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Announcement: Midsummer Night's Dream 2015

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When I took over Secret Santa in 2012 and gave it it's own home I never anticipated nor expected that Secret Santa on MuT would become so popular. Due to the involvement of many folks who participated in Secret Santa 2013 a summer event called Midsummer Night Dream was started. Again, I nor any of the staff here at MuT anticipated that this small event, that was for those who participated in Secret Santa 2013, would be an event that others would like to take part of. Due to the fact that we want to open it up to our established members the staff and I have discussed giving Midsummer Night a proper group of it's own for 2015!


So while more members can't participate in 2014 we want to let you know that for 2015 Midsummer Night will be the summer of Secret Santa! Don't forget that Secret Santa sign ups begin in a few short months so make sure you have November 1 marked on your calender!

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  • Is there a secret santa group for this christmas? 2015 is so far away!


Yes, there is always one every winter.  @@zadidoll will be posting more information about that in the next few weeks or so.

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Yes, there is always one every winter.  @@zadidoll will be posting more information about that in the next few weeks or so.

Thanks so much. :] I'm new to this part of it. Normally I'm just hovering in the "samples" area, haha.

But being a makeup artist I think the swaps are really swank. :P

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