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Secret Santa 2014 Reveals

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Three out of four cats agree, Secret Santa boxes are the BEST gifts ever!




(No. 4 prefers licking bags)

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Have I got a reveal for you!

My lovely Santa is @@CurlyTails! Seeing that box sitting on the backseat of my dad’s car, my impulse control shot to zero. I killed time (seriously, hours flew by), opening this giant box and typing up a reveal.

Check out all this amazingness from curlytails! This is an on the road reveal!

(Part 1)



That is one giant, beaaauuuuutiful box. The wrapping is all so pretty and I just didn't know where to start.


The first thing I opened:

Waved goodbye to my campus with my two favorite things: Kat Von D and lip minis!


Now, to survive such a long car trip, a lady needs her sustenance. And Christina more than came through!


I absolutely love hi-chew. I've never had this cherry flavor before, but it might be one of my favorite now. Oh, who am I kidding? They’re all my favorites!


Welcome to the farms of Pennsylvania. Chocolate: check. Christmas: check. We are ready to bust into this box!


Now, in her card, Curlytails said that she put together a nice collection of indie items and oh boy did she. I am thrilled! I always say that when I get chance, I want to try all the indies and then I just never do. She spoiled me, she really did. Just you wait and see.

I immediately gravitated to these cutie boxes.


Inside were:



First came these just darling lip colors. These are both gorgeous. (Spoiler alert: every color curly tails chose is perfect!) Island of the Fay is killing me. That sounds like a place I want to live…or write about. Both, probably.


*swoons* Oh, which one do I wear first! I’m gravitating towards South of France, because that is my favorite part of France. But they all call to me! I just love all these; I love the idea of a less heavy lipstick. Sometimes I want bright, berry lips, but don’t like the heavy, cakey feeling around 2 pm. I will be using these like crazy! (Also, there were adorable baby clamshell samples that I forgot to photograph.)

*wide eyes* Haus of Gloi! Yipee!

A lovely assortment of perfume samples. I haven’t gotten to smell them each yet (I was afraid they would spill in the car), but I can’t wait. I’ve done a completely 180 with perfume recently; I went from tossing them over my shoulder to gobbling up all the samples I can find.


You know what I’ve missed the most at college? Baths. The second I get home, I am getting in the bath with this, becoming a rosy mermaid, and never getting out.




Stay tuned for part 2!

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Part 2 of @@CurlyTails awesome gift!


While we’re in PA, I should probably check out some PA brands…


Boom! I maintain my previous mermaid statement. Also, this smells exactly like something from my childhood. I don’t know what exactly; some kind of soap or summery thing. (My sister concurs. She says it smells like our aunt.) But in any case, I love it! I love scents that remind of seasons or memories.

Next, an aromaleigh eyeshadow!


I’m not sure if the picture shows the color well, but Curlytails, I could not have chosen a better color if I tried. This is beautiful.

So then I took a gas station stop and, with it, a break from the indies.


True story: when I first began to open this one, I was like, “Yay! Candy!” It may not be candy, but it certainly didn’t disappoint! (Also, that lipgloss is called cupcake so I think I still win.)

Leaving the gas station, I opened one of the prettiest things in the box.


The description on the back says: “Featuring the exquisite underwater illustrations of artist Jill Bliss, this accordion-style postcard book celebrates the beauty and magic of the sea.”

This postcards really are exquisite: they all fold out into one image.


Ooh, I hope I don’t get lost in the woods of PA. You never know when you might come across some candy cottages and hungry witches. (And I think we’ve all already seen how well my impulse control works…)


O.O Oh. Oh no! Run, little children! Run!


Oh, never mind, it just some friendly king. No witches here. Whew.

But seriously, this Etude House hand cream is the cutest! And it smells just like cookies.


But, um, is the box trying to flash me?


Yikes!... Let's move onto part 3!



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Part 3 of @@CurlyTails awesome gift!'

This is my favorite wrapping by far. I just kept calling to me and I finally gave in.


And by that I mean I promptly put that ribbon in my hair.


