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There are 50 days between now and the first day of Spring.  Now is a great time to get a head start on your Spring cleaning.


The challenge:  gather then donate at least one item per day from your household which you no longer need or will no longer use between now and March 20, 2015.  


First, find a worthy cause in your area such as a women’s shelter or homeless shelter then determine what types of items they want/need and will accept as donations.  Then donate gently used clothing from yourself or any other members of your household, pristine unopened beauty products/personal care products, or general household items such as any item used to cook or serve or prepare food, furniture/lamps/shelving, books, or modern/safe baby-related items.  You could even go through your pantry and donate any unopened non-perishable food items to your local food bank.


If all goes well you may have to make more than one trip to drop off your donations!  Is anyone else up for this challenge?

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At my local YWCA I happen to know they do not accept electronics, items in need of repair, and large furniture items (among others).  Items they want/need include: personal care & beauty products, women's clothing, children's clothing, and general household items.  


While I am unlikely to find one item per day, I am sure that I can find 50 items inside 50 days to donate.  My plan is as follows:

  • at least ten articles of used clothing from each of my two of my children and from myself,
  • at least six pairs of gently used shoes/boots,
  • at least four hats,
  • unwanted items from my beauty subscriptions (quantity TBD),
  • at least ten unopened/pristine items from my makeup stash,*
  • purge & donate items in cabinet above my fridge/stove (such as extra coffee cups & old glass vases) and the assortment random items from the cabinetry in my laundry room.**

*My makeup stash is just too big and items will expire before they are used.  I would rather donate items which can be used now rather than throw away expired and untouched beauty products later.  At least this way there is a chance these products will be used and enjoyed.

**These areas in my house have stored the same assortment of random items which must be generally useless since these items haven't moved or seen the light of day in over seven years.

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Awesome idea, I'm so in! I just arranged for a pickup of my donations for next Wednesday, so I'd like to have the bulk of things ready to go by then. I already have 3 bags from my last declutter that I can add on.


I'm moving across the country in June so I have 4 months to downsize to what can fit in two suitcases and then the rest will have to be shipped out. I'd like to take as little as possible to make things easier though!


I'll probably wait to do my winter clothes again, I have some sweaters that I'm ready to pass on but I want to finish out the season with them. I'm also in between sizes right now so I need to wait and see if I can fit into some things. If they don't fit by the time we leave they're going too. But I'm sure I still have some random things lying around that I can let go of!

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Just went through my bathroom, hall closet, and living room. Set aside 17 more items to be donated or recycled.


- 16 books (textbooks, novels I've read but don't anticipate reading again)

- 1 empty container of liquid soap that for some reason was under the bathroom counter


I just have to do the office, bedroom closet, and kitchen. I live in a bachelor so when I say office, I really mean the desk in the corner. :) The upside of having two of us living in such a small space is that it's a lot more difficult to hoard things.

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1.   d/s Lancome mascara

2.   d/s Lancome mascara

3.   Red Cherry Lashes

4.   J. Cat Lashes

5.   J. Cat Lashes

6.   d/s Lancome juicy tubes lip gloss

7.   f/s Lancome juicy tubes lip gloss

8.   f/s Lancome juicy tubes lip gloss

9.   f/s Lancome juicy tubes lip gloss

10. f/s Lancome juicy tubes lip gloss

11. chemise c/o Wantable intimates

12. d/s Lancome eye shadow palette

13. d/s Lancome eye shadow palette

14. d/s Lancome eye shadow palette

15. d/s Lancome blush


Everything I have listed above is unused and in pristine condition.


15 items in my donation pile.  35 to go.  

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