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Memebox confusion

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hi there ladies, i am new to this and don't even know where to start or if im even in the right place, please let me know if iam at wrong place and redirect me if i am. but woild like to know about how to become a vip at memebox and how to keep that status. im confuse on the vip perks, points if someone could help with that info. i've read that some of you have more than one account with memebox is that more beneficial than to have a single account? just want some pro addvice and tips!

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At this point in time having a second account is probably going to get banned. I do have one but I rarely use it.


To get to VIP you have to buy 5 boxes over a three consecutive month period. This is updated monthly.


So if you want to be a VIP in November you need to have bought 5 boxes between now and October 31st (a bundle = 1 box in memebox VIP eyes) To keep it you just need to have 5 boxes bought in the previous 3 months.


Points are given out pretty randomly, right now there are no points offers.

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Thanks for info.I was wondering since I've bought a few and haven't gotten a vip email yet. I'll keep am eye out for it. Thanks.

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