Haha But I did open the present too. So, ya know what’s endless? Pennsylvania. And face masks apparently.


I actually said, “Holy face masks, batman!” When I opened this. I am so ready for the next mask party!


When I saw this next gift, I was regretting slathering on that Etude hand cream already.


*swoons* Oh, curlytails, you spoil me!


Next, up is a picture I took sideways so that you can see, yep, still in the farms of PA.


But this conditioner is for blonde hair and I can’t wait to use it! My hair is always in a desperate need for more conditioning.


Chocolate! Phew. Reinforcements were needed about now.


And then came this little box. Hmmmm…what could these be?


Eee! True story: I’ve bought from GDE before, but never for myself. It’s always been as a gift for someone else. I’m thrilled to get my grubby hands all over these. (Also, the circus collection is my favorite. Woo!)


Assorted sample baggies. That Abracadabra back there is killing me with how gorgeous it is. I played with it for about five minutes, I swear.


And now, the sample bags to rule them all:


My one true love. I may be known for a bit of hyperbole, but I dead serious when I say LotR is one of the most important things in my life. These are just plain ol’ heartwarming. I’m wearing The Last Homely House as soon as I can.




Okay, okay. There's still a part 4...
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I finally got my package from my building's packaging office and my Secret Santa is the wonderful @@nicepenguins !! I just totally heart MUT for bringing us all together.


The gift came in a beautiful blue box with my Santa's MUT name written right on it, so I wasn't left wondering for too long  :D  :D post-97531-0-36442800-1418966945_thumb.jpg


I eagerly opened up the box and this is what I saw: 




Then I saw not one, but TWO envelopes! Of course, I followed instructions and opened this one first: 




My Santa had two envelopes, one was the explanation of her gift and the other was her family's lovely Xmas card which was a beautiful photo of her son, he is just too cute for words  :)  :wub:


So @@nicepenguins said I could do the 12 days of Christmas (and one extra!) since she had so kindly individually wrapped 13 gifts for me, HOW EXCITING! At first I didn't think I could contain myself, I mean look at all of this pretty!: 




But then I thought yes, I will open up 1-2 gifts a day for the next six days and open the last gift on Christmas  :D  :D  :D


Here's what I opened up for today!





Eeeep that mug!! I am loving the design and color and I was JUST thinking about getting one of these to carry my tea around in so this is wonderful timing.  And brushes, so so exciting! Now that I've amassed so much makeup, I am really starting to get more into brushes so these pretties from coastal scents are SO welcome to my collection! I can't wait to try these out!!


That's all from me tonight, until tomorrow....thank you again @@nicepenguins !! I'm even more excited for the next week  :)  :P

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Part 4 (and final part) of @@CurlyTails amazing, fantastic, beautiful, wonderful gift!




Do my eyes deceive me? Is this a box of ribbons? And I just used up a few spools the other day. Perfect timing!


But there’s makeup in here too!


Another beautiful TokyoMilk product (with kissing tips no less haha).

*Note the sublime packaging of TokyoMilk against the lot of tractors in the background. Art, my friends.




My first real Tarte product! Girl, you picked the perfect colors!


This sweet tin also housed an assortment of eyeliners (I go through black eyeliner like nobody’s business…). There was also another mini KvD lipstick, the legendary NYX Milk, three Ulta quads (I think you may have doubled my eye shadow collection!), mascara (I can’t wait to try it! I love trying new mascaras.), a super shiny sugar lippie, and my first Pacifica products! (That solid perfume smells fantastic; it’s just like my aunt’s garden.)

IMG_6110_zpsafe69765.jpg?t=1418880146 IMG_6114_zps4386e56b.jpg?t=1418880132


As we approached the Maryland border, I came to the last three gifts. 



Hmm…I sense some books here…



This is not the book I was expected. It is so much better than my wildest dreams. I made the dorkiest face when I saw this. Months ago, I was kicking myself for never picking one of these up. Curlytails, I can’t believe you got me this! *hugs*


The next two were these gorgeous notebooks. I don’t think Curlytails new this, but peacocks are one of my favorite things. I always laugh when I see them. Side note: A lot of my major involves studying evolution, and peacocks drove Darwin absolutely batty because he couldn't figure out how their impractical tails survived natural selection. I just think they’re so precious!


