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What would YOUR collaboration Memebox be?

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You read the title! With all the recent talk about collab boxes, some good and some... not so good, I'm sure everybody has an idea of what they would put into a Memebox for others if given the chance. Collaboration boxes have an average of SIX full sized items. You may also have the option to add 1-2 sample sized items.


Here's mine:

1) Nuganic Customize Sun Block

Who would have guessed? Few people love this as much as me. Actually, I'm pretty sure I love this more than anyone in the world. But it's my collab box, darn it. High SPF, fairly high PA rating, no alcohol, and only one ingredient that pops up on my radar (lime extract in the lower half of the list). Feels like a moisturizer, no white cast once it sinks in... my only complaint is that it doesn't always dry completely, but I always use a powder regardless, so I don't care.


2) Miguhara B.P Cream

Highly loved by me & others, a great primer that feels silky smooth and can even double as a light BB cream on those good skin days. Despite looking tinted, it virtually melts into the skin, at least for me. I've heard similar things from others, and so I don't think colour will be a huge issue for anyone not at the extremes of the skin colour spectrum.


3) Palan Cysense Organic Essence (from Global #12)

I believe this product deserves way more praise. This leave-in hair treatment has noticeable effects after using. It makes my split ends virtually disappear (temporarily, as with all products of this nature), and leaves my hair with significant luster and smoothness. I've had to force myself to try out the many other conditioners I get from sub boxes because of this product.


4) Keyskin Foot Peeling Care (or a similar foot peeling mask)

Everyone should use a foot peeling mask at least once. I know they're terrible for the skin, but it's so satisfying and the payback is fantastic.


5) Tony Moly Bunny Gloss (1 of any of the available colours)

A lower-priced item to keep the value of this collab box from being completely unrealistic, and because... bunnies. Duh. Though these aren't the best in terms of staying power or moisturization, they are a cute little product to add a pop of colour in your day. I actually quite like the slight tint they provide. They're great for "no makeup" makeup.


6) Leaders InSolution Bio Medi-curing Mask Aqua Dressing

A once-common repeat in boxes, but still one I see on ISO lists. I love hydrogel masks and I think this is among my favourites, even more than the beloved SEP lace mask. Again, a more inexpensive option to round out the box. If possible, I would throw in the Coconut Bio Mask with Tomato too, since they tend to come together.


7) illi Cleaning Oil & Foam travel/sample set (from Mini #3)

The most useful samples I have ever gotten, hands down. A little goes a long way with these bad boys, and they were able to wash off all sorts of make up. They were super gentle and didn't make my skin feel dry at all. I would buy the full-size of these in a heartbeat, if I could only find a proper ingredient list.



So what would your box look like?




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I think I'd try to do a mix of things. My own version of head to toe, so to speak. Some products I have tried, and some I very much want to try.


1) HELLOEVERYBODY Scaling Scalp shampoo/conditioner:

Since everyone (besides me) is probably sick of the Vita Berry Shampoo, I thought I'd switch it to this. A shampoo/conditioner that helps remove styling products, helps clean clogged pores but is still good for a sensitive scalp. I love this brand, and I think it's so reasonably priced. I want all the things.


2) Holika Holika Soda Deep Cleansing Oil:

I am dying to try this, and everyone could use a great oil cleanser


3) Skin1004 Centella Asiatica Ampoule:

This is my favorite thing on the planet. It calms, it soothes, it gets rid of beard burn.


4) Eco Ennea Argan Moisture Body Oil:

This comes as a lotion as well, but winter is creeping up here in the US and lotion just doesn't seem to cut it. Plus this stuff probably smells amazing.


5)ibelivyu Flower Hand Cream:

Hear me out, these actually smell fantastic. I hate floral scents, but I don't find these to flowery, the scents aren't super powerful and they kind of go away after awhile. Although the purple and orange flower do smell particularly great. These are my favorite hand creams and they just sink right in without being greasy at all.


6) Friendly Almond Foot Masks:

Because peeling masks aren't everyone's bag and foot masks are fun!


While my colab box isn't super "fun" or exciting, it's one that could be used by everyone.

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This wouldn't work. It seems like collab is just to sell the person's name (you must be super famous or something, to boost Memebox's reputation) and the box value doesn't matter at all.


I would throw in all the expensive, awesome stuff: Max clinic caviar oil cleanser, Iope/ any other BB cushion, Blithe, 7 seconds negjanggoo, Kerasys oriental hair shampoo and MaRait Baeis Noires perfume.


But that would be unrealistic, no? In my next life maybe...

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Hmm, this wouldn't happen ever. But If I DID get the chance these would be my picks :)

1. LJH Tea Tree Essence - One of the first products from Memebox I really fell in love with. So gentle yet effective. Soothes the skin if you got breakouts, moisturizes really well and just an awesome product all-around.

