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I have a great idea!

Not sure if someone said did already btw ;)


Create your own ultimate Memebox and show it to Memebox!

So we can help them make their Memeboxes even more amazing!


Take an empty Memebox.

Then add 4 favorite full-sized Memebox products you've already received.

Then add 4 favorite mask or sample sized products you've received already.

This way it looks like an ordinary Memebox but this time filled with your favorite products.


Then take a picture of this Memebox and email this to [email protected] (they respond faster)


Subject line:

✿My ultimate Memebox✿

(just copy!)


Attach the picture, 

name of picture: My ultimate Memebox by <your full memeaccount name>



(Just copy and edit your information in it)




An idea by Marjolein Kucmer and I've joined;

The idea was to create our most favorite memebox with the products we already received.

So you have an even better idea of our taste in Korean cosmetics.

As you can see I've included a picture.


I hope you'll find this idea helpful to make our Memeboxes even more spectacular in the future :)

I really love Memebox from today until forever! :D


Kind regards

<your full memeaccount name>

<your memeaccount emailaddress>



This way we maybe get even better memeboxes and maybe by participating with this idea and taking effort in making the pictures

they maybe give us some points for it for the memepoint lovers, that's why you add your email address at the end of the email ;)


If you all find this an good idea,

Then wait with sending the email. To give them a good "spam" we do need some time to make this memebox

so we'll send this email all around the same time: Tomorrow Sunday 3rd 12.00 PM PST so from now 23 hours and 25 minutes left! 


If you want to join this idea please comment below this and like!

Only if we get 10 and more people to join we're going to do this, will you help?!


Thanks <3


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