And, drum roll, please. Last, but most certainly not least, is a scarf Curlytails crocheted for me:


I didn’t even notice this was a circle scarf until I got all tangled up in it. It’s so gorgeous, Christina. I love the colors; If this makes any sense, they have this cool balance between sea colors and very futuristic spacey. I love it. It actually became my impromptu pillow on this car ride...haha




Christina, you spoiled me so much. I don't think I can ever express how grateful I am. This community is a great thing; it's amazing how we do such awesome stuff together. Thank you so much! 。:゚(。ノω\。)゚・。

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OMG @@jannie135 THANK YOU THANK YOU! I got my gift, and will post pictures soon! 


Yay!! I totally forgot to write a card... but I'm sure everything is self explanatory? XD


It's been a crazy/stressful week for me, so I had a lot of trouble keeping up with these threads! Still days behind in the main thread, but I've finally caught up on this thread so that I can post my reveal. I got the most amazing present from @@onelilspark and I'm just blown away!!


Pictures in a spoiler box - 



Here's the present in the box:



Here's the lovely note:



All the pretty wrapped presents:



Then I started opening them and each present has even more presents inside! Also, can I just note how amazing it is that those boxes in the above photo are wrapped such that the top and bottom are wrapped seperately so you don't have to take off the wrapping paper to open them! Kelly, did you know how excited this would make my OCD? haha



Finally here's everything unwrapped:





I'll start from the top left and talk about most of the products in each row. First is homemade chex mix, which is amazing! More than half may already be gone... Then a book, which I'm really excited about becuase I love to read, but have the hardest time picking out a book! I'm hoping to read it soon then hopefully pass along to another MUTer who loves to read (related: we should totally have a book circular swap!). Then is the coolest mug with a tea infuser! I actually just bought this same mug recently, and I'm really excited to have one for work now and one for home/traveling so this is so perfect. Then a bunch of black tea! Really excited to use my new mug for this :) Next is some hair products! I'm really excited to try the devacurl and the davines shampoo. I'm also excited to have another mini of the BP Oil becuase I love this stuff!! I think I'll keep this one at my desk at works so my hair can be pretty and soft all day :). And the haIr elastics are adorable, I'll definitely use these! Then MJ Daisy is one of my two daily perfumes, and I've been looking for minis to carry in my purse so I'm very excited for these. Next, the Jergens BB and Supergoog CC are my daily summer go-to's so these will defnintely go to good use! Next row is all of the amazing make up products! SO MANY LIP PRODUCTS which are my favorite! Some of these I've been wanted to try forever like the sugar lip balm in a color (the plum will be perfect for winter when my lips need balm the most!), the revlon stick, and the pacifica. Then comes the rest of the make up samples! I'm literally screamed when I opened the lolitini mini becuase I've been wanting this mini for so long!! And I'm also really excited about the benefit blush and the be a bombshell eye base (I think I'm the only one that actually likes BaB products haha. Yes, they're over priced, and that one stick and mascara were terrible, but I love their lip gloss, blush and eyeshadow!). I'm also really excited about the rainbow honey cuticle balm! You literally read my mind. I've been having a ton of hang nails lately and reallly been looking for something to soothe and heal my cuticles! Finally some masks! Which I cannot wait to use!


Overall this present was just amazing so very pertect for me! Thanks so much!!


Circular book swap sounds so cool I'd be in. :D


So first, please excuse my horrible picture taking abilities.  I was really excited and am notorious for taking bad pictures. :blush:   


My santa was the fabulous @@tulosai !!!!   Tulosai has been my penpal from before the site move and everything she picked was absolutely perfect!

The whole gift had a Jane Austen theme.  *swoon*   :wub:



Opening the box:  


As soon as I read the card I pretty much yelled "It's JANE AUSTEN themed!!!" and maybe sort of scared the dog.  


