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Laura Etchison

Only getting some of my notifications for subscribed threads

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I've noticed that I am not getting the instant notifications for several threads.  I've cleared cookies, logged in and out, and still can't seem to force them to update.


When I go to 'view new content' my subscribed threads are there with stars, but they do not show up on the icon with the little person.  (The one that is next to the Messenger icon.)


Also, I've tried to unsubscribe to a thread and I am still getting notifications for that and it appears starred under the 'view new content' header.


Is there anything else I can try?  I've double checked to see that I'm set to receive notifications instantly.


Thanks in advance!

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@ Hi.  Can you give me a few of the topics(urls) that is happening on?

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Birchbox for Jan 15 and one of the 100 day threads are the two that come to mind.


I keep unsubbing from "nail polish you're wearing" -- that's the one that shows up with a star.


Also, it seems as if some things are auto-subbing me.  Or am I going crazy? After I've looked at a random thread, I've noticed it shows up with a star.


When I read new content I have it set to see things I've yet to view.  Here's an example of what my notification list looks like vs my new content.  I've tried setting the new content to all content and it looks very similar, except for the threads i've read are no longer in bold (so that is working at least).


Here are two pics..  not sure if that will help, but worth a try.   :)



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Here's how my notification log looks (url)



BB thread



I'm looking for others, but some weird things are happening (when I first tried to reply a total screen shot came up in the reply window -- wacky!)


Now things I do get notifications for are not showing -- here are two:



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Hi @


RED STARS are Topics(threads) you have posted in and there is new content since the last time you read the thread


RED DOT are Topics(threads) you have never posted in and there is new content since you have last read the thread OR you have never read it


Sounds like you may be confused on how these things may work: Subscriptions, My Content and Notifications.  Have you had a chance to read Definitive Guide to Subscriptions, My Content and View New Content?  This should help you.


Also have you went through your notification settings completely?

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I just recently noticed a difference in what I follow and how I'm notified.  I'm not sure if I somehow changed how I follow, but i'll check again.


I'm going thru the list of 'content i follow' to see how it looks.


I DID notice that how to notify was set to offline -- instead of instantly.


Maybe that was the problem. Basically I don't understand why when I followed something it didn't show in notifications, yet when i tried to unfollow something (nail polish thread), it remained in my notifications.


I'll keep pluggin and chuggin!

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