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I'm new here and need help on how to post a swap list w/pics!

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Well, you know how to post a thread, so you're halfway there!  :)  So far, I have found two ways to do it!  If you don't have the photos hosted somewhere like Photobucket, please see this post:  http://www.makeuptalk.com/f/topic/131657-how-to-insert-an-image-into-a-post/


Note:  If you go the above route, MUT seems to only post photos landscape-format, so unless you want them to turn sideways, make sure they are wider than they are tall!  We haven't figured out how to fix that.  And if you post from a phone, the images are small, and if you post from a computer, they can be we're-gonna-need-a-bigger-boat huge.


If they *are* on another site, please see this post:  http://www.makeuptalk.com/f/topic/132483-a-midsummer-nights-dream-2014-the-reveal-thread/page-35?do=findComment&comment=2246231


This method will allow you to post portrait-format photos as well as control the size of the photos.

Per the MUT TOS, we do ask that you embed photos, not post links to images elsewhere.  I hope that helps!


(I'm also going to pin this post for now -- until we have a more fleshed-out how-to post, if that ever happens -- since these are how-to tutorials that I think might be useful to have at the top of this particular subforum.)

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