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Secret Santa Squids and Scarves

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UPDATE: Scarves are no longer waitlisted but black is gone


@@EggyBread Blue Squid Shipped/ Received

@@kawaiimeows Blue Squid

@@Kelli Black Squid Burgundy Scarf

@@Kristine Walker  Blue Squid Purple Scarf

@@DragonChick Black Squid Purple/Black Scarf

@ Blue Squid

@@chelsealynn Blue Squid

@@yousoldtheworld Squid: ? Black/Purple scarf

@@sparklegirl Black scarf

@ Blue Squid Burgundy scarf

@@lovepink Burgundy scarf

@@Sheeeeeelby Burgundy scarf

@@bonita22 black scarf




@@sweetyzoya Blue squid Purple or burgundy scarf

@@JC327 Blue Squid purple or burgundy scarf

@@marigoldsue Blue squid purple scarf

@@biancardi black squid burgundy scarf

@@MIKAGlam Black Squid purple or burgundy scarf

@@Megan27ist blue squid burgundy scarf SCARF RECEIVED

@@pokeballssohard blue squid burgundy scarf

@@tulosai Blue squid black scarf

@@ohsailor BLue squid purple scarf

@ blue squid black scarf


Please PM with any corrections.


SQUID WAITLIST CLOSES IN 2 DAYS!!! No requests will be considered after the 3rd, I repeat NONE!


If you are on waitlist with a black scarf you are not guaranteed black so you might want to choose a second color. As of right now all scarves will be sent out. I can't say if I will get to the waitlisted squids but you have no chance of getting a squid if you are not on the waitlist.  I cannot stress this enough!


Due to cost, time, and choking hazards these squids do not have eyes on them.

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Those squids are just waaayyy too cute <3 and that cat/squid picture is priceless.

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@@tweakabell You are such a kind soul for doing this for us! If I could reach through the screen I'd hug you all up!

No need to suck up your squid is already ready to go ;)

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Today I got my scarf in the mail!  It had a super cute Mickey Mouse card and some original artwork by Z!






Thank you so much @@tweakabell

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3 Day warning on scarves! Requests close on the 14th. I swear this month is flying by!

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@Tweakabell  I cannot wait to get mine!!  So excited :)    Let me know if you need $$ for shipping


thank you so much for doing this :wub:

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Those with black squids I have not forgotten you. The black fabric is fuzzy and when it is cut it sheds, for this reason I am working on Blue (non-waitlisted) squids first. Those with only scarf requests have no wait as I have morer than enough scarves completed.




Sent list:



@@Kristine Walker





Edit: I see the "morer" but I'm keeping it as it is quite correct I have morer scarves, lmao

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 Squid Vicious is proudly guarding a box of makeup. Beware the mighty tentacles pilferers! The next time I have to go to the store my beautiful scarf will be on me :)  Thanks and kissies!

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Squid Vicious is proudly guarding a box of makeup. Beware the mighty tentacles pilferers! The next time I have to go to the store my beautiful scarf will be on me :) Thanks and kissies!

....squid Vicious.... I just. I. Love. That!
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