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Kristine Walker

Days 11-20 of 100 day No Buy Challenge

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I'm excited to move on to the next set of 10 days!  My mini goals are:


1) spend 5-10 minutes doing general light clean up (picking up mail, papers, clothes, putting away dishes, etc) each night. My back has been hurting and the mess around the apartment shows it. I want to build the habit of cleaning a little each day, so I don't spend all weekend picking up the week's mess. I did this about 4 of the nights, so the habit isn't built yet, but the apartment is getting cleaner! I want to continue this goal for the next set of 10 days!


2) Set aside a morning or afternoon (4hrs) at work to reorganize my office, my workflow, and how i prioritize tasks. I'm not going to take the time to do this unless I set it aside and allow myself to not feel guilty about not spending the time "working", but instead improving how I work. It took a full day (8 hours), but I did it! I have a new to-do list system, planner, workflow, and time management! Now I just have to stick to it!


3) Generate 10 more empties! I had 11 but it was really hard to do. I found that I stopped enjoying the products and was just pushing to get through them. I don't think I'm going to set a goal like this again, it was too short-term for me.  I'm super impressed with people who can do these goals! That takes willpower! 

2.4/3 isn't bad!  On to days 21-30!

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Did not do the errands, but I also ended up picking up extra work and didn't actually have three days off. And I'm off today and planning on accomplishing two of those errands.

I went to bed before midnight for the first few days, and it was great, and then went completely off schedule and it was awful. Gonna keep working on this.


I didn't spend ANY money those ten days! Money spent today under spoiler:

I thought I might make my Sephora b-day gift my reward, and was debating whether I should pay for shipping or go in to a store for my gift. Flash just became available for $10, and I snagged it without even thinking. I sort of broke my no-buy, but I'm counting that as my reward for days 11-20.


Me too. 


I also jumped at Flash, hopefully it won't induce me to shop more in the next 80 or so days left of the no buy. it is too good of a deal to resist though.


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Sorry I'm late to the wrap-up party, everyone!!!


Ok, here's how I did with my goals during this 10-day session (11-21):


X 1. Cotton pads for face- I use the Shiseido ones, and I want to make flannel ones from baby blankets, then compare and see if it's soft enough to take the place of me buying those.

X 2. Nail polish remover with old rag instead of cotton pads.

3. Make DIY eyelash and brow serum using old mascara tubes. (Already cleaned out 2 tubes for this, and it takes several days because you have to let them dry before you add your oils in.)

4. Fix my Mint.com account- it's working but having trouble attaching to my bank account.

5. Buy Roth IRA for 2014/2015. I think I already maxed mine out for 2014 last December, but that could have been 2013 instead... so I need to check on this! Checked it: I only did 2013 last December. This January I contributed $5,500.00 to my 2014 tax year. 1/12/2015.

6. Check on TSP/401k. I just want to check in on this and see what's up.

X 7. Update address at Raymond James, Paypal, driver's license, etc.

X 8. Start the envelope method soon- get it ready for February.

9. Clean out closet.

10. Go through all clothes and get rid of 20% of clothes.

11. Make list of things I may need so I can plan for their purchases (running shoes, prescription sunglasses, hair clips and hair pins).

12. Keep list of things I want and reevaluate if I still want it at the end of 100-day no-buy.

X 13. Keep running! At least 3x a week! (I ran Monday and Tuesday after work, now I just need to run one more day this week to keep this goal going!)

14. Pack lunches for work.

X 15. Go to my credit union's annual dinner. (1/27 at Muse Center, Hinds CC).

X 16. Get the ex off my credit card, and my name off his.

X 17. When I start running out of items I need, consider emailing companies for samples instead of repurchasing. Or going to Sephora for samples to try. But only a few times, not indefinitely.

X 18. Get back into reading and sending letters to friends to keep myself from obsessing over makeup.

X 19. Start obsessing over my thesis and get it going! Work on it 2 days a week at the minimum!!! Consider going to the library Saturday 9-12 to work on it every weekend.

20. Regularly get rid of mascara and lip balms after 3 months.

21. Clean makeup brushes one time in each of the 10 10-day sections!

X 22. Take a look at my December and January bank statements!!!

23. Keep writing your 'morning pages' where you list out what time you went to bed, when you woke up, what time you got to work, what you ate, what you purchased, if you exercised, and what tempted you and how you're dealing with it! I did this today and it's awesome!!!

24. Paint nails and toenails twice a week- Make sure to oil cuticles multiple times a day!

25. Keep working on style inspiration notebook to zero in on your style. When you figure it out, work on your style wardrobe thingy at Into Mind blog (http://into-mind.com...e-wardrobe-101/) My goal is a minimalistic, quality over quantity curated set of belongings that help make me happier, rather than make me anxious!

26. Pay off credit card

27. Check credit score. 761!!!! 1/12/2015

28. Register for 2 thesis hours

X 29. Make a to do list for thesis and graduation!!!


17/29= 60% success. I also have that little rollerball failure to attend to. I was going to return it yesterday but my car was blocked in so I'll try to go today instead.


I'm giving myself less goals for the next one, and more related to the no-buy. I put in a bunch of random stuff in this one, hahah!

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@@eastofthesun I definitely think 29 goals for only 10 days is too much!  Maybe this can be your "master list", pick a few things to concentrate on throughout the 10 days, and remove them when you're done and ready to move on to the next 10 days?  


You have a lot of really complicated stuff on there!  Especially with all your grad school stuff going on!  Relax, enjoy your birthday, and take the day off!  

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I'm a couple days late because I've been working but I didn't make any beauty purchases during these 10 days. I was also able to decrease my stash a bit. My empties for days 11-20:



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Completed days 1-10 so here are my goals for 11-20.  I've included more general goals because listing them out seems to hold me more accountable for finishing them.


  • Use a facial mask/peel twice.  Done
  • Use up 6 products, foils are okay.  Used 10!
  • Read another book.  Done
  • Watch at least one youtube tutorial video to learn how to use the stuff I already have better. Forgot this
  • I've been good about going to the gym 3x week for strength training but I'd like to add 2 cardio workouts during this 10 day period. Done
  • Wear my fitbit everyday and average 8k steps.   It's a lot harder to get in steps during the winter. Wore it every day but my average was only 6,698
  • Bonus goal - Car stuff.  Clean out car, replace windshield wipers, use rain beading stuff on windshield, and anti fog stuff on the inside.  Partly done, did windshield wipers, antifogging, and some cleaning


Too tired after work and gym to post on time lately :P  But these are the results, there's definitely room for improvement but I'm happy on my progress of using stuff up and maintaining a more consistent skin routine.  I did make a beauty purchase this period though; soon to be discontinued + sale + GWP + money from returning something was too much for me to resist.  It's at least something that isn't like anything else I own and was already considering purchasing.

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