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February No/Low-Buy 2014

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Originally Posted by usofjessamerica View Post

aww. the clothes i got from banana republic aren't too flattering. i got a top that is a bit too tight but also super boxy and weird and also short?! and then i got a wrap dress. i dont know why i bother with wrap dresses. the chest area on these are always super unflattering (i'm going to have to pin this deep v up a bunch). Its also fairly long - it goes to the bottom of my knee. not a good look for someone who is 5'2. Also, the tie parts are SUPER long. they go past the floor if i only do a single knot! crazy right?

Oh no- you should return them and shop elsewhere. Sometimes a store just doesn't have clothes that fit your body type. You sound petite, you should go to Ann Taylor LOFT- they have sizes for women on the shorter side. ;)

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Taking east of the sun's idea: 



- use up my items from my P10P project. Or at least, make a huge dent. 


- stick to my low-buy budget. I am only allowed to make purchases when my paycheck arrives (so, every 2 weeks), and for a set "budget" per paycheck. More so than that, though, right now I am trying to remind myself that just because the money is there, does not mean it needs to be spent. 


- continue with the monday club, and play with my items during the weekend to come up with new combinations.


- research items I want to make sure I truly want them, and if they will work with my current makeup -- or, find cheaper alternatives. 


- start getting rid of stuff I never use. 



so february... 

Goal: stick to a low buy. no more eyeshadow.

Status: missed the target. 


Darling girl cosmetics -- 3 shadows ....guh. wanted to try them. $20, after shipping, $23

morphe brushes -- $65.50 --- for...you guessed it... eyeshadow. 

Modnique -- $1.98 for some becca brushes (after a $15 credit I had)

Sephora -- $1.16 (after using a $25 giftcard for my birthday), for ...you guessed it... even more freaking eyeshadow. 



Total: 91.64


Verdict: Meh. 


I did OK. 


the one thing I did well on was that I stuck to a low-buy...My allowance for the month is $150 ($75 bi-weekly), and I managed to stay way below that.

The one thing I BOMBED was the "no more eyeshadow" rule I made for myself in January. OMFG. X--X.


Morphe's quality is lovely, so is darling girl's and I needed (read: wanted) something small and compact i could throw in an every-day bag in my purse, so out came the gift card for a nars single shadow in Nepal.


Did I need any of these? nope. now it's more eyeshadow to add to the "Please hit pan on me so I don't sit here staring guiltily at you" eyeshadow collection. I am not even going to count the eyeshadows I received for gifts for my birthday... those were already added to my ever-growing list of shiny powder products. I seriously need to lay off the buying eyeshadows and find ways to play with what I already have.


I also fell off the Monday Club bandwagon due to sickness/life/etc and the fact that, for the most part, I didn't wear even that much makeup in February. Mostly, it was a "slap on bb cream and powder, do brows, and maybe, maybe some eyeshadow if I'm feeling generous" kind of month. Perhaps the Monday Club can help me with the playing with my shinies part.


March and April will be a complete no-buy, due to the fact that we're buying a house, and any purchases that seem out of the ordinary can trigger the system into pinging for "fraud" or "money laundering" (yeah, even something as simple as opening a line of credit at say...Target... can ping you for fraud and have your application for purchasing of a house denied). So we are restricted to only necessary purchases such as groceries, gas, bills, etc. 

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Time for my recap!



