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    • Diet in dermatology is one of the arenas of recent research works in medicine. From a past view of nutrient supplements, focus has now turned to the natural quarters of health providers. This include a substantial list comprising fresh fruits and vegetables. Food items can be categorised based on their impact on skin health and the main groups to be avoided include- 1.Packaged cereals- though claiming fat free and organic, many of the packaged food stuff contains refined sugar: the main culprit to hamper your skin. 2. Juices and soda- the fruit juice, much adored as healthy by many lack a main ingredient good for skin- juices are fibreless; and an addition of refined sugar and other preservatives further harm the skin lustre. 3. Bread and bread spread- the classic so-called healthy breakfast can develop a high glucose level eventually leading to a spurt in hormones causing skin issues like acne. 4. Never touch the drink when you party!- drinking and smoking has above all the most disastrous effects. And more importantly, it is important to know what and how to eat the right way! Also read-Face & Skin care - tips, home remedies and treatment for all skin types to pamper your skin in a better way.
    • I stopped eating wheat because of a hypothyroid problem. After I stopped eating wheat, I noticed that my lifelong, severe seasonal allergies, as well as my allergy to animal dander, was completely gone. Not only did cutting wheat out of my diet allow me to get my thyroid retested 4 months later, but my thyroid function improved so much that I was able to stop taking the Synthroid prescription that I had been on for 16 years up to that point. Wheat causes an autoimmune response in a significant percentage of the population, which caused inflammation and my immune system to attack my thyroid. Your mileage may vary, but stopping wheat caused the most amazing improvement in my quality of life, bar none.  It really isn't that difficult with the abundance of gluten-free and "paleo" options, and its becoming easier to find wheat-free vegan and vegetarian food, as well. Just switch to a wheat-free, plant-based diet, whether paleo or vegetarian.
    • you can deal with your facial hair in many ways like plucking, waxing, epistick, epilator, hair inhibitor creams and home remedies. You can definitely go for any of these but if are looking for home remedies then let me give you few tips. 1. Turmeric can be used to prevent hair growth. Apply its paste directly on face and leave it for some time followed by rinsing.
      2. Use chickpea as scrub or as pack.
      3. Use oatmeal banana face scrub.
      4. Use rose water and alum.
      5. Use Indian nettle and turmeric.
      6. Use fenugreek paste as face pack.
      7. Use barley scrub.
      8. Use orange lemon peel.
    • For a long time I was looking for a remedy that would help from rashes and acne and finally found its ideal remedy for problem skin. I ordered it on the site https://koreakos.com/skin-care/cream/acnes-moisture-cream-50ml. The tool should be applied in the morning and evening, after clearing the skin. After the first application, all the redness on the skin goes away, it becomes more healthy and even. I was very pleased with the result! 
    • Cleanse your skin twice a day (morning and night) using tepid water and a cleanser that is gentle, fragrance-free and suited to your skin type. Avoid using regular soap, which promotes acne. Regular cleansing helps eliminate any surplus of sebum on the skin's surface. Get More Information:-  https://genericcare.blogspot.com/2019/02/normal-0-false-false-false-en-us-x-none.html  

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