IMG_0047_zps8836f93e.jpg Next was Jane Austen goodies.  THAT BIB!!!  I started crying once I saw this, it is PERFECT.  We have been reading Jane Austen to the baby every night for the last few months so she will love this.  It got a big smile and laugh out of my husband.  I would like to pretend the paper dolls will be for the baby but I am so playing with those.   ;)   The band aids are adorable.  There is even a book for me!  


IMG_0050_zpscb22e16e.jpgNext was an awesome set of magical pampering products.  Candy Apple and Cinnamon Pumpkin body lotions. (I love food and fall scented products)  My first Pacifica product and it smells soooo good.  Body scrub bonbons and peppermint bubble bath (I may not leave the tub until after the baby is born now).  Yesto towelettes which I have been wanting to try forever and a mini hand sanitizer.  


IMG_0051_zpsfd3b8137.jpg For the finale:  ALL the lipglosses!!  This set was on my wishlist and I squeed when I saw it.  I love lip products and this has every color I have ever wanted or wanted to try.  I see hours of amusement in this one set, lol.   :D   There was also an Ofra brow pencil I am looking forward to trying and some cute nail buffers.  (I love buffers because you can get that clear coat look without polish)  There was a small casualty with the Pacifica duo but I have been curious about re-pressing powders so this gives me the perfect opportunity to try it out!  Last, but not least, The SHIZ perfume oil!!  This is the first scent I have ever worn regularly and I love it!  I am so excited to have more.   :smilehappyyes:





@@tulosai , your gift is so perfect and I cannot thank you enough for the thought and time you put into it.  It is so special to get something so personal.  Once I stop crying and laughing I am going to spend the day with all my new pretties!!   :flowers:  


OMG A JANE AUSTEN THEME!!!!!!!!! That's so cute! I'm actually reading Mansfield Park right now! Which one are you reading? And which one is your favorite? I really like Northanger Abbey and Persuasion. 


There are so many talented and creative people on this thread~~


If I participate next year I may be in Korea teaching English. I hope I can participate again. : )

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Amazing @@Donna529 Secret Santa-ing continued under the spoiler!!





Here was where I started to feel really spoiled—I still had 5 more packages to go, but I had already gotten a bunch of stuff on my wishlist! Donna, you were way too generous. Next I opened something I had REALLY been wanting…a Bite mini lip pencil!! I opened the similarly shaped box next and found ANOTHER Bite mini!! I’ve been wanting to try their lip gloss so this is so perfect! Also I just love lippies in general. :D
I went for the big box next—a Benefit skincare set! I have not really tried much of their skincare, but I like their makeup, so I am eager to try these out!
Then I opened up another package…Korean nail art! Totally out of my usual comfort zone, but something that will be totally fun to try! Donna I might have to pick your brain for tips. ;)
Finally, I opened the last package….my reaction was seriously OH MY GOD when I opened it. The Stila In the Light Palette! I have lemmed for this for quite some time, but never let myself buy it because I know I probably have too many neutral eyeshadow palettes. But then when it went on sale, to be discontinued…well, I had to put it on my Elfster wishlist, juuuuust in case I had the most generous SS ever. And well, like I said, OH MY GOD. This was the perfect finale package and just knocked this whole gift out of the park. 
And here is the amazingness all together!





Donna, thank you SO SO much for being such a thoughtful and generous Santa!! It is obvious that you stalked my wishlist and posts hard. I am so excited to play with all my new treasures! I think this quote from my fiancée sums it up well: “so we can cancel Christmas now, right?” You seriously spoiled me, and I’m so thrilled! Thank you so much!


I am so glad you liked everything:) [email protected]@

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@@Dashery - I'm so glad you liked everything! I was so thrilled to have you as a Santee, and your car reveal cracked me up! Enjoy the pretties!