  • *One* Glamour Doll Eyes order, preferably the Crazy in Love collection on Monday.  If not, then four more sample jars.  Whatever I get, this order should include one Hydraglaze, either the mini in the CiL collection or Crimson Nebula.  One or the other.  If I get the whole CiL set, I cannot get the separate CN.  (I do plan on getting all of the Hydraglazes because I really like the formula, but I have to pace myself, so I really hope they're up at least until the summer.)  I placed two orders -- one for four sample jars and one for the CiL collection -- but I'm giving myself a pass on the four-sample-jars order.  February as a rule sucks, and this one *really* sucked, so I deserve an extra round of goodies.  I didn't get that HydraGlaze, though.  I'll put it on the acceptable list for March!
  • *One* Geek Chic Cosmetics order.  I will wait and see what's going on with the Sherlock tin.  I got the tin set, and that was it!  I haven't worn it yet, but I'm saving its first use for a binge-watching day.  Which will probably be Sunday.
  • A replacement tube of bb cream.  I finally got this one two weeks after I had originally planned, so that's a success, and *all* I bought at the amazing Asian makeup store was that bb cream!  Success!
  • If I run out of shampoo and conditioner (actually possible this month!), I can get replacements.  I still haven't finished the bottles I was working on when I said this, and I didn't buy any, so this was a success as well!
  • Goodies for my Quick & Dirty Lupercalia swap (on another forum) person.  I'm still not sure what I'm getting this person, so that's a next-weekend purchase because I'll be plotting until then!  I actually had an awesome plan for this, but then we were hit with days of snow right when I needed to do my shopping (I couldn't even set foot outside of my apartment due to ice, and then there were the stone stairs, and, yeah, I watched many, many episodes of _Fringe_ that weekend), and the plan fell apart, but I did end up getting other goodies for her.
  • In two weeks (aka after next payday), I can place a BPAL order that will include one bottle (Forbidden Fruit) and one imp pack of soon-to-be-discontinued (TDB) oils plus an imp pack (also TDB) of spring/summer oils that are running low in the rollerballs (I may end up being able to get by with just one imp pack between the two.  I need to go through the list and my rollerballs to figure out what I need/want.  I definitely need more La Bella Donna Della Mia Mente for the spring!)  I tested Forbidden Fruit (I happened to have an imp in my stash) and decided that I can pass after all, and none of the other TDB oils are really *demanding* that I buy them now.  That order isn't getting placed after all.  And there was a Ragnarok (yes, as in the one involving Odin, Freyr, Loki, Thor, Hermoor, and Fenrir) update last week, and not one single oil appealed to me.  I'm holding out on getting any more BPAL until the last weekend of March (I need a bottle of Scherezade!  It's shaping up to be my Spring 2014 scent) since they're officially going to be at Emerald City Comic Con!
  • Go ahead and keep the subs.  I skipped Julep and Scratch!  Yay!  And I officially decided that I will not be renewing my Le Metier de Beaute sub.  It's just not me, and I tend to end up selling the stuff on eBay because I end up not caring about it, so I can let it go.  I think this just brings me down to a pre-paid Birchbox, a pre-paid GDE OTM, Fortune Cookie Soap, and Square Hue this month.
  • $25 essence trend edition budget.  I bought a lip gloss pencil and a notebook.  That was it.  Nothing else from the one trend edition I found or even any of the new permanent collection stuff was appealing. Because I came in so under budget on this, I kind of transferred the leftover money to my GDE budget to alleviate the two-order guilt over there.
  • Unless I get that Living Proof shampoo and conditioner listed above, my Sephora limit is $35, aka the usual minimum for the good GWP codes, and that depends on whether there is a good point perk.  No good perks = I won't bother ordering.  Not even the fragrance bonus point event can change this since I already have over 1300 points I'm *still* waiting to use!  They just haven't offered anything I've been interested in.  Plus I'm not really big on mainstream fragrance (BPAL, baby!)  Success!  I didn't buy one single thing even though I was seriously tempted by the Clean and L'Occitane point perks.



  • Shower gel (I'm *still* working through my partials after donating something like two dozen *unopened* bottles last summer.  It's really disturbing to think about how long it would have taken for me to get through that stuff if I had kept it all).  I was given two small bottles of shower gel and some squishy soap (all from Lush) as a present.  I didn't buy it, so I'm calling this a success.  The shower gels were actually the two that I was thinking about splurging on this weekend as a celebration for getting an annual bonus, but now I don't have to justify the expense!
  • Eyeliner.  Success!  I didn't acquire *any*, even with points. 
  • Blush, except essence trend edition blush (although I don't think there will be one coming out this month).  Well...  I didn't *buy* them with money, but I did order two cream blushes from Starlooks with points and a discount code (I also got a lipstick and a Tendergloss with the code.  I went $7 over, but I had been planning on buying the Tendergloss anyway, and I used eBay winnings, so I'm okay with this, especially since I did *not* get an eyeliner).  I would feel bad, but I've been coveting one of the blushes since June, and the code was a use-it-within-a-certain-amount-of-time-or-lose-it, so I'll call this one a success.
  • Anything else, really, at least for the next two weeks.  Eh...  Successful enough for my purposes.  I didn't bounce any checks or have to transfer money from savings to checking, and I still had a solid chunk of money in the bank before payday.  This is *highly* unusual for me! 


Put up on eBay:

  • Five BPAL bottles a week.  I put ten bottles up last weekend, but none of them have a single bid.  On the other hand, I *did* sell several makeup/skincare items in auctions that ended last Sunday, and I made well over a hundred bucks, so I'm going to call this one a work in progress.


Overall, while I didn't hit every goal, I *did* cut back on a few things I had planned on getting, and I did end the month not having to do the bank account shuffle just to get to payday, so I'm going to call it a great month.  Next stop:  March!

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I did alright this month up until about five minutes ago when LindaD posted that Atelier Cologne Cedrat Enivrant Coffret is showing up on Sephora.com for $85 instead of $170.  I am obsessed with Atelier, even if some of the fragrances do not have the best longevity.  Its a little insane to spend $85 on a fragrance I haven't yet sampled but I figure I could always break up the set and sell the bottle I didn't use on eBay.  Before this I spent $10 at beauty.com to get those free Stila items and I also bought 2 instain blushes at TheBalm's 50% sale (I think that was this month).  I also purchased a few things from Birchbox but I used giftcards and I really only bought things I didn't already have or needed replacements of.  I might place an order real quick to get my free eyeliner at Urban Decay but I'm apprehensive because of that damn $8 shipping charge, I guess I could just see it as paying $8 for an eyeliner which isn't too bad.  I am so overwhelmed with the number of samples I have, i'm hoping to put some up on ebay this weekend.  

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