cut up the card, took the card number out of the computer. Because if it's there, it's too much temptation. And I kept right on using my old beauty stuff, I was not even tempted to buy new beauty stuff, just food!  Now I will wait for the bill for the new credit card to come in the mail and work on paying it off. The fact that I am rebounding like this instead of going back to my old behavior is a really good sign! I do need to work on the eating out. Getting Nutrisystem was not such a good idea. The dry food is hard to eat and it is pretty expensive too. But I will keep trying to change my food habits. Until now, I have not really had to do that to achieve my goals. We're moving into the higher goals now. 

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