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    • you can deal with your facial hair in many ways like plucking, waxing, epistick, epilator, hair inhibitor creams and home remedies. You can definitely go for any of these but if are looking for home remedies then let me give you few tips. 1. Turmeric can be used to prevent hair growth. Apply its paste directly on face and leave it for some time followed by rinsing.
      2. Use chickpea as scrub or as pack.
      3. Use oatmeal banana face scrub.
      4. Use rose water and alum.
      5. Use Indian nettle and turmeric.
      6. Use fenugreek paste as face pack.
      7. Use barley scrub.
      8. Use orange lemon peel.
    • For a long time I was looking for a remedy that would help from rashes and acne and finally found its ideal remedy for problem skin. I ordered it on the site https://koreakos.com/skin-care/cream/acnes-moisture-cream-50ml. The tool should be applied in the morning and evening, after clearing the skin. After the first application, all the redness on the skin goes away, it becomes more healthy and even. I was very pleased with the result! 
    • Cleanse your skin twice a day (morning and night) using tepid water and a cleanser that is gentle, fragrance-free and suited to your skin type. Avoid using regular soap, which promotes acne. Regular cleansing helps eliminate any surplus of sebum on the skin's surface. Get More Information:-  https://genericcare.blogspot.com/2019/02/normal-0-false-false-false-en-us-x-none.html  
    • Having diabetes can also cause you to lose morehair than usual. ... People with diabetes are more likely to have a condition called alopecia areata. With alopecia, the immune system attacks the hairfollicles, leading to patches of hair loss on the head and on other parts of the body, While there's not a lot of research connecting high-sugar diets with hair loss, experts know that sugar promotes inflammation. When people eat sugar or carbs,the sugar floods the blood, causing a spike of insulin and androgens, which bind tohair follicles and cause the hair to fall out.
    • How it feels to be shopping too much after being on No Buy for a year It's been almost a month now of shopping too much after breaking my No Buy, and I've had a lot of feelings of sadness, guilt, and anxiety. I feel worse than ever about my shopping, because it's creating cognitive dissonance with the new habits I set up last year. I have noticed the following thoughts and feelings: Rip Van Winkle/ROMO Effect - I did not keep up with beauty boxes and promos through all of 2018. I was blissfully ignorant. When I began shopping again, I saw many things I missed during the year, and now have ROMO (Regret on Missing Out). For example, I became aware of all the Sephora Play! Smarts boxes from last year, and wanted to buy them from eBay! This is a little overwhelming! All the dazzling new things and exciting, new to me box programs like Boxyluxe and Ipsy upgrades are even more tempting as I have been away so long.  I feel selfish. When I'm shopping for myself, I feel I should be saving the money to help family members. I began to contribute and share more with family during my No Buy, and now I feel bad focusing so much on myself again. I complained to my cousin that I was sad that my New Years resolutions were a failure. In the middle of all my haul packages I had a little package from her with a Celtic charm in a little green bag and inspirational bookmarks. I felt bad, because she has it really rough. Her husband works for the government, so he has been out of work in this cruel winter. Here she is sending me a package. I should be doing for her and for my other family members instead of all this selfish hauling.  I'm scared of getting a lot of new stuff! This is new. For a year I had a system. Everything was organized just so. I knew how much I had of each thing. I was getting close to the end of using all my back stocks of skin and hair care. Now when I go to haul, I want to buy things, but then I feel bad because there won't be room for them in the storage I have set up, and it will take me that much longer to use everything. I did not feel this way before being on No Buy for a year.  I learned a little bit about what really works for me during the No Buy year. I did a whole year of painstaking experimentation with Mary Kay eye shadow sample cards, and learned that many colors don't work for me. When shopping resumed, I was ready to grab for anything with a pretty package again, but then I recalled that those shades do not work for me. When I see all the fabulous new things, and get new things in the mail, it makes the things I have look old and tired. When I was not shopping, I loved my things, and I would not dream of parting with them. But when I began seeing new things, I had an impulse to throw the old stuff out, which my No Buy self would be dead against.  I'm scared of going into more debt. I worked so hard to pay off debt through all of 2018, and I have been opening up new credit cards to shop. I keep telling myself I'll use them in a controlled way, but that never worked in the past. I'm scared and want them to hurry up and come in the mail so I can close them. I won't have peace of mind until I can get rid of them.  This whole mess up has left me feeling depressed. The bad feelings outweigh the fun, yet part of me still wants to buy. I want to try to do it in a controlled way. I'm hoping I'll be calming down since it's been almost a month now.  I guess these feeling of cognitive dissonance show that my No Buy was a success in that it set up good habits or new attitudes, but my No Buy self is fighting, fighting, with my old shopping self. 

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