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Foundation or Concealer?

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Hey everyone! I joined this forum because I don't have very many "girlfriends" to discuss makeup with! The friends I do have don't wear makeup like I do! So ladies, I need your help and advice! :)

My problem is foundation. I found the perfect foundation for me (or so I thought) Estee Lauder Double Wear Foundation shade 1N1 and I love it! It matches my skin tone perfectly... BUT it makes me look pale! I also use the Estee Lauder Matte Perfecting Primer. At first I thought I was just using too much but that's not the issue. I stopped using translucent powder (for shine control) and that didn't work either. I've used bronzer (kind of contouring my face to give some color) but that doesn't help much! I don't really wanna try another foundation beause I love this one it covers my blemishes and is very lightweight..not to mention it cost $40 and I still have the full bottle!

I've run out of options. Idk what to do! I wear foundation every day. I never leave the house without unless I'm going to swim or workout.

I love to contour my face for special occassions but I can't because using a concealer to highlight my t-zone isn't noticable because I already look pale. I need a powder for shine control as well.

Maybe mixing a cheap darker foundation with my Double Wear? No idea what will help.



 This shade matches my skin perfectly..I barley have to shade into my neck because that's how perfect it is! I don't feel like switching shades would help much. I was told using concealer instead of foundation would help? But I need all around coverage. I have acne & burn scars I need to cover.


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Does it make you look pale to the point of being sickly? Is the undertone too blue or something? It seems like you should be able to keep using the foundation as you have been, but you need to add back warmth and glow after you apply it. You should definitely keep using bronzer in addition to a rich, warm blush. You can also add a finisher with a warm glow, like The Body Shop's Brush-On Radiance. Try a lot of combinations of blush and bronzer and see what helps!

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Since you mention that the shade is perfect for you, I don't think the problem is that makes you look pale. ELDW is a heavy coverage foundation, so what you read as pale is the mask like coverage of the foundation itself. It covers so well that it is making you look flat. With a foundation like that it is important to add color back in to your face, as the PP noted. Make sure to always use blush, and maybe use a lighter hand when applying the foundation. 

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If you can post pics of yourself with and without the foundation on (and nothing else) we can troubleshoot what the problem is.

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If it's the perfect shade for your skin I don't think you want to go darker. I agree with the other posters I think it's down to it being a high coverage, matt foundation. I think you need to experiment with warm shades of blusher. The key is to find a natural looking shade so you add warmth without going OTT. You could try a highlighter/Luminiser to take away some of the matt look. Or you could reserve this foundation for special occasions/nights out and use a lighter one during the day. : )

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