2.Cleansing Dessert in Berry Mix - Loved the coco+coconut one from the Cacao box. The texture of it is so creamy, it feels so luxorious to use. The cleanser foams up really well, smells nice and does cleans the skin thoroughly. 

3. Etude House Wonder Pore Freshner - One of my all-time favourite toners. We haven't gotten this in a Memebox, but it's one of those products alot of people would love. You have to try this toner if you haven't already!!

4. It's Skin Effector Ampoules - Selected from synake and yeast. These ampoules are the first I ever tried from It's Skin and probably the best item they sell - in my opinion. Both synake and yeast do brighten up the skin, makes is glow-y and gives hell of alot of moisture to the skin.

5. VDL Triple Bar Tint - Selected from the shades available. These are bloody amazing. 3 shades in the same lipstick that all merge together to this gorgeous shade. I have it in pink myself and would love to get my hands on the rest!

6. Miguphara BP Cream - Just because.. Well need no explanation! This is the best product I have recieved from Memebox to this date. So ofc it would be in my collab box!^^

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    • You would clean this brush daily like you would any full sized powder brush... using a brush cleaner in a spray bottle and gently wipe with a paper towel, repeat as necessary until no more pigment transfer is visible on the paper towel. <a>Remember to use a proper brush cleaner like MUSST, Parian Spirit, Wipe Out, Cinema Secrets, Ben Nye as these are instant drying brush cleaners.<a> Avoid 99%, as this will make the hairs brittle. Also avoid using Brush-Off brush cleaner, as this brush cleaner leaves a waxy feel to the hairs. Also avoid dipping full sized brushes such as this directly into the above mentioned brush cleaners, as this will take a long time for the bristles to dry like about a couple of hours or so. And it will also soak up a LOT of brush cleaner, about a 1/2 bottle's worth, which will go to waste, including your money. For a more deeper cleansing, (once a week or once every 2 weeks) you would use a gentle shampoo and conditioner. Gently squeeze out any excess water and let air dry. For this style of brush, wrap a piece of paper towel or a small piece of an anti-slip mat around the handle, (to prevent damage to the handle) and wrap a stiff wire around it or use a small spring clamp and hang the brush upside down to air dry. NEVER rest the brush on its' dome or its' side as the weight will create flat spots and split ends. Based on the full-sized bristle area, this brush will take about 1 and-a-half to 2 days to dry at room temperature. Also, NEVER blow dry or use any type of forced air to dry full sized brushes such as this, as this will damage the hairs by making the hair fuzzy (split ends) and overly fluffy, which cannot be repaired by a conditioner as the hairs cannot grow and repair itself. Based on the pics, I can tell that the bristles are soft and supple and grouped together in a nice domed shape, they should not be fluffy, as in the dome shape is distorted or misshapen.   <a> For a gauge, (as a Professional MuA), I use a 500ml bottle of Wipe Out, and sometimes MUSST as my go to brush cleaners. On a TV series a 500ml bottle lasts me about 2-3 weeks. The spray bottle version lasts me about 2 months. This is based on cleaning about 80 or so brushes a day at 5 days a week. For the lay person, a 500ml bottle will last you about 2 months or so and the spray bottle version at least 5 months or so. Just to be clear, it's the same brush cleaner formula in the refill size (500ml) and in the spray bottle option. Any more questions or clarifications please don't hesitate to ask! 😉
    • Hi Cindy, Question 1) Yes, there are, Gels and acrylics. Most if not all productions will have a Nail Tech or MuA apply and remove the acrylics daily, that's in the actors' union contract. Some productions send their actors to a nail salon to get their nails done. Question 2) That question and decision is up to the Director. Remember, film productions understand that cast have to live in the real world too, just like the rest of us, so all those factors you mentioned above have already been taken into consideration months ago in pre-production, and in H/M/W meetings. Good luck and have fun on set in January!
    • Is this a selling party or a an application only party?  If you're holding a selling product party, then I would apply to a make-up company that offers a third-party product reselling service such as Eve Pearl, SeneGence, Avon, etc. Once you've been approved, they send you their entire product line in demonstration form, you do your applications, make your sales, place your orders and so on. Along with the demonstrator products, the company will also include a few products for sale when you do make an on-the-spot-sale so your clients won't go home empty handed. For an application party, typically you gift them a full sized lipstick colour that you've just applied to them. So four ladies are not too bad, since a lipstick runs between $25-$35, so yeah that kind of adds up on a limited budget. At least you're not buying an entire make-up line for each lady. Also as a new MuA, I am guessing you understand about proper product hygiene, using clean brushes for each person, not double-dipping into mascara or foundation bottles etc. Being a clean MuA goes a long way in maintaining your clients.
    • I love white and yellow shadow. 

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