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Memebox Skinfood & The Face Shop Box

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Hey everyone~

Well Meme released the skinfood box & the face shop box recently, and of course, I went and purchase it. (I'm literally going broke because of them....) Anyways, got my box today and here are what's in the two boxes. I purchase them as a value set with the express shipping. Literally came to me (I'm location in the US, GA to be exact) in a day day when it got ship on the 29th (yesterday). Express indeed! LOL.


FACE SHOP (all these are full size)




1. Calendula Eden Essential Moisture Cream (50ml)


2. Lovely Me:ex Pastel Cushion Blusher (5g) 

  • this product has 5 color ranges you randomly get: 01 Rose Cushion; 02 Coral Cushion; 03 Plum Cushion; 04 Pink Cushion; or 05 Peach Cushion.
  • I got 03 Plum Cushion which is like a med-light pinkish color (nowhere near "plum" color). Also it comes with the white fluffy cushion powder thing that you can use to apply it with. IDK what's it call. sorry.

3. Lovely Me:ex Mini Pet Hand Cream (30ml) 

  • 4 kinds of hand cream you randomly get: Baby Powder; Sweet Fruits; White Floral; or Fruity Floral.
  • I got Baby Powder. 
  • the packaging is cute. It's in a small (tiny) pot with a lid that has an animal. cuteeeeee!

4. Lovely Me:ex Dessert Lip Balm (6g) 

  • 3 different balm you randomly get: 01 Strawberry; 02 Orange; or 03 Honey.
  • I got 01 Strawberry. Smells pretty nice.

5. Lovely Me:ex You&Eyes 05 Sand Brown (1.6g) 

  • It's an eyeshadow that is a brownish-dark tanish color with a hint of shimmer (not exactly glittery type ---more shimmery). Looking in real life, it seems to me that the shimmer has a hint of gold reflection to it.

6. Milk Plus Calming Moisture Body Lotion (300ml)


Impression: Not bad. Will definitely use these items..especially the lip balm and hand cream since it's getting colder now :). Not much of a blush type of girl, but eh..might try it out since the color of the blush doesn't look too intimidating. Moisture cream and body lotion is going to go into my "try-out-lotion/cream" pile that I have lined up in rows against the wall on the table. The eyeshadow, I will probably not use for a bit since 1. I'm not much of a shimmer eyeshadow color and 2. i have so much eyeshadows I have yet to even open, let alone touch. sad sad sad. Oh and the box itself is a but smaller than the usual..


SKINFOOD (all these are full size)




1. Facial Water Vita-C Cream (75g)

2. Black Sugar Mask Wash Off (100g)

3. Egg White Pore Meringue Foam (200ml)

4. Tomato Whitening Toner (180ml)

5. Choco Eyebrow Powder Cake (4g)

  • 2 different kinds you randomly get: 01 Grey Khaki Black; or 02 Grey Brown. Comes with a small brow brush. Has 2 color in them. (almost similar to ELF eyebrow powder duo)
  • I got 01 Grey Khaki Black although you can barely tell it's "black".

Impression: The products are pretty decent size especially the egg white pore foam and the toner so yay! I'm a sucker for those type of things. I've always wanted to try the black sugar mask wash off so I think this is a good way to try it, especially it's a full size also. Not too crazy about the eyebrow powder, but whatever..I'll try it out and see. Off the bat, the color does seem to be a bit too light for me, but who knows. Face cream, again, go into the "try-out-lotion/cream" pile. The box itself is a bit bigger than the usual.


Overall, the two box is pretty good. Full sizes products for both. Face Shop has cute looking items while Skinfood is more "normal" looking.. I don't know about other meme-ers, but I definitely need to buy another makeup table to hand all these products from them I get. and I still have more boxes to come..boy oh boy. Anyone know if Meme is doing their boxes different sizes now based on the box theme or so? Face shop is smaller, while Skinfood is bigger (than usual)


If anyone wants to see a closeup of any of the products, let me know :) I will post them up.

Anyone else got these (or 1) boxes?

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I'm due to get mine today, super excited. I will use everything in the TFS box (though the value isn't great, I had been looking at that pet hand cream anyway and I got both boxes for $50 shipped / £15 each :) ) As for skinfood, the grey khaki black brow set won't work for me (redhead), hopefully I can swap for the brown if I get that one.

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I'm due to get mine today, super excited. I will use everything in the TFS box (though the value isn't great, I had been looking at that pet hand cream anyway and I got both boxes for $50 shipped / £15 each :) ) As for skinfood, the grey khaki black brow set won't work for me (redhead), hopefully I can swap for the brown if I get that one.


Agreed. If one thing I hope Meme will allow us to do (even if its for a limited time) is to choose what we want in our box. like a "Make your own memebox" and have products for us to choose from. In general, the value isn' t that great, but they each contain something I been wanting to try so :) I also just bought the Innisfree box that just got release...

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