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FOTD for January 11th

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Raquel, you look beautiful! Your look is so fresh and glowing (must be the water...ha ha). I don't think you needed a crease color - the lighter eyes look perfect, esp. w/out mascara. Love, love it!

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Beautiful! Very pretty! You did a great job on your eyes and face. I wish I had your eye shape. You have great lids for showing color. Mine tend to hide everything. *grumbles jealously*

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Violet - I love the gold eyes! You always do amazing eyes. :clap


Bunni - Very pretty! The green looks great on your eyes.


Jaime - Awsome eyes! Soft and very enhancing!

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Here's my first FOTD in a long time. I've been lazy with makeup since it's been busy here, but today's look is featuring some products I've fallen in love with and I'm excited to share my new favorites!



Smashbox Photo Finish

Laura Mercier Silk Creme Foundation in Rose Ivory :icon_love

Lancome Effacernes in Clair II + Shiseido Optimal Cover in Beige Yellow for dark circles

Aveda Inner Light Loose Powder in Translucent 01 :icon_love

Becca Pressed Shimmer Powder in Hyawatha - light cool beige powder with a slight silver sheen. Brushed lightly on forehead, cheeks and chin. :icon_love



Bare Escentuals blush in Hint



Too Faced Second Base primer

Becca Hyawatha brushed all over

Bare Escentuals Celestine, as a wash on lid to browbone.

Bare Escentuals Mystic, smudged around eyes to brighten eye color.

Max Factor LP in Black



Shiseido lip pencil #5 - mauve brown. Lightly stained lips w/ color.

Cargo Cancun gloss duo - pink brushed on all over, sheer opal gold brushed on center of lower lip and blended. :icon_love





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WOW!!!You all look fabulous today!!!!

Love your lips Kerry!!Smashing!!

Love those new colors Allie!!

You all did a fabulous job!!!!!!!!:clap :clap :clap :clap :clap :clap :clap

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Absolutely gorgeous, ALL of you !!! :clap

Violet - the gold ....that is such a hot look, the color is amazing on you.


Here's my second FOTD (and in one week!!).


The colors and my skin tone are a bit darker in IRL, the flash on this camera is WAY too much.


Posted Image


All MAC:


Base - Sublime Nature Paint

Main Color - Shroom

Outer V - Espresso

Top lashes - black cream liner

Bottom - Shroom w/

Smolder eye kohl pencil overtop


Covergirl very black mascara

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    • My Netflix subscription is cancelled. I was only allowed the free month. I wanted so badly to watch a new show called Ares that came out Friday. I did not think I would get to see it before my subscription expired, but I did. I was able to watch it on the last day! I was so happy, because I'm not allowed to renew Netflix per my no buy rules. And I can't live with exceptions to my rules. Ares I loved and hated at the same time. I loved the cast, acting, sets, costumes, hair and makeup, exteriors, and story line. Ares is a great story about a poor and stressed college girl joining an Illuminati type of cult, in Amsterdam. But I hated all the gory horror, and they killed off so many interesting characters. The gory horror is hard to watch, and could be triggering to some. I know the gruesome elements are symbolizing something important in the story, but it's disturbing. The first episodes were good at developing the story, but at the end it was exhausting with all the violence. I think it would have been great as just a psychological drama. Still I'm so glad I got to watch it without violating my rules. Back to watching no buy videos on YouTube now. 
    • I didn't tryied the vitimin C serum cream for my skin, I think it very harsh when you are using it at your skin so it would be hard for me to have it I will try something else..
    • Today was pay day. I paid $22.90 extra on my credit card. I realized I'm now halfway done with my goal for the month - to pay $100.00 toward my credit card (including minimum payment). It's halfway through the month, so I am right on track! I made a $30 payment last week. I got deodorant, the only beauty item I need to replace. I ended up not getting the fancy new Secret or an Avon set, but just regular Secret Paris Rose from Dollar General. It was $5 - I thought that was a little high in price. I had this deo before during my No Buys, so it's a tradition. I didn't feel like spending extra or taking the time to order online. Too lazy to fill out the order pages! I sure am out of practice shopping! 
    • What am I wishing for right now? Yesterday I was looking at the Yves Rocher French website to see if they have anything new that might come to the US. I found something to love, but not a thing this time. In France, Yves Rocher has special salons. They have some fabulous sounding treatments. One I really fell in love with was an eyebrow treatment. They put eye patches under your eyes, then while those are on, they shape the eyebrows. After all is done, they apply an eye cream. That's what I'd love right now, and I suppose I could copy it at home with what I already have. 
    • It feels like it has been January for a long time, but we're only halfway through the month. There's still time to do a lot of things this month!  I have some empties! I finished my three DHC foil packets, the two mini micellar waters from my Yves Rocher Advent Calendar, and my Neutrogena Shampoo mini.  Now using up: June Jacobs Green Tea and Cucumber Shampoo mini Freeman Cucumber and Pink Salt Masque packet MAC Strobe Cream mini in Pinklite - This is a really nice cream that has a bit of pink color corrector and a bit of luminosity. It's great for a no makeup routine! Very pretty, and feels wonderful on the skin. I got it in an Ipsy bag.  I had the Freeman cucumber masque in my project use it up in January 2018. Now I have another one to use. There is a lot of product in the packet. It is enough for several weeks of use. But it is a clay masque, so it gets dry and messy in the packet. I recall having a hard time using it all up before. So I opened the packet all around the edges, and used a spatula to transfer the contents into an empty jar so it will stay fresh and be easier to use up. I'm looking forward to using it with my new masque brush! I will be having some fun masque and movie nights!     

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