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What do you think about Jewelry Candles?

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I just learned about these today after seeing them on MSA. Apparently, it's a huge fad going around YouTube. 


Basically it's a candle that contains a piece of jewelry in the wax that you get after you've melted it down. Sort of like cracker jacks for adults. I've spent nearly the last hour or so watching reveal videos on YouTube from tons of different companies who make these. 


Have you tried one of these? I do like the surprise factor they have, but not enough to try one out. Honestly, I do not care for candles at all and most of the jewelry I've seen people get are not my taste.

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I think I had one when I was a kid. I don't remember what I got, so it must not have been that great. :P


In general, my thought is that the jewelry isn't going to be anything top dollar. After all, no one's sticking the clearest, most beautifully cut diamond into a hunk of wax. But then again, not every piece of jewelry has to be real. I certainly don't mind a ring that's just pretty, but not too valuable.

I think I just don't like the way these companies act like you could strike rich.They seem to use a lot of false (or at least twisted) advertising. Like using inflated retail prices of a ring rather than an actual appraisal. (Also the company 3-8-1 Candles got called-out for claiming fake silver rings were real. But that's none of my business...)


So, in theory I think they're pretty neat. Just not in practice. It's a fun idea. But I think it should be more of a situation where you buy a candle because you like the scent, and then get a piece of jewelry as a neat, little extra.

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I've never been a fan of this concept. I like candles, and I like jewelry, but the two don't come together for me. I want to be able to pick out my jewelry and just enjoy my candles rather than thinking of ways to remove the wax to get at the jewelry or blasting through them to get to it. I agree on the inflated values/shady advertising too. They do try to make it sound like you are digging for treasure in a candle and that you can get a $1000 piece of jewelry in a $50 candle, but to me it just seems like a ploy to overcharge for candles since most contain crap jewelry. I also don't like the idea of digging a $1000 ring out of wax. There's a huge possibility of getting damaged, "expensive" jewelry, even if they are covered in plastic in the wax.


I get why they are popular, and I have seen some nice jewelry pieces come out of candles, but the concept just doesn't appeal to me personally.

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