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Need help about eyeshadow

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I'm ordering from Sephora and I want a medium blue eyeshadow and I'm having trouble looking for shades. All I have in my make-up bag is a light baby blue and I want a medium eyeshadow shade. I don't want a palatte or anything, I just want a single shade. What shade should I go with and what's the name brand?

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I'm about to bury you in questions:


What sort of medium blue are you looking for? Royal, turquoise, slate? Should it be greyer, greener, or pure blue?


Are you looking for a muted or sheer color, or do you want something more saturated and flashy? 


What sort of finish do you want? Matte, shimmery, sparkly, satiny? 


I can say you could start with Stila or Urban Decay, since they both have a lot of single shadows and I've used both and been satisfied. I know the Sephora brand has a lot of colors as well, but I don't know how good they are, since I only had one Sephora branded eyeshadow and that was 10 years ago.


If you're looking for duochrome, there's a very pretty Kat Von D Shade Shifter shadow in the color Stockholm which might fit the bill. I haven't used her products, but I do hear good things about the brand, and it's currently selling for $7, which is pretty inexpensive for something to try out.

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Hello Gingerneko,
I'm looking for a slate medium blue. I don't know if should gray, I think not and definately not pure blue. I have a green blue's in my make-up bag so I wouldn't need anymore of them. As between saturated and flashy, I would say saturated.

As for finish, that's kinda confuses me to be honest. Could you please explain the difference between Matte, Shimmery, Sparkly and Satiny? I know of Stila and Urban Decay that's what I had my eye on, I'll look at Stila's colors and see what their color's look like. Just please explain the difference between the finish cause that kinda confuses me a little bit.

I never heard of Kat Von D, where would I find those eyeshadows at? Online? Just message me with the link to the web site please. Thank you. :) And I shall check it out.

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Matte: Just the color with nothing for visual or physical texture. 






Shimmer: Has an effect with a slightly lighter color to make it seem like there's actual motion in the color itself.




Frost: Similar to shimmer, but with a whitish 'frosty' finish: 







Glittery shades can be of any of the finishes above, with the inclusion of microglitter. Some of them don't look as garish as one might think, and UD has several varieties of 'em. 


Kat Von D is available at Sephora. The blue shade I mentioned is on sale there. 

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