Thank you so much again! It was great fun on the car ride. I got wrapping paper everywhere.... haha

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@@KatieKat - I'm thrilled that you liked everything!! I'm sorry to hear you have a cold though :( I find that minor symptoms (like coughing) tend to stick around forever, and I can't get rid of them. I hope the shower bombs help! Have fun enjoying everything :) 

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Wow, what an abundance of awesome gifts! Great job, all the Santas, I really, really love everything and I'm so excited to see what everyone gets.


I also hope my Santee will like her gifts once they've arrived :(

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Dear Santa,

My husband was able to get extra time off work so I will now be leaving for vacation tomorrow! I won't be home until January 2, so unless my gift comes today I won't get it until then. We have someone collecting our packages so it will be safe! Just wanted to give you a heads up in case I don't post about getting it!

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Yay! I'm so glad you like it all!


I spent a lot of time pouring over your survey and stalking your WL on Elfster lol Which I'm glad I did because I almost got the Tokyo Milk in Absinthe (sounded yummy to me!) until I read that you hated black licorice! /phew


It took a lot of restraint to not open up the Salted Caramel though. I just wanted to smell it!


Merry Christmas girlie <3 It was fun to put together for you!


Thank you so much @@BeMyBait!!! I love everything. <3

Seriously, you are so awesome, @@BeMyBait! You listened to all my requests (bb cream, blush, lip products, moisturizing products, brands I'd like to try), while still surprising me and adding things that I wouldn't have thought of, but still can't wait to try.

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Yay @@latinafeminista --I'm so glad you liked the first part of your gifts! I hope it's a fun (abbreviated) 12 days of

Christmas for you--it was lots of fun to shop for you :)


The giving/shopping part is so fun that someone could send me a box with a lone sample in it and I'd still be happy to participate.



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Yay!! I totally forgot to write a card... but I'm sure everything is self explanatory? XD



Circular book swap sounds so cool I'd be in. :D



OMG A JANE AUSTEN THEME!!!!!!!!! That's so cute! I'm actually reading Mansfield Park right now! Which one are you reading? And which one is your favorite? I really like Northanger Abbey and Persuasion. 


There are so many talented and creative people on this thread~~


If I participate next year I may be in Korea teaching English. I hope I can participate again. : )

We just finished Mansfield Park and are now reading Emma.  My favorites are Pride and Prejudice and Sense and Sensibility.  I love absurd characters like Mrs. Jennings and Mr. Collins.  They crack me up! 

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So, my Santa is @@ohsailor and I think that she might actually be some sort of gift giving wizard. First let me warn you that she beyond spoiled me and every single thing in this enormous box was perfect. I started crying before I even opened anything and am still sniffling a little now. Just kind of overwhelmed at how thoughtful everything is!


But, anyway. :)


Part One: 



The box was so huge and adorable! :) :) A peek inside!MARSHMALLOW MELTS. These are going to be incredible in a mug of hot cocoa. Perfect samples. A face mask, hair oil, & YSL gloss (I missed out on that as a Sephora sample a few weeks ago & was so bummed! HOW DID YOU KNOW?)Cute little Formula X gift tags :) It's a cracker! I totally failed at opening this properly, but so cute. AHHHHH. Indies. Tilt/Shift lipstick samples, GDE shadows, Fryinnae Pixie Epoxy AND a Smashbox liquid lipstick! Can we just stop & appreciate this wrapping paper? It's the best. A box filled with more gifts AND CHOCOLATE, which I promptly started eating. Tons and tons of things all wrapped like little candies :) Holy crap, I was excited about this! COLOUR POP. I have been dying to try them for months and now I get to try these gorgeous metallic eyeshadows AND the new lippie stix. MORE LIP PRODUCTS. So excited about all of these!! More indies <3 First, Queen Bee perfume oil in Pumpkin Bread, Pumpkin & Poppy Inner Glow powder, Little Sparrow lipstick in Rust, aaand I don't know where the last two are from but omg that caramel apple scrub smells good enough to eat! Ok, this is where I really started losing it, as far as the crying is concerned. I am a pretty huge Packer fan & this bear is too cute for words. Not pictured is a tiny football that goes in his paw & when you squeeze him he says GO PACK GO. :) :) Why yes, that does say 7 layer s'mores in Hazelnut Dream. I want to eat the whole jar with a spoon right now. Whoooooo Queen Bee Detangler in PINEAPPLE (yum!) and a huuuge bottle of Purity, which is my go to cleanser :) NYX  Matte Lip Creams! I have been dying to try these and now I have three including Copenhagen :D BABY MELTEDS. This set was sold out everywhere & I missed it! WIZARDRY. I will have to google this to see exactly what it is, but it's some sort of citrus serum so I love it already. ADORABLE TIN OLAF LUNCHBOX. ....and there's more inside!! So. Excited. About. These. 1) They are Espionage which is a brand I have been dying to try and 2) THEY ARE LITERARY NAIL WRAPS. Applewood scented hair mist from Alchemic Muse <3 Ahhh the GDE Orange is the New... tin set! This is why I think she is a wizard.. this is seriously my favorite perfume in the world but I DONT think I've ever posted about it. THANK YOU!!! Super, super cute Tarte set with a gloss & mini lip surgence!





