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orange hair!! help!!

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So I decided to use L'Oréal ombre on my medium dark brown hair. And it's gone ginger/orange. I must stress I really can't afford salons or else I would of gone to one. I want to dye it back brown. Luckily it's only the ends so I can wear it up in a bun and it doesn't look as bad. Any advise please? I'd also like to state I work with teenagers! Lol. Thanks in advance :) x400[/img]

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Those box colors in walmart,target, walgreens or cvs are NO BUENO. .. :( sorry this happened to you but im in beauty school and what we constantly are hearing from instructors are to not use box color! i would go to local beauty supply (Sally's is what we have here) and get a brown color and 10 volume creme developer and use that. i wouldnt use box color anymore and if you cant afford to go to a salon then at least research the color you want to go and find out which developer to use. usually after ppl color their hair with dark box dye its not ver easy to lift if you want to go back to highlights or ombre. i hope this helped :/ message me if anything :)


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This has happened to me before and I just bought a box of toner and did it myself at home. It took the orange/brassiness out of my hair after attempting to color it from dark brown to light blonde. You may have to apply it twice depending on how "orange" your hair is.

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i bleached my hair too 4 times withing the last 3 days because i can not go to school with orange hair. my hair is not brassy, but its pure orange with yellow roots. i need help before monday. someone pls!!! i have not used a toner because 2 family members told me it wont even completely get rid of my orange hair.

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