ETA: Ahh posted without my comments. I'm workin' on it!

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We just finished Mansfield Park and are now reading Emma.  My favorites are Pride and Prejudice and Sense and Sensibility.  I love absurd characters like Mrs. Jennings and Mr. Collins.  They crack me up! 

I have some audiobooks that I keep meaning to read with titles like Sense and Sensibility and Sea Monsters.  I need to pull them out and listen!  I love Austen and it would be cute to see the mash up!

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I have some audiobooks that I keep meaning to read with titles like Sense and Sensibility and Sea Monsters.  I need to pull them out and listen!  I love Austen and it would be cute to see the mash up!

The Sense and Sensibility and Sea Monsters book is really great!  Some of the authors other mash ups didn't work for me but that one is almost perfect.  

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PART TWO. (as if part one were not enough!)



Mini Dolce Perfume! Sniffed this already & immediately had to put it on. Love it! Cinnamon Gum <3 'HEY GIRL HEY! I noticed you've been really rocking it lately, female friend.' MJ Daisy Dream (love Daisy, have not smelled Daisy Dream!), Fresh lip balm in Petal (I had one of these and gave it away in a trade before I knew how incredible these were!), & AHAVA eye serum! Another Forula X tag that says to read the front and back! Hmmm! Remember when I said I was crying before? NOTHING compared to the waterworks that ensued when I saw this box. Look at this. Just look at it. It's probably the most beautiful thing that I own! KVD Black Friday Set! Spoiler alert: I bought this for my santee & it was so hard to give up. I <3 KVD. Ciate ornament! :) I think I will leave the polish inside & hang it on the tree! More of the world's most awesome wrapping paper. And a SANTA BOX inside! Filled with even more goodies. First, Smashbox lipsticks <3 A DKNY perfume (another one I haven't tried!) Ohhh Laura Mercier souffle body creme! It smells something like heaven. Jasmine whipped soap! Whipped soap is my new favorite thing. Haus of Gloi Hearth Perfume Oil!! I got a sample of this with my last order & was kicking myself for not ordering more. Haus of Gloi hair oil in Parkin!!! YAY!!! Trio of amazing. Belle & Blaire Cinderella Whipped Soap, Haus of Gloi Fancy Bread whpiped soap, & Savor Pineapple whipped soap!! Real Techniques Kabuki! Needed a new one so bad! AND Guerlain mascara + Yes To wipes (already in the purse!) Powder Brush! Needed one of these too! It's SO fluffy and soft! GLITTER PAPER!!!!!!! And inside, another Santa box filled with amazingness! THE MOTHER LOAD. Haus of Gloi Honeysuckle Lemon Curd Soft Bubbling Scrub & Parkin Whipped Soap. Malena's Gourmet Creations Banana Walnut Face Scrub & Cocoa Caffeine mask. Savor Poison Apple & Filthy Cute whipped soaps. Alchemic Muse Krumkake Foaming Body Scrubs & Hearth Cream Soap. Flowerbomb mini! Another perfume I have smelled many, many times at Sephora but never purchase! Then, there was this box. This box alone would have been MORE than enough of a gift for me. Shrieked when I opened it. Guys. Alice in Wonderland and Disney are two of my absolute favorite things on earth. I want to live in this sweatshirt. Last but certainly not least, this amazing scarf! I couldn't get a good picture of it but it's so, so awesome.Alice in Wonderland text from the book! <3



I still just can't even comprehend this. I feel like I won some sort of amazing Santa jackpot! Ella, you are incredible. You made my week and my Christmas! Once I figure out a proper way to thank you, expect a long rambling message or possibly mail. ;) Thank you times infinity! :santa:  :luv:  :satisfied:  :w00t:  :wizard::laughing:  :smilehappyyes:  :mussical:  :laughno:  :flowers:  :hugs3:  :sunshine:  :wub:  B)  :lol:



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 On the eighth day of Christmas, my Santa gave to me : 8 Facial Features!! 


 OK, the reason I always say no skincare, is because my skin is very sensitive and it easier to say I don't want any than expect anyone to go hunting down sensitive skin products


 But my Santa is the Ninja Stalking Queen of MUT!


First some of my Holy Grail items: Smith's Rosebud Salve, Liz Earle Facial Cloths (the only cloth I ever use on my face) and two purse-size Cetaphil cream and lotion!! Stoked!


Next. Aquaphor Gentle Baby Wash and Shampoo. I've never seen this before and I am so excited to try it! If all goes well I will switch to this instead of the Paula's Choice and save myself a bundle.


Philosophy 3 in 1 Cleanser for Face and Eyes! Can't wait to try this, I've never heard of this product before.


Drumroll..... Caudalie Makeup Remover Cleansing water!! My heart stopped there for a second. I've been curious to try something from this line, but was hesitant since it is a little spendy for me. I'm delighted to get this one.




1 Tote Bag (with dry shampooo)

2 Fragrance Samples in two of my favorite scents

3 Pet treats, two for cats one for dawgster

4 Nail items, three polishes and a cuticle balm

5 face products, BB cream, blotting linens, Chella pencil, Beauty Blender and full size Fakeup

6 Household Items , Holiday dish towel, two fabulous candles, BBW handsoap, and two superlative Alhambra items, ( tray and container )

7 Handcrafted Gifts, cards, ornaments, salt scrub and purple lace scarf

8 Facial products, cleansers, cloths, moisturizers and makeup remover

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@ When I checked your elfster wish list (because I loved seeing what people were getting), I was like DANG THAT GIRL IS GETTING HOOKED UP! :) 

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    • New here..!! I am beauty enthusiastic. Fashion & styling blogger!! 
    • We have rounded up not one, but five easy ways to draw that fine stroke of liner on your lid. You can use your pencil, liquid, gel or pen eyeliners and try out any of these five ways to apply eyeliner like a pro. So grab your eyeliner and take a look at five different ways to work the stunning eyeliner look in one go.     
    • Steaming at home: A good steamer does not have to be available at the spa. You can bring home the best facial steamer and have a great steaming session at the comfort of your home. All you have to do is to follow the right set of rules to get high-end results. Bring home the best facial steamer from the store. Read the user manual carefully. Before you turn it on, give your face a good wash and do not apply anything. Keep your hair away from the face by neatly wrapping it. Use normal tap water inside the steamer, turn it on, and wait for vapours to arise. Keep the steamer almost 6-8 inches away from your face. Align your face to get the steam vapours. Take the steam vapours for a minute and move your face away from it for half a minute. Continuously taking the steam over the face may leave your skin burnt. Start off your cleansing session and pull out all the black and whiteheads. Dab a clean towel to remove the water droplets on your face and then apply a good moisturizer. Choose a facial steamer with the quickest start-to-steam option. This makes it the best facial steamer. Have a steam session, not more than once in a week as over steaming your facial steam can make it dry or burn it. Moisturize skin immediately after a good steam session to trap moisture and make the skin hydrated.

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